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  1. The 1975/Foals Fleetwood Mac Elton with Celine Dion as the legend and Coldplay on standby if one of FM or Reg falls through
  2. Everytime was inescapable for what felt like the whole of 2004, I’m sure you’d recognise it and the video of her in the bath in a heartbeat. Womanizer has sold almost half a million copies here too. And Stronger and Work are two of the defining gay anthems of the century even if they didn’t infiltrate the mainstream to the extent those four did. Her live rep isn’t great but she’s sold 150 million records, she’s absolutely perfect for the legends slot in a few years time if she gets back up on her feet, I promise you ❤️ I’m not even a stan I swear
  3. Which four? Toxic, Womaniser, Hit Me Baby, Oops, Everytime, You Drive Me Crazy, Gimme More, Do Somethin and Stronger are probably a fair bit more iconic than If U Seek Amy but it’d be non-stop bangers all the way.
  4. Yes. For a pop girl, her longevity is right up there. Imagine a setlist of: Toxic Womaniser Hit Me Baby One More Time Work Bitch Stronger Overprotected Everytime I’m A Slave 4 U Lucky Me Against The Music Hold It Against Me Gimme More Do Somethin’ If U Seek Amy Oops I Did It Again You Drive Me Crazy - - I really hope she can sort out her MH issues and get over to the Farm, because the Pyramid would never be the same again after some of those choruses 😍
  5. Yep, that’s what you usually get from him these days - a mixture of Dylan’s refusal to play the hits and Interpol’s total disinterest in smiling. Probably why he wasn’t booked this year The tunes still sound great though
  6. and it would be glorious
  7. There are still plenty of acts tailor-made for that slot to keep it kitsch for a few years yet, one lady in particular Work Bitch booming out across the Pyramid field would out-camp even Dolly’s set.
  8. Ben Howard headlining the Park would be cool. Preferably against a meat and potatoes Pyramid headliner, so the atmosphere isn’t dragged down by normies expecting him to play Every Kingdom in full despite him having spent half a decade pretending that album never happened.
  9. Definitely feels more like a Reading headliner in every respect.
  10. They were a bit fucked over in 2017, clashing with both Chic and The Killers, hopefully on this album tour balance will be restored
  11. His most recent setlist > https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/drake/2019/ziggo-dome-amsterdam-netherlands-73931e2d.html Soz but that would absolutely bomb If he is happy to do it for the standard fee then fine, good luck to him, but going by his gig prices I suspect he’d charge an amount you could get a genuine GOAT for instead, so what’d be the point ...
  12. No, and I didn’t say that Guarantee you 95% of people over about 35 couldn’t name you a single one of his songs, except maybe Hotline Bling because it was a meme
  13. It’s a banger tbf but that and Let It Happen alone surely aren’t enough Definitely not the least likely on that list though, I grant you I mean, it’s obvs possible because pop music is so fickle. But the way things are going for her right now that’d be a big ol’ fall from grace Big if, as you say. Hits or no hits, he’s crap live. He did nothing special when he headlined T, unless you count Will Smith rambling for five minutes beforehand.
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