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  1. thanks for bringing my attention to this. He's right. Players taking a knee has now just become part of the fabric of a premier league game, there is never any critical discussion on the issues, it just passes by unspoken... an almost meaningless gesture. The equivalent of posting a black square on instagram.
  2. James' goal was astonishing. Just when the narrative of the match seemed to be Lamptey's redemption he comes out with that. Saying that though Lamptey was probably my MOTM overall. England just keep producing quality RBs I reckon if Chelsea got a new keeper they could realistically be challenging City and Liverpool. New keeper should mean 10-15 less goals conceded and the new attackers theoretically should put up much better numbers than the others. Obviously doesn't always work out that way though.
  3. Strong suggestion that Rice might be signed, which would put Gilmour at least 3rd in the pecking order for his position. Though I think everyone has to be prepared for heavy rotation this season looking at the schedule, so he can still expect a fair amount of game time. Same goes for Tammy/CHO/Reece James. Mount I see as first choice anyway.
  4. I'm also in favour of the crowd noise. It's not perfect but it helps distract from the strangeness of it all and you find yourself forgetting the circumstances. Though has anyone seen that they're gunna have walk on music for subs? Was that a joke?
  5. Aye Chels really need a LB and a CB to become really solid, but I guess Havertz isn't someone you'd pass up on. Even if they could get Tagliafico it would probably make a huge difference, with Azpi being added to CB rotation. I much prefer Tagliafico to Chilwell anyway, but reports make it seem like Frank really wants the latter.
  6. I didn't see it but I was on the other side, it all got a bit heated for a little bit but that was about it. A peaceful but angry crowd.
  7. The stats speak for themselves. UK police force is institutionally and structurally racist. A quick Google search can confirm that for you. At the protest on Sunday most of them seemed to be having a jolly good time, all smiles. It was a right fucking insult to the protest and everyone there. Coppers speaking out against the murder of a man in broad daylight is the very least we should expect from them. Also, re: the cops at Glasto in the fairy wings... I dont think that cutesy gesture makes up for the way the same force treated the travelling community at the festival in the past.
  8. I really enjoyed that Joy O mix I've had this on a few times now and it's growing on me. Some interesting, if not confusing turns, but I like the approach Listen to Laila Sakini - Noods Radio - Sat 18, 2020 by Laila Sakini on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/laila-sakini/laila-sakini-noods-radio-sat-18-2020 (sorry I dunno how to do embedded soundcloud links)
  9. Haha, straight after I posted I was wondering if someone would come back with that. He really has such an A+ catalog of mixes. I think all of those mentioned recently on here are great examples of a DJ creating a tangible environment with their flow. Northern exposure genuinely feels like a long journey across the Arctic, it's astonishing
  10. Winters are for Northern Exposure Summers are for this Listen to 004 - Sasha - Global Underground 009 - San Francisco - Disc 1 (1998) by The Classic Mix CD Series on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/theclassicmixcdseries/sasha-global-underground-san-francisco-disc-1
  11. Wonderful! I will have this on later. Also just seen he's done a mix of various Italian minimalist pieces... more to dig
  12. word is 4pm directly followed by the daily briefing
  13. I get the feeling its going to go that way... along with the autistic son/family death and maybe a non-sincere apology. Would be beyond satire.
  14. I struggle to be productive with music on but I work pretty well to this Listen to Music Interiors by Visible Cloaks on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/visiblecloaks/music-interiors
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