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  1. Mane to PSG. Salah to Real Madrid. Bobby not quite got the same value but plenty of teams will take him.
  2. I think you lot are in big need of a refresh. Would be good to cash in on two of the front three now and try and rebuild. Though all the 'Pool fans I know have no confidence in the owners at all (which is interesting because in May/June all I heard from them was how great a 'project' it was).
  3. It's harder to talk of home advantage with no fans, but 5 losses in a row is catastrophic for Liverpool any way you look at it. They haven't scored in open play there for over 10 hours. I thought Klopp's substitutions were confusing also. I couldn't understand taking Salah off when Mane was playing terribly.
  4. He's only getting game time cause Tuchel is manager
  5. How much Bundesliga do you watch?
  6. Liverpool have been dog shit here...
  7. I think that Ole is underrated and that he's done a good job with UTD overall, but that interview is something even Mourinho would be ashamed of!
  8. This compilation is full of bangers https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_l64dZ18V5N_58dXp62zmATnPggKa-FfOc
  9. I'm sure there's a positive side to the documentaries reaching a wider audience and thus more people knowing about her situation, but with Netflix jumping on it as soon as it gains a bit of traction I can't help but feel that this is adding to the exploitation of her.
  10. I think that is also a oversimplified perspective. Right now we have no idea where Labour will be when he leaves, or who the members will feel inclined to vote for next.
  11. That's an incredibly simplified perspective. But any one who is still supporting Starmer because they care about their side winning is in for a shock...
  12. I don't mind adam Curtis really but this is way too long İt's not like he's making any particularly unique observations, and the pretty images and cool soundtrack can only entertain for so long...
  13. I've not been following closely for years, tho have been periodically been watching AEW since it's inception. What's the deal with the latest brandsplit. If Smack down superstar wins the rumble do they automatically challenge for the smackdown world title or can they decide like back in the 00's?
  14. Changed the way many people thought about electronic music, including me. So cutting yet so unbelievably fun RIP
  15. rock the clock


    I can't believe it. She is one of the most impactful live performers I've ever seen, a true visionary. I was listening to her yesterday and all I could think was how good it'd be if she turned up on the next lineup 😞
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