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  1. Matt, how confident are you regarding the LDR info? I'd love it to be true but am sceptical as she doesn't seem to have any other European dates announced for next summer.
  2. I've seen the Super Furries live more than any other act (mid-20s). Only saw them at Glasto once; the legendary appearance on the Other Stage in 1999. Some daft fucker drove his van through the crowd towards the front, then got irate when several people climbed onto his roof and started jumping up and down. Was very happy to see them tour again in 2015, and was at the first couple of shows that year - they were as good as ever, and hope the wait isn't too long before the next round.
  3. henry bear

    Other Stage 2020

    All bases covered there
  4. henry bear

    2020 headliners

    Isley Brothers or Cat Stevens?
  5. henry bear


    Of the 43 shows they’ve done on this ‘tour’ thus far, Dude has been played 27 times. I think they’ve been mixing up the setlist a bit in Vegas to keep the residency fresh. I’d be very surprised if, when playing to a festival crowd (and especially a non-metal festival), they don’t bring out the big-hitters for this.
  6. Sorry I stood on your quiche! (for Pyramid field, Sunday afternoon)
  7. Without wishing to kill a thread so quickly...
  8. henry bear

    Taylor Swift

    Blimey, this thread seems to have gone feral. *admittedly I’ve not got much business coming here in the first place, but I’m bored and no-one’s posting elsewhere because it’s the weekend and no-one’s at work
  9. henry bear


    Better than white men with banjos 😬
  10. henry bear


    Aerosmith’s Vegas setlists run to 17 songs or so; can’t imagine (having pulled off the coup of getting a huge band that headlines everywhere else to play second-fiddle) they’d play much less than this. Macca will be 30+ songs.
  11. henry bear

    2020 headliners

    Is Lana actually confirmed to be doing any shows in Europe this summer? Can’t see any dates beyond her spring tour
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