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  1. Damn, does this mean they have cancelled or is it an oversight do we think? I hope NNN are still on board. If not it will be the 5th opportunity I've had to see them not work out for one reason or another.
  2. Love both of thes bands. Calva Louise in particular are an incredibly eclectic and creative band, definitely recommend a deep dive on them if you like a band with a few extra layers beyond just songs. Strange Bones just straight up know how to put on a show.
  3. I took that post as a tease of a New York offshoot of APE with LCD Soundsystem probably headlining. Edit: Looks like a bunch of venues and the likes are sharing the same image. Think it's got F all to do with us lot over in the UK.
  4. Has anyone had any information on refunding yet? Still waiting for the email from DICE
  5. So I'm hoping for general sale, only problem for me is I work in a cleanroom which means no phone, no internet access etc. My pal was going to send the +1 to a different email address of hers and book it all for me so how do you think we can avoid all this mess? Two tickets booked using two different email addresses, two different TM accounts, two different home addresses and two different bank cards?
  6. This o2 link, is it not castable? On an Android phone and want to sent it to my TV but the icon isn't showing.
  7. Link works on phone but I cant cast. Anyone else?
  8. According to Drift Live on Twitter, it's getting looked at and you can rewind
  9. Maybe they'll go live at 7
  10. Phone or PC? My o2 link on Chrome on my phone is giving me nothing.
  11. Has anyone dealt with Festicket before? Specifically around names on tickets. Due to an organisational hiccup, two of my group have duplicate tickets bought for them. They asked for the names of who will use the tickets, however I don't think that was necessary for any previous APE I've been to. Or did anyone need to specify names when booking through a different site? Just wondering if I'm going to be able to sell the extras on without hassle. One pair was paid for using a payment plan, thinking we can just cancel the direct debit and it be problem solved.
  12. Playing the o2 in August which hasn't sold out. Seems unlikely. Are QOTSA a Reading/Leeds exclusive?
  13. Who thinks this is actually going ahead? I'd love it to but surely APE would have announced something by now if they were going ahead this year.
  14. I got a link for my reserved tickets but the link isn't working. Any advice?
  15. Anyone think The Subways are in for a shout? Played five years ago, and five years before that. They are currently touring Young for Eternity so maybe when that's over.
  16. Any ideas how much this is going to cost?
  17. Isn't Community like half the price? That can't be a seller if it's true
  18. I just straight up can't find a copy of Kerrang to sneak a peek in.
  19. A friend of mine just went to use my number and they got a message saying it's always been used, which wasn't by me I hadn't got round to it. Did anyone get a confirmation email or anything like that when they entered? Edit: turns out a one of my friends has used mine
  20. All tickets allocated after entering details. What next?
  21. I've had the entire Gorillaz discography playing on shuffle every year, every sale I've tried. I basically refresh to the beat when the time comes.
  22. At what point should I be clearing cookies if it comes to that?
  23. Wanted to switch from the app to this as since the update the app has a load of holes in it. But am I doing something wrong or is this one not complete either? Williams Green isn't there for the Thursday, Greenpeace isn't there for Wednesday... EDIT: Yeah it was me , carry on.
  24. So is there a anything like The Loop or those Marquis Reagent testing kits available on site? Or are of you taking a kit by chance? That mixmag article has got me paranoid.
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