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  1. Difficult to argue anyone in the frame other than Elton would be a more exciting booking than Taylor Swift. Although that might partially be my fanboy talking.
  2. Obviously doesn’t happen in every instance but I’m glad they booked Olivia Rodrigo this year rather than risk waiting for her next album. Although they did miss out on Maneskin 💔
  3. Agree. After the next fallow year but not before.
  4. Phoebe Bridgers has been ‘cool’ for at least three years now, must be approaching the record for Gen Z longevity
  5. Even then there are some of Gen Z who’ve already moved on from her.
  6. Felt like they were headed that way with Coldplay at one point. Thankfully it’s now been six years and counting since they did it and no strong rumours of them for next year either.
  7. Jay Z is (and was) enormous though. That was only seen as a risk because people are stupid. The Black Album is one of the seminal masterpieces of the 21st Century. The biggest actual risk taken on a headliner since the Superfence was probably Coldplay the first time around, when they only had one album out. 20 years ago!!!
  8. Maybe genre-wise but there was a big gap in terms of the ages being catered to that the Arctics would fill nicely next time.
  9. A trio of Elton/Taylor/AM would be the closest they’ve come to having ‘something for everyone’ since 2010. The majority of attendees would surely see at least one of them. The only issue would be the lack of a non-white person on stage but they could make up for that with Dave in 2024.
  10. Another wild mess of a song from this album, I love it
  11. Dunno, 2011 was a long time ago and there’s been a lot of churn in Glastonbury’s demographics since then. I think they could get away with headlining the Park against an absolutely massive Pyramid headliner like Elton. But it’s obviously not gonna happen so pointless even discussing it.
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