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  1. I get that bit, but I can’t understand why they don’t reschedule for a more realistic timeframe. Also, people may need to book accommodation and transportation - I’d certainly think twice about booking an event in, say, August
  2. There are over 120,000 Chinese students in the UK and a lot of them would have flown back here from China after the Christmas break.
  3. Seems quite a few acts rearranging for August/September/October. I find it hard to imagine large scale gatherings will be back on the agenda by then (hope I’m wrong though)
  4. I do like to have a pre-festival visit to the town, and the farm. I can’t see the country being much different in June to how it is now though. If it was, then certainly maybe. I’ve still got the leave booked I guess.
  5. It feels weird knowing that I’ve got tickets for a Glastonbury Festival that is 15 months off, that I won’t have to go through the stress of ticket day in October (although I will be on behalf of others, and that’s just as stressful). Mix that with the disappointment of missing what looked like a possible GOAT festival this year, and even overlooking the fact that a new plague is descending, it feels like I haven’t earned the right to get excited about 2021 just yet.
  6. I did a few times between 1983 and 1989, but not since. Also paid between those dates too.
  7. Emily mentioned booking some acts for 2021 at the NME Awards - were they headliners?
  8. I only saw them once, on the 1992 tour with Levitation. Wasn’t really a fan at the time, although really enjoyed them. Have since really got into them and have huge regrets of not seeing them again.
  9. I don’t want to know, and hope that much of this year’s can be accommodated next year.
  10. I’ve said it a few times - if it does go ahead it’s very hard to imagine many of the overseas acts playing, especially the likes of Diana Ross
  11. Why? I don’t think it’ll happen, but if it does I’ll be there
  12. Thinking it’ll be cancelled and wanting it to happen are two very separate things. No hypocrisy at all
  13. Why do we need a new poll? It would be undemocratic
  14. Me too, in fact I wonder why people are actively participating in the other threads as if everything’s fine. The best we can hope for is that it’s delayed until August/September (and that’s probably a no-goer) and even if that happens how many of the scheduled acts will be available and willing to participate? Having said that, if that did happen, it could make for one glorious party, assuming the worst of all this is over by then.
  15. I suppose discussing the likes of which stage Haim are going to be playing is a distraction to everything else, but personally it all seems utterly futile to me. I haven’t even given the poster more than a cursory glance. It’s heartbreaking that the 50th almost certainly won’t proceed, but in the grand scheme of things that’s nothing compared to what’s ahead of us now.
  16. Perhaps a fair way would be not to carry over the tickets to 2021, but to give current ticket holders a small window on ticket day to have first dibs over everyone else. I'm only talking 35-40 minutes.
  17. Yes it’s tiresome having another thread going over issues addressed elsewhere, but is there really a need to throw downvotes at a relative newbie who may have posted with good intentions?
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