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  1. It remains to be seen if being called a c*nt by Neil is a ‘one and done’ (as they say on other threads) thing. I suspect not necessarily.
  2. Original line-up of The Damned (ask yer Grandpa) back together next year
  3. I can’t see them cancelling this far in advance, especially when other festivals are planning as normal. The situation may be looking very different come springtime, and they’d look prize chumps if they cancel when it could have gone ahead
  4. It happened to me during Led Zeppelin’s O2 show. Slightly overdid the beers and had a difficult choice to make. Opted for JPJ’s keyboard solo during No Quarter for a comfort break.
  5. This is great. From Made Kuti, grandson of Fela
  6. And of course not everyone will be getting the vaccination. It's going to be similar numbers to the now increased flu jab eligibility. Hopefully, by June, a large proportion (if not all) of them will have received the jabs. So we might get to go to Glastonbury, but one where we have to wear masks as the virus is still out there, but has much fewer people to spread to because so many will by then have the antibodies, one way or another.
  7. My mate’s a doctor and he is adamant (no, he isn’t Adam Ant, before you start) that the tests aren’t accurate in that you may have the virus but it would take a few days for you to show positive. So even if they brought in tests with quick results, there’d inevitably be a percentage of false negatives.
  8. Criminal (UK) on Netflix is really good. It’s different in that it’s all set in or around a police interview room. As viewers, we’re thrown in, and it sometimes takes a little while to work out what the crime has been, but it can be gripping stuff. The same format has been done in other countries (France, Spain etc), also on Netflix and also good viewing, but could have done without the dubbing.
  9. Apparently about 10% of the population has been exposed to the virus. Let us assume that by next spring it’s up to around 20%. For herd immunity to work (the point at which the virus has nowhere else to go), approximately 60% of the population will have to have the antibodies. Therefore we’ll have to have vaccinated about 40% of the population. Apparently the idea is to only vaccinate about half the population anyway. Should vaccination start to be rolled out around the new year then I guess it’s possible (don’t forget it’s likely to be a double jab, a few weeks apart). But given the g
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