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  1. Red Len was on TV saying he reckons a Labour negotiated deal can work. I'd expect Jez to back it too, with the majority of his party opposing it. What a fucking mess.
  2. So apparently Labour MPs will get a free vote in their second ref (labour deal Vs remain). Can only end well.
  3. I agree. The reason Leave were able to win as they did was because there was much less on their side to scrutinize compared to remain. They could promise a whole lot more. I'd also take your version of the vote, but depending on the agreed deal I wouldn't know what to vote for. What matters less is what option is 'better', it's more about how effective a Remain campaign can be. Last time it was a shambles, can we trust them to get it together? One things for sure, the "normal people are stupid and didn't know what they voted for" schtick isn't the way forward.
  4. The most obvious issue is... What's the question on the ballot paper? Emily Thornberry was on question time the other day speaking about their plan, which was her agreeing a deal with Brussels, only to campaign for remain in a referendum against that deal. You just can't satisfy the electorate with a binary vote. I have no idea what the answer is tbh, but it just seems that every option ahead of us is going to divide us more
  5. Yeah... Referenda aren't usually a good idea. That's where the problem started. Though we can't avoid that we did vote to leave - I accept that the vote was dodgy, but parliament trusted it enough to vote to trigger A50 with a huge majority. And again, most of the country went and voted in 2017 for parties that were commited to brexit. I'm not against a second ref (revoking with no plan for another vote is discraceful imo) but I do believe that a second ref wouldn't necessarily help, and I'd expect leave to win again.
  6. There's a proportion of the electorate that indulge is parliamentary theatrics... I'd wager most of the rest of the country couldn't give a shit about prorogation. From the people I speak to (not scientific by any measure) in pubs etc., a lot of people feel like the way parliament has acted in the last few years is discraceful. I can't say I disagree
  7. Sure, I mean pretty much any GE situation puts labour in a very tough position. Wherever they gain votes regarding the EU, they lose others. If labour backed revoking A50 I'd probably vote for someone else where I'd usually vote for them. I honestly just see the Tories coming out on top anyway. Cummings hasn't failed much so far... He certainly knows how to run a campaign
  8. the libdem policy is fine because they're never going to win a majority... It's harmless. Labour couldnt (and shouldn't) take that stance. We voted to leave in 2016. We then voted in a huge majority for parties in 2017 that said we would leave in their manifestos.
  9. tarrantino is a piece of shit but I actually enjoyed this one more than any of his films since pulp fiction ... though that's not saying much new one has a cool vibe, but didn't go anywhere. all of robbie/pitt/di caprio's solo bits were well performed, but there was also a lot of dead weight like you usually get in his movies
  10. this is the most dragons den idea I've ever seen
  11. hahaha, yeah I'd headed dowtown by that point anyway. i think by my calculations i was just sprangled rather than skream being good. did you visit the tribe of frog? i always ended up there right in the middle of the day but it was boss. had so much fun
  12. lol that's me told. in fairness in the meantime i had lost myself a little. god bless skream , best in the business
  13. skream was genuinely woeful. sad to see because his first album bangs but he has been shit every time I've seen him recently. I fucked off about 20 minutes in and came back for claude von stroke (who I think u recommended to me @FuzzyDunlop?) he was great, anyway. shanti celeste was prob my favourite techno set of the weekend. I got there on time and was told that the stage was closed, just as I wandered off the sound kicked in with only a few ppl there, and the crowd slowly grew throughout also saw vandal who smashed it, and likewise got an unexpected dnb fix but in the shape of brockie + mc det.
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