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  1. All those people prising the pyramid have clearly never encountered the blockquote widget, and it shows
  2. I can't exactly put my finger on why but over the years I've lost a lot of enthusiasm for it, to the point where I might swerve someone I'd otherwise see cause they are on there
  3. I think he enjoys doing the stupid stuff tbh and I can't blame him, there's money in it and it's quite low effort. Between Uncut Gems + Punch Drunk Love alone his CV is better than most actors
  4. Not exactly a self-confirmation but I know that black country, new road are going to be there
  5. What I don't get is that if you are a) from the UK b) generally centre left leaning c) think that trump would win against any of the candidates anyway Why wouldn't you want Bernie to get the nom? He's the only viable candidate for that is campaigning on a platform for things we consider a basic right (state health for example). Despite how he's seen by some, he really isn't a raging socialist - someone earlier in this thread said he's the equivalent of Gordon Brown which I think is right. If your view is that any of them would lose then why would you rather it be Trump Vs someone who'd be a conservative over here?
  6. Trump isn't a great public speaker but he's generally quite funny which is his big advantage. He can very easily talk about opponents to a crowd and they lap it up. Biden seems to be finding it harder to speak in complete sentences, his debate performances are lacklustre and that's something that's important when it comes to American elections. Also, in terms of one on one meetings, I assume you haven't encountered the many reports from women saying that Biden oversteps personal boundaries and is too touchy? It's all obviously just my take on things, and Its already apparent I could be off the mark, but I can't help but feel disappointed if they decide to stumble to a defeat with biden rather than go with courage and hope to try and defeat Trump.
  7. Bit harsh on Mason Mount in here imo, he's been one of Chelsea's better performers if you take the season as a whole. He's not gunna be the next Gerrard but he's defo got something about him
  8. Still stand by that he'd do better than any other candidate Vs Trump. Joe Biden is a mess and Trump's character assassination will be enough in itself to beat him. Though after last night it does seem like Bernie is gunna struggle 😔
  9. Haha, yeah. I'm well aware I'm not the first to notice, was just the first time I'd dedicated time to watching a speech and .... yawn Agree though that he's probably the best shout, even though I reckon RLB appears more normal and relatable in her persona
  10. Chirst Kier Starmer is boring though isn't he? He's like a TV drama's depiction of a prime minister. Been pretty much ignoring the whole process but i watched a speech of his yesterday and nearly dropped off
  11. Well Warren spent the whole time hounding Bloomberg (which was great, btw) and Klobuchar and Buttigieg kept bickering, so i can see why people thought that. Didn't stop Bernie getting the biggest cheers of the night for his bits on Medicare for all and billionaires.
  12. The Sanders campaign is comparable to Corbyn's in some ways, but there's a point where the comparisons end. As @zahidf says, Bernie is by far the more effective campaigner and his public speaking is great. I'm hoping he'll be able to inspire non-voters out the house but i guess we can only wait and see. A candidate with Bernie's agenda would always be up against quite a lot, and the whole 'communist' shit will only increase in the GE. But i watched the debate the other day and I can't see anyone else doing better against Trump.
  13. @lost I'm interested as to why you think the Yang Gang had the best chance. Could you elaborate on that a little?
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