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  1. Let's raise awareness about cutting down on the environmental impact of the festival by ordering a load of unecessary t-shirts. Yes - makes loads of sense.
  2. Following on from the David Attenborough thread - no doubt he'll take to the stage and tell everyone about how the planet is fucked and we'll all feel really bad about it. Ever year I camp in Kidney Mead/ Hawkwell and make the long walk home at 6am across the Pyramid field to bed. The litter pickers/ recyclers do an amazing job, but the amount of waste left over after the headliners (and on the Monday morning across the site) is increasingly depressing. So this year I am going to be: - Taking less cans of beer/ plastic bottles full of booze that never gets drunk - Not buying/ using any disposible ‘fun’ tat that will go straight to landfill (fancy dress outfits, wigs, glow sticks, face masks, Coldplay wristbands, etc, etc) - Taking less food with me that will never be eaten - Challenging the selfish twats who leave behind their air beds, tents, sleeping bags on the Monday - Telling all my mates to do the same Many moons ago, during the breaks on the main stages, everyone was encouraged to take a minute to pick up any litter lying around them - and most people actually joined in. It feels like we need a little bit of that spirit back.
  3. Not really, but thanks for trying. My first ever gig was Public Enemy at Leeds University - it must have been around 1987-88. I got in fairly late and it was heaving. They came on stage and got half way through the first song before someone at the front (apparently) pulled out a gun and shot into the air. Cue chaos - and that was the end of that. It's a massive regret I've never seen them live (and the Beasties - who I also bollocksed up seeing at Glasto in 94 due to a numpty mate 😭)
  4. Stones vs Public Enemy 2013 I went to the Stones. Regretted it ever since. My sleeping bag vs Khruangbin (11.30am West Holts) 2017 I opted for the sleeping bag. 0/10.
  5. Album Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo Honourable mention: Art Brut - Wham Bang Pow! Let’s Rock out! Song Parquet Courts - Almost Had to Start a Fight/ In & Out of Patience Gig Brian Jonestown Massacre - Manchester Academy. Honourable mentions: Slug - Soup Kitchen, Manchester. Crazy P - Bluedot Festival. Henge - Bluedot Festival. Khruangbin - Albert Hall. Manchester. Julia Holter - Gorilla, Manchester. The Orielles - Gorilla, Manchester. Festival Bluedot Festival - really enjoyed it. 8/10 Movie - Book - Favourite eFester Glasto-Worker Did you miss Glastonbury? Obvs. Three wishes for Glastonbury 2019 1. Everyone that goes to the festival returns home safely. 2. Johnny Marr gets a decent Pyramid/ Other Stage slot. 3. I don’t lose my stash/ people clean up their shit. Festivals lined up for 2019 Glastonbury
  6. Not only the first UK rapper in history to headline Glastonbury Festival, but also the very first black British solo artist. Take a bow son!
  7. Maybe not the first, but certainly the first I can remember...
  8. Splonk

    Parquet Courts

    Granted, maybe 3/10 is a bit harsh. I was maybe a bit grumpy after seeing a scarf for sale on the merch stand priced at a cool £30 sterling. Robbing barstewards. 😎
  9. Splonk

    Parquet Courts

    Crowd 9/10 PC 3/10 It was like a clumsy teenage relationship - they were in a big rush to take their pants off, and when they did, all that was left was a bit of arkward banter. They're probably knackered.
  10. Splonk

    Parquet Courts

    Just back from Parquet Courts at Manchester Ritz - the crowd were well up for it, with a massive mosh pit for the first 20 minutes, then it all went extremely flat. 3/10 👎
  11. Splonk

    Park Stage 2019

    Caught Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Academy last night - sounded fantastic. A late night Saturday slot at the Park would be brill.
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