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  1. Jet - are you gonna be my girl and lust for life grates me every time also pretty much every oasis song
  2. My two pence- completely don’t know your circumstances, but I think it’s very easy to make a connection with money and a good job or the right job/career path for you. We can be kind of brought up with that mindset. Sometimes taking a pay cut or a step in a different direction can be the best thing you can ever do. Life’s too short for shit, stressful jobs. You can enjoy life in a job with no money or a job with loads, just make sure you’re enjoying yourself x
  3. Joe Shez

    Janelle Monae

    Missed this for the Cure. Watched back on iPlayer and loved it - such a great show and she’s really developed her live performance since I last saw her a few years ago. Really hope she releases a couple of hit singles and can come back and headline the place like she deserves. Make me feel and Come alive were particular highlights
  4. Idles have proved themselves too big for the park. Would love them to headline JP or high up the other next time round (if not headline other if the festival really wants to take a punt)
  5. Joe Shez


    Loved the venue. Was a bit dead on Thursday but busier on Friday and Saturday. Great visuals and for me a lot more preferable with a bit of room for manoeuvre. Thought the same about Arcadia as well, a little bit more space made the experience much more enjoyable - for me the late night stuff was much improved this year
  6. Joe Shez

    Flops 2019

    Jon Hopkins had a very small crowd. Although I did enjoy it, it’s difficult for the crowd to be involved I think- no lyrics to sing and not really dancy. I left after about 45 mins to go to frank turner, who was great. I also thought Kylie was rubbish and left after 2 songs
  7. Haha, as a defending champion from their last Birmingham gig this was my first thought. But no, everyone let them have their moment ?
  8. During Keston Cobblers Club on Thursday afternoon on the Avalon cafe. They announced a dance off competition with a mystery prize (one of their albums/merch or something similar) - this is a regular of their sets. They play the track and there’s groups of people dancing, twirling partners, trying dirty dancing lifts etc and it’s all very good fun. They announce the winning couple and bring them up on stage to receive the mystery prize. She completely breaks down in shock and in tears- it’s a jewellery box saying will you marry me? Her reaction of joy was amazing to witness and there were a lots of tears, a wonderful Glastonbury moment
  9. Chemical Brothers - 130  Hot Chip - 103  Kate Tempest - 100 The Cure - 95 Christine & The Queens - 92 Janelle Monae - 115 (-20) SORRY JANELLE I STILL LOVE YOU
  10. Almost impossible for me to downvote now. 6 of the remaining 7 I would consider clashes, 3 Sunday night headliners and 3 Saturday headliners/overlapping with headline time (Kate tempest). Then Jon Hopkins is my Friday headliner I really think this years line up is particularly stacked at headline time
  11. Jon Hopkins - 80 Cat Power - 40 Chemical Brothers - 160  Hot Chip - 115 Kate Tempest - 90 The Cure - 145 Kylie - 70 Christine & The Queens - 80 Janelle Monae - 145  The Streets - 85 (-20)
  12. Tame Impala - 51 Jon Hopkins - 106 Jorja Smith - 79 Interpol - 90 Cat Power - 59 Michael Kiwanuka - 41 (-20) Chemical Brothers - 139 Wu-Tang - 59 Jungle - 29 Bugzy Malone - 29 Hot Chip - 116 Kate Tempest - 101 The Cure - 101 Vampire Weekend - 86 Kylie - 101 Christine & The Queens - 51 Dave - 39 Janelle Monae - 106 Kamasi Washington - 45 The Streets - 71 Friendly Fires - 46 Rex Orange County - 20 Little Simz - 59
  13. Joe Shez


    I'll be with you there Love those guys
  14. Tame Impala - 90 Two Door Cinema Club - 25 Jon Hopkins - 95 Jorja Smith - 60 Interpol - 80  Cat Power - 60 Michael Kiwanuka - 60 Chemical Brothers - 110 Wu-Tang - 60 Jungle - 55 Bugzy Malone - 60 Hot Chip - 100  Kate Tempest - 80 The Cure - 120 Vampire Weekend - 80 Kylie - 69  Christine & The Queens - 80 Dave - 40 Janelle Monae - 85 Kamasi Washington - 50  The Streets - 55  Friendly Fires - 46 (-10) Rex Orange County - 45  Little Simz - 60
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