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  1. It won’t be a 50th anniversary celebration, but it will be a ‘Holy fuck, it’s finally, finally, finally happening again’ big party
  2. Any other acts named after animals to stand in for Ms Cat?
  3. Let’s face it, none of us have a fucking clue what Glasto HQ are doing to fill the void left by Doja’s demise
  4. That’s a pretty crappy thing to do to your fans that had bought tickets, booked hotels and flights etc for the arena shows
  5. Can really see Adele being up for taking someone else’s slot with a few weeks notice. And a sub slot at best.
  6. I really don’t see Harry Styles, the big ticket this summer, playing a non-headline slot on the farm. Even if he were to do a ‘secret set’, which he won’t, I can’t see him doing a smaller stage. I’m sure he’ll do Glasto at some stage, but headlining El Pointo.
  7. Let’s hope Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t fall at the last
  8. No, yet more Glasto tat is not what I need right now
  9. A Richard III that’s been lobbed over
  10. Quite liked them back in the day - 'In It For The Money' was a great album. Only saw them once though - supporting Oasis in 1997. Hope to catch them on the farm, but it'll depend who's on elsewhere
  11. henry bear

    Diana Ross

    Link no longer works, but this is what I remember
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