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  1. Always thought average sex overrated. Watched the Mysterines last night supporting Royal Blood (birthday treat for henry jnr). Pretty good I thought, and still in their teens I believe. Worth a look.
  2. Would be perfect for me too as I’m mega rich and don’t have to work, so don’t* (*I’m not, and do)
  3. Anything in particular you’d recommend? We’ve got a week in Glasgow visiting the in-laws coming up and may swing over.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/event/article-7309755/Mel-B-tells-finally-contentment.html She didn’t want to do it. She missed out.’ She pauses. ‘But my plan is for all five of us to do Glastonbury next year for the 50th anniversary. I’m in the process of persuading Victoria to do it. And I will make it happen. Just reiterating what was said on The One Show, but I’m not sure she’d be making all these overtures if there was no realistic prospect of it happening. If they wanna do it, can’t see the Eavii turning them down - would be a huge catch
  5. Whilst personally I’d rather watch The Wurzels, to be fair, should they play the Legends slot, they’d probably be the biggest act (in terms of UK popularity) to do so. They’ve just completed a stadium tour here - yer Dolly’s and Kylie’s haven’t
  6. The Polyphonic Spree? Technically, they could be right.
  7. Mel B on The One Show now, hinting that it’s on, and they’re trying to get VB to join them...
  8. henry bear

    The Rock Slot

    You’ve got another thing comin’
  9. henry bear

    2020 headliners

    ‘Lucrative’ kinda rules them out...
  10. henry bear

    Mark Hollis RIP

    I was there - an outdoor show in the UK in October always seemed a touch optimistic! Can’t say I liked them at the time, thought they were sub-Duran pop shite. My opinion did change over the years though....
  11. When it was mentioned in 2017 that (IIRC) two acts had already been booked for 2020, I assumed that they were probably friends of the festival and that one of them was probably Blur. I hope so - only ever saw them twice, in 1992 and 1999 at the chronological singles gig at Wembley. The 2009 headline set is probably the one Glasto moment I wished I was at the most.
  12. When I was young and living with my parents, there was a constant struggle for control of the radio (which during the 70’s/early 80’s was all-important given the lack of daytime TV). My sister and I would tune into Radio 1 and my mother (the usual victor) Radio 2. At the time I hated the latter - having to endure Wogan and Jimmy Young feeding us easy-listening claptrap. But, as years go by, I seemed to drift into a sort of MOR Stockholm syndrome and developed a real love for a lot of that music. Indeed, I’ve seen the likes of Neil Diamond, Andy Williams, Glen Campbell live, and not in a watching at the Pyramid on a Sunday afternoon way; actually paying money to go and see them and loving every fucking minute.
  13. I've got a feeling this October's ticket bunfight will be harder than ever - if the amount of people who'd never previously mentioned anything about Glasto on FB now declaring themselves 'interested in attending Glastonbury 2020' is anything to go by.
  14. Hi Paolo, ‘83 was my first Glasto too. When you take in the vast scale of the festival now, it’s sometimes hard to consider what it was like then. That said, to me it ‘feels’ much the same to me as it always did, just bigger. I really hope to be there for the 50th - 37 years after first going. How long we’ll carry on after that I don’t know, but never say never!
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