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  1. It's up there with any gig of my life. The atmosphere that day leading up to it. So glad I didn't miss this. So sad to hear this
  2. Springsteen '88 on his Tunnel of Love tour??
  3. tevaburger

    Big Red Machine

    Couldn't track down The National thread but this one will do and is more relevant. Feature piece on Aaron Dessner in NY Times today https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/19/arts/music/aaron-dessner-big-red-machine.html
  4. Reef 50 Kula Shaker 50 The Bluetones 50 Embrace 52 Underworld 60 Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - 60 Paul Oakenfold 41 Mogwai 50 Nine Inch Nails 67 Leftfield 50 Basement Jaxx 51 Garbage 50 Orbital 51 Air 50 Primal Scream 50 Super Furry Animals 55 Doves 55 The Chemical Brothers 56 Fatboy Slim 50 Razorlight 50 Bjork 51 Iggy & The Stooges 65 Panic! At the Disco 50 Massive Attack 50 Groove Armada 51 Bloc Party 59 Franz Ferdinand 45 The Prodigy 50 The Flaming Lips 53 Pet Shop Boys 67 Queens of the Stone Age 65 Portishead 50 (+10) = 60 Chase & Status 40 The xx 50 Skrillex 50 Rudimental 50 Deadmau5 40 Disclosure 51 New Order 61 LCD Soundsystem 70 Major Lazer 50 Alt-J 30 Boy Better Know 50 Tame Impala 70 Christine and the Queens 64
  5. it just means that next time The Who are booked to play a gig in France, Daltrey will realize all the issues involved with getting there and how much the cellist costs to take over and they'll just have to cancel and headline Glastonbury again on that date
  6. Lady Ga-Ga's biggest gig since the Super Bowl and her 3am Club Gaga gig of Friday/Sat 2009
  7. another of Georgia's finest... this would have been just before Oasis on the Friday...after they'd headlined a few years previously
  8. another one, Chan Marshall (Cat Power) who grew up in Georgia. I was reading this piece of albums that influenced her, and reading about what she says of Nick Cave "the first few times I saw him, I knew there was something great on Earth", and it saddened me to think that she didn't get to see his incredible Pyramid set in 2013 as she was gearing up to play The Park soon after he started (and of course, I'm saddened that I had to miss her then too) https://pitchfork.com/features/5-10-15-20/the-music-that-made-cat-powers-chan-marshall/
  9. yep, saw this one too, didn't have the album in June 2019, but it SatisFactory was a regular play the rest of the year for me
  10. of course, 2 fab sets from longtime Atlanta-resident Janelle Monae on separate years (which one was better?) the last bit of music on the West Holts Field until (sadly, but most likely) 2022... I was at The Cure, but of course I heard this was fab
  11. As one of the few American E-festers, I thought I might give the state of Georgia a bit of a toast today, as it seems to have come through just as it did back in November (and I think it's been over a decade since I last started a thread on here...) I was wondering how many Georgia bands/artists have played Glastonbury over the years and if any of you enjoyed some good sets from them, or any regrets of Georgia acts that never made it, but whom would have been a peach to see on the farm (Allman Brothers or any of their offshoots for one...) I can think of two Georgia bands that have headlined, one of them doing it twice (the REM set in '03 was one of my Glastonbury moments, but eclipsed the next evening) and a Sunday legend who played just 2 years before he passed away Here's a non-Georgia guy singing about Georgia on a very hot Friday on the Pyramid in 2010... Anyway, just feeling a bit better about America's possibilities for change in 2021 now, just 5 days into the year. Well done, Georgia
  12. I'm sure someone is drumming up ideas for a new small obscure stage on an out-of-the-way pathway on Worthy Farm next time we're all able to gather there ... probably call it Pyramid Total Landscaping Stage
  13. I didn't literally mean 'tonight', I really meant 'in a few days' time'... Relief, Ecstatic
  14. As a voter today I feel pretty good about what lies ahead over the next 12 hours although it will take a long night of alcohol to soothe my nerves. I do worry about signs that Pennsylvania seems to be more of a toss-up than the Biden win it seemed a few weeks ago. The Pittsburgh Gazette just endorsed Trump last night which is scandalous as it hasn't done that for a Republican candidate since 1972. That will justify many in western Pennsylvania to come of the fence and not be 'embarrassed' to vote Trump. That fucking newspaper is making it seem 'respectable' to do it. Thing is, a Biden win needs to be a landslide not a 'close win'. It's just embarrassing if it's seen as "oh, he barely lost"...I'm hoping places like Georgia, Arizona can come through for the good guys, but more importantly these other races on the night for parts of our Senate here are important in places like Maine, North Carolina, Arizona and a few others. Particularly sadly, it looked until quite recently that we might oust two of the people that epitomize what a lot of us hate about America, Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham, but they now look like they will safely hold on, which puts a bit of a damper on things knowing they'll be around. Thing is though, this country is fucked for years...what he's done is built this cult of pick-up driving, flag-waving, gun-toting militia types who will be showing up for Trump rallies over the next few years (I mean, what else is Trump going to do but continue with these rallies, it's what he gets off on). Even in NYC this past Sunday as I was driving in a pouring rainstorm, a Trump caravan had shut down opposite side of a major bridge here connecting Queens to the Bronx. Traffic for a few miles behind as a result, just idiots out of their trucks waving Trump/Pence flags. In hindsight my rolling window down of my car and sticking middle finger out at them was quite a dangerous act as I could likely have been shot by any of these angry fucks. They think they're going to win, they expect to win, and they'll be convinced that if they don't win, that they were 'cheated'. Too many 'sources' are telling them that. So many stupid people in this country (I must say though, Britain is slowly become that way too, ignorance growing there too, and I say that as a US/Brit dual citizen) and many will remain stupid and angry. The more stupid and angriest are the ones who buy most of the guns and ammunition as well. It's going to be scary in the aftermath and Trump will be encouraging it. But...we're winning this thing tonight!
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