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  1. Probably being held back because he’s in a high slot at R&L, he’ll be there.
  2. How old is old enough to be in that category? Turned 24 last weekend and two of this year's Reading headliners go straight over my head, dreading the day that starts happening at Glastonbury
  3. Yeah, besides the super obvious things that everyone does like going to the opening ceremony and watching the sunset from the hill above the park on the first night, just sit around in the T&C fields for a bit and watch the walkabouts, they're brilliant
  4. Yes they're going to play The Rock Slot.
  5. Dunno. After this album campaign is done it’ll probably be at least 2021 before she’s touring again, which would be way too long for Glasto to go without an appearance from one of this generation’s most exciting musicians. Even in 2014 she was only on the Park while most of the festival was preoccupied getting dinner after Ed Sheeran. She more than merits a Pyramid slot at this point, and if we’re on about booking as many female acts as possible then you surely gotta start with booking acts like Annie more frequently than every seven years.
  6. We can do without the death threats, though, and in musical terms The Killers are just as popular. According to Wikipedia they’ve actually sold more records, even if those records are undeniably a step down or four in quality from MBDTF etc.
  7. I think this was the last decent-length show she played: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/miley-cyrus/2017/tootsies-orchid-lounge-nashville-tn-63e3b69b.html Swap Out 4x4 for Wrecking Ball, and Week Without You for The Climb, then add We Can’t Stop and Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, and it’s perfect.
  8. I can’t believe she’d pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to change the lyrics from ‘Party in the USA’ to ‘Party at Glastonbury’, I’d be devastated.
  9. From memory, Marina wasn’t booked during the Electra Heart or Froot tours either Waaaaaaay overdue.
  10. Couldn’t move for 40 year olds when I went to see Sigrid last November.
  11. yep. A heady mixture of acts a few steps away from world domination (Janelle, Stormzy, Christine, Tame), up-and-comers who could potentially get there with the right management (Jorja Smith, Sigrid, Billie Eilish, Anne-Marie), and icons who inspired them (Janet, Kylie, Lauryn). It's great.
  12. Yep. With the exception of two of the headliners where their selection is strictly limited, the majority of this poster feels incredibly forward-thinking. Especially comparing it to eg 2009, it's like a different festival aimed at different people. Obviously there'll be plenty of the 'same old' acts who flesh it out in the end, and there are some exceptions (Interpol, the Chems, Sheryl, Cat Power), but for the most part the acts they've chosen to highlight on this first poster give off a definite vibe of looking to the future, and (more importantly and very deliberately) attempting to entice under 35's rather than over 35's through the gate. It's very progressive and fresh.
  13. Burt Bacharach was only added with the stage splits in 2015, so don't worry edit: what he said
  14. As are Liam Gallagher and Johnny Marr, it's more the craving for the likes of Courteeners who play on every single album tour without fail and whose absence from the first poster should worry precisely zero percent of the minority clamouring to see them.
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