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  1. Brilliant booking. Thrilled for Glasto that they’ve nabbed her to headline before R&L.
  2. Oh hello. His last public comment on a tour was that it wouldn’t happen without new music. I know one venue isn’t technically a tour, but.. hello.
  3. A step down from Golden Hour - one of the best AOTY winners in history - was inevitable. It’s fine.
  4. Only problem with that of course being that he hasn’t tried to sell a single tour ticket or album since 2014, so - unless his streaming stats are incredible - his popularity outside Scotland could have dropped off a cliff in the intervening years and the bookers wouldn’t know until it was too late. He doesn’t ‘do’ social media to maintain a fanbase either. Apart from a couple of random shows like headlining Hogmanay 2017, he’s just completely disappeared from the public eye for what will by next summer be nearly a decade. Other sub definitely sounds less risky. If his comeback does go well they can always invite him back for a Pyramid sub/Other headline slot next time (unless of course he takes another massive break).
  5. Yep. Dua on Other, with a Radio 2 guitar band on WH and a whopper favourite like Catfish and the Beeskness on JP, and you’re laughing.
  6. T 2011 also had Beyonce subbing though. Clearly they just had a massive budget that year.
  7. I tend to agree it would be a shame for the punters, but ultimately anyone they put up against Elton is going to suffer for it. Better from a crowd safety POV for Reg to clash with another large-ish act who shares the same demographic than someone completely different who nobody cares about. Putting Example and Chase and Status up against the Stones didn’t work at all.
  8. Lionel Richie and Diana Ross are also on the Lytham bill. Maybe The Strokes will play the legend’s slot.
  9. They should just tell Julian that the Other is the main stage and get on with it. It’s not like 10 years ago when you could tell it was the second stage just by looking at it.
  10. Likewise, I turned up a few minutes before P-Nut was due on and saw all of Interpol instead! They kept flashing up updated timings for the Other on its screens, but without a smartphone you were completely in the dark as to what was going on elsewhere.
  11. Yep. Fits it like a glove and hasn’t played it since 2011. Got to be there.
  12. He was certainly meant to clash with Elbow. Can’t remember if he actually did after all the timings got messed up by the storm tho. All I remember is rushing through the mud after he finished because nobody was sure when the hell any of the headliners on the main stages that night were going to end up coming on.
  13. Aye. Would’ve made the whole top of the 2014 card look that little bit stronger if he’d taken one of the Other headline spots wasted on Skrillex and Buggy Boy. The clash with Elbow was stupid too.
  14. Other sub last time (and based on his placings at other fests should really have been headlining it). Obviously the fact it’s a Scottish event is a huge caveat regarding his placing, but it’s still pretty impressive for a non-legacy act to be headlining a fairly big fest after eight years between albums - and it’s great to see him on the comeback trail regardless of how it goes sales-wise.
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