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    Other Stage

    Wolf Alice are probably also cheaper so maybe they would see them as a better value option? Dunno.
  2. Why are you so obsessed with The Cure not headlining? Bare weird.
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    Gazza have you seen your rep mate?
  4. Gucci Piggy

    Other Stage

    They're headlining one festival that The Strokes are headlining. The Strokes headline every festival they play, all over the world, including many festivals as big as Glastonbury. Chemical Brothers don't headline anything anywhere near the size of Glastonbury. You won't find them headlining anything bigger than APE. That's like me saying Solange couldn't headline Glastonbury and you replying "Didn't Solange headline Latitude last year, where The Killers ALSO headlined? Therefore, by your logic.... " Just because two acts headline the same festival, doesn't mean one is as big as the other. It's quite clear Chemical Brothers aren't as viable a Glastonbury headliner as The Strokes are.
  5. Gucci Piggy

    Other Stage

    "It can't be The Strokes! That's so weak! I think it will be the Chemical Brothers who can't headline any major festival in the entire world."
  6. Big fan of this idea that Paul McCartney pulling out and being replaced by The Strokes in a year where all major festivals have weak headliners is ridiculous but the idea they've grabbed Fleetwood Mac/Madonna/Stevie Wonder out of nowhere to replace him is realistic.
  7. The "couple of blokes" comment was said like 2 days before the lady on Twitter said she'd heard Macca had pulled out (and bear in mind this wasn't her running to Twitter to announce what she'd heard, it was her replying to a conversation about Glasto headliners that happened to come up on her timeline on that day, so it's improbable that this happened as soon as she'd heard the Macca news). I find it highly unlikely that in the two or so days after Emily making the "couple of blokes" comment, the following things all happened: - Macca dropped out of Glastonbury - Glastonbury got an offer out to a solo artist to replace him - Lady on Twitter hears both of the above things have happened - A conversation about Paul McCartney headlining Glastonbury coincidentally comes up on her timeline just after she's heard all of the above
  8. And The Killers aren't playing.
  9. How did you get a truck in a lift?
  10. Having said this, I know for a fact that @Mash011, @The Placid Casual, @Superunknown and @Hugh Jass made some of them so I don't know why they haven't been banned along with @jonodillieono.
  11. As Neil said, I'm not banned. He's banned the main account of the person who was making the alt accounts (as he said in another thread) and confirmed it wasn't me. Whoever it was seems to be trying to convince people it was me by claiming I've been banned. Pretty dumb idea seeing as the next time people see me post they'll know I'm not banned.
  12. Not A.R.T because they're the best band in the world. @Mash011's plays will never get booked because they're very bad.
  13. Yep they were only supposed to be playing 2 shows that Summer and had already announced 2 before the Glasto announcement.
  14. I did not know Miles Kane had started utilising slap bass.
  15. You realise the fee Glasto pay is already tiny? I highly doubt they've offered him even less than that standard fee.
  16. Emily: "Hi Stormzy, we know our standard headliner fee of £250k is less than you usually get paid for a show but..." Stormzy: "That's okay I was already aware and I'm happy to play for that fee." Emily: "Well I was actually going to say that we're only going to give you half of that because you're not as big as some of our other headliners."
  17. Hahahahahha what If they pony up for notoriously expensive headliners for Fleetwood Mac they're not also gonna pony up for notoriously expensive headliners The Strokes and somehow convince them to take a lower slot.
  18. Whilst they're at it can they find out who @jj200 is please.
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