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  1. FWIW Love Story predates Red by four years, and Pon De Replay/SOS/Unfaithful were before GBGB too!! 😛
  2. Sam Smith’s hype died through a combination of a weird faux pa at the Oscars that made him persona non grata among his core demographic, overexposure including a lame Bond song. and his comeback singles being a pile of w*nk. He’d be headlining Glastonbury by now if he/his team hadn’t fucked it up. And we definitely follow different people on Twitter if you think Melodrama was anything other than a smash with a massive cultural impact hahaha. Agree it’s too early to tell on Bill, though.
  3. Yep. You also have to consider that The 1975 have played Glastonbury four(?) times on their way up through the ranks, including being given the prestigious slot before Dolly in 2014, whereas those acts.. haven’t.
  4. At the last gig of theirs I went to I had a hen party to our left, a family including a gram to our right, student-age people in front of us and burly blokes that would fit a Farage voting-stereotype behind us to our right. There’s literally no way of scientifically surveying the exact demographics they appeal to but it’s definitely never felt like a One Direction concert when I’ve seen them, like one person suggested upthread. Yeah I’m about done now I think. Very boring.
  5. No it shouldn’t be ‘just anyone’ but we’re not talking about Circa Waves here, we’re talking about a band who sell out The O2 just outright headlined Reading and Leeds, having also previously headlined Latitude put a lot of effort into making their shows more interesting to watch than your standard ‘three guitars and a drummer’ gigs, to placate casual fans appeal to a reasonably wide range of people (judging by the hen party sat next to me at their show in January) have three number one albums out of three scored 83 on metacritic for their last album, and Mercury Prize noms for each of their last two constantly switch it up and put out songs in a whole bunch of styles, rather than just the same thing over and over again write and produce their own songs tackling issues of substance, regardless of your opinion about whether it’s genuine blah blah blah are British (which shouldn’t make any difference but it does) I fully accept that they don’t have songs as well known as Thinking Out Loud etc, but if we’re saying that a band can have all of the above going for them and still not be worthy of headlining Glastonbury then Glastonbury may as well just not bother having any headliners
  6. 'Everywhere' or just at indie discos and on Radio 1, the same places Chocolate by The 1975 is on constant rotation despite nobody having ever heard of that song apparently Were they? R U Mine and Do I Wanna Know frequently popped up at house parties when I was a student but I'm not aware they entered the conscience of the wider public to any great extent Not necessarily, ask Metallica Well in that case then we're saying that selling out multiple nights at the O2 isn't enough, so what would be exactly
  7. The Arctic Monkeys haven’t had a crossover hit song since FWM, and they basically ignore everything pre-Humbug in their modern setlists anyway, and they’re also terrible live unless you’re a massive fan. It doesn’t matter if a band gets playlisted on Capital FM: if you can pull a crowd in - and The 1975 would certainly do that - a headliner is a headliner
  8. They’ve had as many number one albums as Adele, and three times as many as The Cure have managed in 40 years. Clean Bandit have had more number one singles than Muse, The Killers and the Foo Fighters put together. Billie Eilish has had as many top five songs this year as Dolly Parton has managed in her entire career. Chart stats divorced from the wider context of an act’s general cultural weighting are meaningless.
  9. Post Malone feels so... temporary. And not just because he's rubbish. I could be wrong, he could be the next Drake and manage to stay at the very top despite nobody being quite sure how he got there, but it's gotta be no coincidence his team are rushing out the follow-up to Beerpongs while the iron is hot, they know the whole thing is incredibly surface-level and it could easily not take much for people to move on. OTOH the Billie personality cult seems to matter to people a lot more and in a deeper way. Look at that reaction of those fans Radio 1 had her meet backstage this weekend - can you imagine smelly old Post leaving people lost for words like that? She could absolutely fade away a bit into a cult phenomenon rather than a mainstream megastar, but the comparison feels off regardless.
  10. Why the fuck not? Seriously. She’s a brand new - interesting - popstar, killing it on her debut. If it continues to happen for her then let it happen. If it doesn’t then never mind whatever but, y’know, rather her than George Ezra ...
  11. Ye it doesn’t seem like the UK has gone quite as nuts for her as the US has, yet. But then again that doesn’t say a lot. There’s certainly every chance that in another two or three years she’ll be instantly selling out arenas left right and centre over here too.
  12. ‘Are’ implies they’re still a going concern, which is news to me
  13. We’ve become so used to our societal ‘leaders’ competing with each other to be as cynical and moronic as possible that nothing and nobody in the public eye is allowed to be genuinely intellectual these days, everyone is either thick or focus-grouped to fuck and pretending not to be. Which sounds like something Matty would write a song about, ironically.
  14. Right, okay. Still, my point stands, that post was like a slightly more articulate version of Gazza’s relentless shitposting about Foals, completely unnecessary.
  15. I didn’t know his dog’s name and I’m a bloody fan. It’s okay to just simply say you don’t like them and head on over to another thread. Or just don’t post anything. There’s no need to start throwing about allegations that he’s a nonce ffs.
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