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  1. New album is a brilliant. Chose the who over them in 2015 as id never saw them live before, regretted it when I watched the chems back on tv when I got home. Had planned for hot chip/Hopkins on the Saturday this year, but the album has changed my mind.
  2. GWR

    Snapped Ankles

    Where is the piano bar?
  3. If jarvis brings his dance floor meditation thing to Glastonbury it's well worth going to. He did it at primavera a year or two ago. I saw it in a small working men's club in Belfast (where David Holmes had his club night) and it was great. Jarvis also entertained the OAPs in the small room of the working men's club by calling the numbers for their bingo game!
  4. GWR

    Ticket Balance Payments

    Got ours now !
  5. GWR


    Beat u to it lol yeah love her nts show. Never heard her live, really looking forward to that
  6. GWR


    I'm for the Belfast gig next Monday, in a tiny venue, gonna be carnage!
  7. GWR

    Ticket Balance Payments

    Have the balance emails been sent? I dont seem to have received mine yet
  8. GWR


    Max Cooper is great, have caught his live a/v show before. Hoping he'll be playing.
  9. GWR


    Moxie confirmed via her nts show on Wednesday that she's doing a slot on the wow stage with palms trax. Didn't say what day tho
  10. First time getting a tipi and just wondering what time u have to leave on the Monday. Can't seem to find anything on this after searching the forum
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