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  1. Are pop stars now so devoid of talent that they can't actually perform a song live and entertain the crowd at the same time? Blimey, standards have really fallen. As for the "spirit of the festival" being shorthand for "stuff I dont like" - well, call me old fashioned, but if I want to see people dancing around to a pre-recorded track, pretending to sing for the TV cameras, I can always tune into Britain's Got Talent.
  2. Watching the BBC 'Highlights' programme last night and was shocked by the number of acts who were performing to backing tracks and miming. It seems that we have reached the point where it is acceptable for acts to turn up with a dance troupe and to perform a dance routine to music without any actual live music. It may please the record company bosses and producers at the BBC, but is this really in the spirit of the festival?
  3. Squid were brilliant - not only really talented musicians but the band were really tight and great fun to watch.
  4. Splonk

    Mason's Arms

    They were asked not to open the bar this year. A big loss 👎
  5. 1. Kate Tempest (Park) 2. Jon Hopkins (WH) 3. Squid (Greenpeace)
  6. Splonk

    Where's the Reggae?

    Thursday, Heds Party (Sonic) 20:00 - 07:00
  7. Splonk

    drugs - stay safe

    It's a fantastic resource - just having a look around the site and I see what you mean http://drugs.tripsit.me/ There are 19 pages of different substances 😱
  8. Splonk

    Where's the Reggae?

    Timbali (Saturday, Croissant Neuf, 01:00 - 02:00). Anyone found any more? I needs me some reggae!
  9. Does William's Green have bands on after 9pm? BTW - what was the question?
  10. Splonk

    TBAs 2019

    Flamingods on 6 Music "playing 5 times over the festival".
  11. I was really hoping TVAM would be on the lineup, but sadly he's not (he's doing BlueDot and End of the Road though). Worth a listen if you're into synth stuff. Saw Gary Numan at Bluedot last year and he was fantastic. It really feels like Glastonbury have missed out on some really good acts this year.
  12. Henge: Thursday - The Rabbit Hole 02:00 - 03:00 Crazy P Live: Saturday - Sonic 15:30 - 17:00 Josefin Öhrn + the Liberation: Sunday - Glade 20:20 - 21:20
  13. Splonk

    Park Area Announcement

    Pretty uninspiring stuff - both Kurt Vile & Fat White Family have been recent Park bookings and there's nothing there to set my juices flowing. It feels like there has been a lot more repeat bookings this year than in previous years.
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