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  1. Wanted to switch from the app to this as since the update the app has a load of holes in it. But am I doing something wrong or is this one not complete either? Williams Green isn't there for the Thursday, Greenpeace isn't there for Wednesday... EDIT: Yeah it was me , carry on.
  2. So is there a anything like The Loop or those Marquis Reagent testing kits available on site? Or are of you taking a kit by chance? That mixmag article has got me paranoid.
  3. So what the deal with the Strummerville line up? Being kept a secret all weekend or do I have to check a chalk board every morning?
  4. Finding it it mildly annoying the TBAs are just gaps in the app and not selectable slots. Was handy toavoid completely forgetting about them in past years.
  5. nowyouregideon


    Do we have any ideas what time this is supposed to kick off?
  6. Thursday afternoon on the Truth Stage "ACOUSTIC BRASS OFF WITH NEW YORK BRASS BAND, DAS BRASS, THE BRASS FUNKEYS, DAT BRASS 18:00 - 20:00" That will do me nicely. Sounds like a hoot.
  7. Babymetal. Love it. Stick them on The Pyramid though, let's be real. The shock from picnic blanket teams.
  8. I also won CATQ tickets, but someone I know has got guestlist for We Are Fstvl instead for the same day. If anyone wants them I will send over the QR code.
  9. nowyouregideon


    Bloody hell Stickybuds is gonna be fun. Loads of big names on that poster. Any recommendations for a guy who hasn't kept of with electronic music in years?
  10. Well I hope this is true, would love to get my hands on a couple.
  11. Gunnersville confirmed on Twitter it's all going to be one stage.
  12. nowyouregideon


    This. My group have a tendency when we are in the second corner and also a big legless by then, to find a set somewhere, and stay for maybe 30 mins before we wander off somewhere else. Unless it's a set of someome we waited to see. Would be bloody perfect for us
  13. You kind of lay in the top, and then loop round underneath, between the legs and them back on the other side? Without touching the floor? I mean, looking back that's not as easy as it looks 😂
  14. That sounds excellent. Just a one off one year?
  15. Maybe it was up a stone circle actually. Hope I can track them down this year, I've got a two year long bet to prove.
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