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  1. Alternatively there are at least 10 belters from our new Queen Of Socialism which would go orf, but this one would be particularly iconic
  2. Oh right. Throwing the unemployed under the bus isn’t great but the thing she said about immigration turning society into a tinderbox ready to explode - which wasn’t in an election campaign - made more of a lasting impression on me.
  3. Which dodgy comment was this? She’s made several. I’m more thinking that, when you could already reasonably paint Keir as an aloof member of the elite, having someone a bit more inspiring as Shadow Chancellor wouldn’t go amiss. I appreciate that the approach they’re going for appears to be encouraging the cranks to flee, but there’s a balance to be struck. Certainly no fan of Jeremy’s rabble either btw.
  4. Yes. On a human level we have to hope it doesn’t happen, obviously - although on the other hand Dominic Raab ending up in charge is Labour’s only chance of winning the next election.
  5. wow I wonder who he got that from ... It’s always good to be reminded that Boris is just as much of a dick around his friends as he is to the country.
  6. Good news about Milne but we can definitely do without Rachel Reeves. She’ll probably end up criticising Sunak for over-spending.
  7. Birmingham date binned but they’re still going to both Manchester and Leeds, bit of a piss take.
  8. Big fan of the 1% who voted for the second option. How generous.
  9. It took them so long to get her, wouldn’t be surprised if she did a Kylie and took 15 years to come back to play the legend’s slot. Hope not though.
  10. London Grammar! They haven’t even announced their new album yet but it must be coming if they were accepting a bunch of festival slots.
  11. Thanks matey. I’m lucky enough to have a good group surrounding me these days, if this had happened five years ago I might not have made it.
  12. Mmm. I’m just bitter because I’m a frontline public transport worker and we’re essentially being forced to put ourselves at risk with minimal protection, until we either provably get the disease or the government grows a pair and forces a shutdown. With everything I’ve been looking forward to (holidays, Glastonbury, Eurovision, Euros, Olympics) falling by the wayside on top of working in that environment, my mental health isn’t so good atm.
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