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  1. she's such a fantastic front woman, would love to see her play solo.
  2. tevaburger

    2020 headliners

    Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Paul McCartney Dead & Company + legend slot Elton John
  3. and I thought you were going to lay into @chatty because he listed 12 acts (including Greta Van Fleet!) and then edits to add in 4 more and yet still didn't mention The Dead
  4. i hope you're joking...as much as I'm against the whole idea of this replication, there's some amazing stuff on there, not just the Dead & Co, David Crosby (who's on fire these days) and Robert Plant, Jack White, Santana (w/ Neal Schon in his lineup these days), Fogerty, Leon Bridges AND Gary Clark Jr, Brandi Carlile, Black Keys, i could go on....
  5. nothing wrong with that. surely these forums are meant to be safe havens for the obsessives. I've kept track of every gig i've seen (venue, date, support, etc...) since my first (Bryan Adams/Scorched Earth, Hammersmith Odeon, 19 April, 1985) - and at festivals as well (even if it means having to rehash through the program after). not as many as you that's for sure I also define "seeing", especially at festivals, via the Live Aid '85 rule. 4 songs or 20 minutes, minimum of either. Walking through the Pyramid and seeing 2 songs for 8 mins doesn't count in my book, so for example, I didn't really "see" that great Faithless set from '02 that most talk about even though I was there for a bit. Most years I go by myself and it leaves me the freedom to roam and see a lot of bands while exploring different parts of the farm. I get around the farm...
  6. I saw "endure" but looking back at it later, especially on tv, it was actually better than I was admitting at the time. Empire and Underdog (opener) were stellar that night.
  7. I had to endure Kasabian as i was up pretty close in the pit for their 'special guest' spot pre-Springsteen 2009 and that was a lot of up and down for that. I remember I was next to someone my age who was also there to claim good 'Springsteen real estate' and also wasn't as familiar with their songs and we were commenting on some of the song titles that singer-with-the-weird-haircut-and-odd-jacket was introducing... "Fire...uh-oh...that sounds like it's going to be a jumping one!"
  8. i'd also argue that people are just less fit these days, it's not just the 80's-90's bouncers getting into their 40's/50's, but the younger ones not having the energy, not arsed to do it a whole gig.
  9. it was something that was big in the 80's I'd argue and then continued into the 90's. I remember 'tame' gigs like U2 at Wembley Stadium in '87 and Simple Minds '86 Milton Keynes that were bouncers, the dust storm on the Saturday (day one of two, the France-Brazil QF that went to pens, same night as The Cure playing their first Glasto headline set) of the Minds at Milton Keynes and the difficulty breathing something i remember. I love how the Fun Lovin' Crims footage comes up, that's the first one that everyone brings up Even if you look at Inxs at Wembley back at start of 90's, this was something that was carrying over from the 80's not a new thing just starting.....
  10. it's a shame as I was quite hopeful for a Vedder appearance but those German dates on 28 & 30 basically rule him out don't they? he's not detouring from the direct path between those 2 cities is he?
  11. Cousins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYUB_PUD_uo
  12. tevaburger

    The Cure

    it's a shame that the best headliner of 2019 is only on page 20 or so of the E-fests thread.....
  13. tevaburger

    Other Stage

    either of those spots were pretty hopeful/optimistic for their value i always thought
  14. tevaburger

    day and stage

    Sheryl Crow is surely Friday....starts in Europe Jun 12, then in Uk from Wembley supporting The Eagles from June 23 through to Glasgow on the 26th, and she's off to Denmark on the 29th, so she's surely at Brother's Bar on her Thursday day off before her Friday set. seems like she'll be back in the US for the 4th of July , first US date is July 9th
  15. Doves and Orbital just seemed like poster-friendly acts that would make the first cut. I'm hoping they're both still there. Others missing that I have realistic expectation for showing up on the farm - Manics, Foals, Richard Ashcroft, Parquet Courts, The Raconteurs (I think The Dead Weather twice had separate announcements for '09/'10, maybe Jack likes it that way), and even Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul which would have taken up too much space on the initial poster - long shot hope for both The Dandy Warhols (due for first visit since 2002) and Brian Jonestown Massacre (new record out shortly). Am I missing any obvious Acoustic acts on the poster? Maybe Eddie Vedder saved for later and a Thom Yorke set probably is going to be kept quiet isn't it.
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