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  1. "We've got another missing child....Johnny is looking for his parents. If you have a 6-year old named Johnny, short brown hair...please come collect him at the left of pyramid at the water aid station"
  2. tevaburger

    The Rock Slot

    one time for me - Aerosmith/Deep Purple/Guns n Roses (filming their 'Paradise City' video) in New Jersey's Giants Stadium 1988 just across the river from NYC
  3. tevaburger

    The Rock Slot

    one of my 'wow'/favorite t-shirts I've seen at Glastonbury was a red Rush 'Hold Your Fire' shirt from the short 1988 Euro tour. I had that shirt, saw the opening Wembley Arena gig. Guy had it at Avalon tent watching Avett Brothers 2010...I had to go up and commend him on it. oh, and Whitesnake never headlined Knebworth... I still like the 'Perfect Strangers' album since that was my era's Purple record of note.
  4. tevaburger

    2020 headliners

    you and @Ridin' Solo have nailed it, that is if you can prove that Fleetwood Mac played 2 London shows this summer and said that. If only we could get Neil to get his brother to go more often and have dinner with 4th (or someone who's family knows him) in charge his rumour list would be right out accurate. Who do you reckon is coming on at 530 after Macca's 4pm sunday slot? (sorry...drinking heavily on holiday and just loving some of these new posts)
  5. tevaburger

    2020 headliners

    spot on... SR surely... bookers have surely been long time lurking around his management (just like you on here!), not wanting to get jump too early and put Derulo on any of past 10 years' lineups, knowing he'd be perfect surprise for the 50th, to add him along with Elton John's first appearance and Wilco's return after a 16 year gap for a perfect trifecta. They've probably told him he can make his own poster with his name on top line too, a couple of rows above Wilco's placement (sacrilegious as that would be) welcome... you hooked up with @jntsrb or @jenswild yet?
  6. She has a bit of a fan in David Crosby as well. If you follow him on Twitter (if you don't follow him, you should. he's great and responds to just about anything) you might have seen - or heard about - the exchange he eventually had with her when he tweeted out if anyone had heard the 'Slow Moon' song by her (misspelling her name).... great song that is by the way, she opens with it judging by her recent setlists too
  7. I still hold out hope each year that Simple Minds return to Glastonbury. I think 'Sparkle In The Rain' is one of the best albums of the 80's and sounds great in the summertime (played it in the past week). and since Huey Lewis has gotten a few mentions, I always look for a used copy of 'Sports' in the record bins at markets oh another one... I really really like Sharon Van Etten and Kurt Vile, but chose to see Liam Gallagher on Pyramid this year. I listened to 'Definitely Maybe' just before and after Glastonbury this year Springsteen '09 still my 2nd greatest moment on the Pyramid (after the Stones) and I'd have him back again and am still absolutely baffled as to why saying that is somehow appropriate for the theme of this thread. Bryan Adams was my first ever gig. Hammersmith Odeon 1985. I still think Cuts Like A Knife through Into The Fire were all good highly credible rock albums in 80's context....
  8. so annoying that....Pyromania is still one of the best albums of any genre
  9. I'll be seeing her a week from today at the Newport Folk Festival
  10. I left at Soak Up The Sun (I think) and dashed it up quickly to the Park for the start of Promise of the Real. Both were fab sets, Promise of the Real in particular. In a funny similar twist of fate, they are both playing on Day one of Newport Folk Festival (July 26) which I'm going to and they've just released stage times and this time, Promise of The Real play 410 to 510 on one stage, while Sheryl Crow is 440 to 545 elsewhere....trying to figure out my split this time...
  11. I didn't stop by at all this year. they could curate a great lineup in there, especially for oldies like myself. acts like Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul, Neko Case, Nick Mason, even Eddie Vedder all were around and could have been great bookings to keep it a top choice for those with a few decades under their belt
  12. or just rename it for a year when an act like him plays, like they did for Yes in 2003
  13. thrilled to see that Sharon Van Etten is appearing regularly in these lists. I really wanted to see her but it was a tough clash time for me. Was happy (as others have said) to see her pop up on WH Sunday afternoon for a bit though.
  14. Newport Folk Festival for me, end of this month...much smaller festival, but similar to Glastonbury in that it has a history, always sells out before lineup is announced, is not a commercial festival. I'm ticketed for day one only at moment, but I always into day 2. Day one/Friday has a cracking lineup though, including 2 familiar names from the Friday of our Glastonbury this year, and anytime you get someone from the Grateful Dead you should consider yourself lucky... http://www.newportfolk.org/lineup-by-day
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