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  1. Crowded House rescheduled for next year. No FM as 2021 headliners then (not that it was likely)
  2. We can all repeat all the crap we posted this year, next year
  3. I did read it, and he has a point in that these large scale gatherings will be the last to return, and to be honest, the only real exit strategy to this is via vaccination. I’ve read that a vaccination being worked on in the UK may be ready to go by September at the earliest, and it’ll take about 6 months to get everyone done. Until this happens COVID will be out there. Hopefully this will happen in time for Glastonbury next year but, as is stated in that article, I really don’t see the point of rescheduling tours for later this year.
  4. Just finished watching Season 1 of Walter Presents: Before We Die, a Swedish crime drama available on catch up from 4. Came across it by accident and it’s one of the most gripping series I’ve seen for a while. Will start Season 2 imminently. Currently watching the latest series of Narcos:Mexico on Netflix - which is well up to standard.
  5. Is James Arthur one? Or even twice?
  6. henry bear


    Great touch by the Manics. When all this has died down I wouldn’t be surprised if there’ll be one or two stadium gigs for the NHS, with lots of acts.
  7. The 1970 festival in particular had some line-up. Amazing to think that a band as big as Zeppelin only ever played (I think) 4 outdoor shows in the UK
  8. I believe so. Always the bridesmaid. (not you Quark, Van the man)
  9. 👍 Possibly, but I was thinking more ‘popular recoding artists’
  10. Anyway next question, and apologies if it’s been done before - I haven’t read all the pages in this thread. And I’m not even sure I know the answer (but think I do, but happy to be corrected). Which act has played on the Pyramid the most?
  11. Who did you see play there?
  12. Of course if FM were viewing up 2021 to tour again then that would be the case, but I’m sure I read recently that they had no plans to tour again so soon. That said, I’d happily have them on the farm next year (but not at the expense of Macca).
  13. Think it was Freddie Bannister, who would later put on the 1970’s Knebworth shows until Zeppelin fleeced him in 1979?
  14. I agree, and can’t see it happening next year assuming Neil Finn wants to reschedule the Crowded House dates.
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