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  1. henry bear

    Block 8

    Is that next door?
  2. There’s only 3 flags in that shot, yet you’ve successfully managed to find the one spot where all 3 are in the way
  3. I've not done it, but I get the impression that it's something of a free for all coming back - I think there's a lot of no-shows and drivers allowing on people with other departure times if there's room.
  4. My return leg to Cardiff (x3) is at 10AM - we won't be on them so they can get on that if any good
  5. Yes, mine have arrived (not resale). 07:15 Thursday which I'm happy with - don't need stupid o'clock as I don't have to find a place to pitch a tent.
  6. henry bear


    Any day really. Imagine spending your prime time Saturday night at Glastonbury watching a documentary about the Mutoid Waste Company?
  7. henry bear


    Wonder if Diana will make an appearance before 'Lady Sings The Blues'?
  8. They cannot announce Harry beforehand because the guy who’s selling out stadiums everywhere he goes is clearly not going to be subbing Billie Eilish, or anyone else
  9. Saw the Alice Cooper/The Cult double bill at the new Swansea Arena last night. Very enjoyable night of old skool rock, and would love to see either on the farm at some stage - especially Alice
  10. 👆🏼 What the fuck has this got to do with Glasto announcements?
  11. Point is, it’s probably a lot easier to replace an act that isn’t a headliner to one that is. If one of the 3 Pyramid headliners pulls out it becomes newsworthy and all eyes are on the festival for a replacement. Regarding Doja pulling out, there are a lot more second tier acts around that could potentially fit in, or be bumped up from the current line-up.
  12. I think it is wider. The top image shows the apex 6 trusses wide, whilst the lower one is only 5.
  13. How about men with banjos?
  14. I take it you’re new here?
  15. Reckon they could bring out Soft Cell to do that song
  16. Probably out of kindness because of your spelling
  17. It won’t be a 50th anniversary celebration, but it will be a ‘Holy fuck, it’s finally, finally, finally happening again’ big party
  18. Any other acts named after animals to stand in for Ms Cat?
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