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  1. Gucci Piggy

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Just let em headline Other while something good is on Pyramid like Kendrick. Give the guitar music only nonces someone to see so they don't come to the Pyramid hoping to see the headliner fail like they did with Kanye. Edit: And I wouldn't imagine headlining Rize would rule them out of doing that. Rize seem to be going for the middle-aged/family market, though. Your Snow Patrols and whatnot seem better suited than Catfish.
  2. Gucci Piggy

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Does anyone really think it will be? It's clear that As You Were sold well because it was Liam Gallagher's debut album and there was excitement over him starting his solo career. Have barely seen a mention of the album since it came out so it obviously didn't make much of an impression. Can't see any way that his second album is nearly as successful as it. Will be the same as what has happened with Noel. With each album there'll be less and less interest, which is why he's taking as many big festival slots as he possibly can this Summer.
  3. Gucci Piggy

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Not always the huge megastars, sure, but when was the last time they had a headliner that would headline smaller festivals like Parklife alongside acts like The xx and Stereophonics? Honestly can't think of one. Even Florence who stepped up in 2015, and the more niche headliners such as Arcade Fire and Metallica, wouldn't do that.
  4. Gucci Piggy

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    I dunno what you mean by them paying him the same rate he always gets. Why wouldn't they? Or maybe he's just the best act available to them for Pilton Party? Like has been said, they tend to book an act from the previous Glastonbury as their headliner, and Liam played Glastonbury last year and is playing everywhere this year, so he's probably available to them. I didn't say he should accept less than headline. If he can go around getting headline slots at IOW, Rize, TRNSMT, Parklife, etc. then why shouldn't he? Doesn't change the fact I don't think Glasto would give him one. Going from Muse, Adele, Coldplay, Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran to a guy who's released one album, is selling out gigs because of the band he used to be in, headlining smaller festivals alongside The xx and Stereophonics and playing glorified 60 min sub slots at IOW? Can't see it. None of those previous 6 headliners would play any of the festival slots he's doing in England this year because they're all well above him in festival booking standards.
  5. Gucci Piggy

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    But he does so because of Oasis' success rather than his own solo success. I get why a festival that relies on its headliner to sell tickets would happily book him without caring either way, but I think Glasto is better than that. Same as when Noel headlined TITP, whilst selling out arenas, no one would have expected him to headline Glasto. I don't think it'd need to be under a mega headliner if he were to sub. Would Liam Gallagher subbing someone like Arctic Monkeys really look weird? He's just subbed Depeche Mode at IOW (like CalGon said, even if he was billed as a co-headline, he played 60 mins before them - it was a glorified sub slot, same as Panic! at the Disco are doing at R&L this year below Kendrick and Fall Out Boy did in 2013 below Biffy Clyro). Maybe he wouldn't accept not being a headliner (him being billed as a co-headliner at IOW may suggest this), but in that case I imagine he just wouldn't be booked. Don't see him headlining Glasto at all.
  6. Gucci Piggy

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    As dental said, Pilton Party have recently been booking headliners that have just played Glastonbury, as opposed to ones that are going to play the following year. 2017: Basille (played Glasto in 2016) 2016: Fat boy Slim (plays Glasto every year) 2015: Rudimental (played Glasto in 2014 (and again in 2015 presumably to make up for their set being cut short in 2014)) 2014: Foals (played Glasto in 2013) Makes sense that 2018 would be Liam Gallagher (played Glasto in 2017 obviously). Doubt it means anything in relation to next year and no way would Liam Gallagher headline anyway. Glasto are better than that.
  7. Gucci Piggy

    Lineup 2018

    Well he is from Linkin Park
  8. Gucci Piggy

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Radiohead Foals
  9. Gucci Piggy

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Pulp Muse Who won yesterday btw?
  10. Gucci Piggy

    2018 New Music

    Think you've all forgotten about Saba.
  11. Gucci Piggy

    2018 New Music

    You are not very good at counting.
  12. Gucci Piggy

    2019 Headliners

    Stop hating on Kendrick.
  13. Gucci Piggy

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    The Cure Biffy Clyro
  14. Gucci Piggy

    2019 Headliners

    YO are they actually?!