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  1. With Dead & Company announcing their July-August US stadium tour with a caveat of “these 17 shows are the only headline tour dates Dead & Company will play in 2020” surely there’s hope that having tried and failed to get them for the 25th anniversary Glastonbury, ME has now gone and secured them as part of a dream McCartney – Noel Gallagher – Dead – Aerosmith run-in on Saturday on the Pyramid
  2. tevaburger

    Neil Peart

    huge loss on the rock star front for me. They were probably my #1 band that I listened to as a fan from 86 through to late 90's with regularity. All 3 of them great musicians but Neil standing out on the drums and being the visionary behind the band with his writing. 2112 was a longstanding 'best' for me, the 'Ok Computer' before 97....I met my now wife in '97 and while I always still liked Rush, she was a huge music fan herself and yet Rush just never clicked with her. It was Geddy's voice and she wondered what on earth they were singing about too. I understood completely, not everyone 'got it' and it was a very male audience, and in North American terms, it was a very suburban audience too (although I was not a suburbanite). My only Glastobury-related memory was seeing the Avett Brothers at Avalon in 2010, and I was sort of at edge of the tent watching and noticed a fella with a Hold Your Fire red t-shirt from the 88 tour (I saw the first of the Wembley Arena gigs in April that year, it was my first of only 5 Rush gigs, they actually recorded the Birmingham NEC gig that tour for video release), and it was a shirt that I had had for a while but must have discarded it around turn of century or so...but it was a pleasant and memorable site at Glastonbury and I'll always remember it. Neil Peart, man...what a legend and such a unique character. and only 67. we still have Glenn Kotche for the drumming...
  3. you're sneaking that last one in a year too early....
  4. tevaburger

    The Rock Slot

    some of the initial billings/listings I've seen here have Def Leppard as the top act, including the NY Citified show
  5. tevaburger

    The Rock Slot

    anyone at the Hammersmith Odeon gigs early '86 w/ Cheap Trick supporting?? it was literally same week or month that i also saw Ozzy/Ratt at the Odeon...some great double bills those crikey now that I think of it, there was AC/DC w/ the brilliant Fastway the month before that at Wembley Arena too on the Fly On The Wall album
  6. tevaburger

    The Rock Slot

    the big Def Leppard / Motley Crue / Poison / Joan Jett & The Blackhearts US football/baseball stadium tour dates just announced & starts July 7 and goes through to September, so the Leps and Crue still in for a shout for that rock slot
  7. I think it's just because they're worried about the weather would be like out in Knebworth come October
  8. yep, my selfish view up in being right at the front and not taking consideration how the rest of the field was taking it, is that it - along with the Stones 4 yrs later - were probably the best 2-plus hours each that I've had at Glastonbury the fact we had 2 past Pyramid headliners in Costello and Primal Scream before the Stones made for a memorable late afternoon, and being in the first few rows for most of that made it moot if the Primals weren't at their best. I thought from "Loaded" to the end of set they finished strongly
  9. tevaburger

    2020 headliners

    Skunk Anansie surely I don't even know if The Cure even had a #1 album? lots of top tens but did any get to top?
  10. (consecutive REM-related posts) He was such an uninspiring choice for sub for REM back in 2003. Radiohead get the Flaming Lips and REM get him. I think I caught a bit of Julian Cope up in the Acoustic instead before venturing down
  11. he played an unannounced support set for Patti Smith earlier this year in NYC I think that one of our Irish Efesters (i forget his name... the one who starts most of the Radiohead threads) saw him join Patti at another of his NYC gigs a year or two back as well It would be nice to see him out and about more on the music side...REM aren't reforming tho, will never happen.
  12. tevaburger

    2020 headliners

    so reading these last few pages looks like we've settled on Springsteen, Macca and T Swift - I'll take that...and Doves' John Peel set, will that clash with Bruce or Macca? Shaping up to be a good one!
  13. tevaburger

    2020 wishlists

    On back to back nights - last night and the night before - these two were on the Colbert Show in America. back to back to close out Sunday on West Holts or The Park would be nice as well while T Swift dazzles the pyramid. that's my wish. Thom Yorke - the
  14. nice little piece on him in the NY Times this past week.... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/19/arts/music/sturgill-simpson-sound-and-fury.html
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