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  1. I reckon Reg may do it in a few years, after the tour finishes (if he lives that long). That means Glasto won't be just another date squeezed into his busy schedule (there's no way he's doing it this year), and it'll be something of an event. I imagine he'd enjoy it being all about him.
  2. I've been looking at his touring history in the UK. He's toured consistently, nearly every year, for decades. Over the last 10+ years his tours tend to be a mixture of smaller stadiums, country parks, cricket grounds and the like, plus arena gigs. In 2017 for instance, (pre-farewell tour announcements) he played 7 outdoor shows, in 2016 6. These obviously vary in capacity, but given how many he does, it's hardly insignificant. I'm sure if he'd kept to touring every 3-4 years like many of his peers, he'd be doing your Wembley Stadiums easily. Presumably he does what he does because he loves it. He's also the 4th biggest-selling recording artist in history. Of course he is, and always has been, worthy of a headline slot.
  3. You’ll never win this argument using facts or logic
  4. Reg isn’t as big as The Courteeners
  5. Liking this logic - Reg isn’t big enough for Glastonbury because he didn’t used to be as popular as he is now
  6. Using the Mumsnet search function 🤔
  7. My take is it's the cost of a short, cheapo holiday, which is kind of what it is, albeit more kick-ass than a few days in Malaga. Those aren't the domain of the middle-classes, and I don't see why Glasto (or festivals in general) have to be either. If the ticket price was dropped, or even frozen, then something would have to give, and Glasto would no longer be the same.
  8. Of course there are people who can't afford to go, but that doesn't mean that the festival does not represent good value for money.
  9. After they were announced for BST I wondered if they'd play Glasto, and if so where. They're one of those acts that could play on a number of stages and yes, Acoustic could work, but my guess would be a prominent Pyramid slot. I saw them in 2008, about 6 months after seeing Zep at the O2, and enjoyed it nearly as much, their voices work together so well.
  10. Supported by Pammy Winnett
  11. That’s more or less a reverse of what APE have gone for next year
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