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  1. The next four weeks until the poster drops are gonna fly by
  2. Back in the dim and distant, the Reading Festival had two main stages. I don’t remember it particularly speeded up the turnaround of acts, and tending to be distracting, especially if you were in front of the empty one, watching the roadies dismantle the previous acts’ gear.
  3. henry bear

    The Who?

    I usually go see them when they tour, and always enjoy it. Roger’s voice isn’t quite what it was, but still passable. Last time I saw them was in 2017 and they really went for it; it was very loud (for an arena gig) - just like a Who gig should be.
  4. They should do that - release a truly shit poster on April 1st with Kaiser Chiefs, Billy Banjo and Rod Stewart headlining, and then the following day drop the real one
  5. Tom’s playing in Berlin on 25th, Inverness 27th and Telford on the 28th. Not happening.
  6. henry bear

    2020 New Music

    New stuff from Sparks. Probably of limited interest here, but they continue to create great albums; the next one’s out in May (I think).
  7. henry bear

    Foo Fighters

    FFS! *rips up betting slip*
  8. He's doing the stage anouncements
  9. Is Diana Ross playing the John Peel tent or summat?
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