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  1. Spurs Liverpool one of the games of the season. I'm so tired of klopps bullshit tho, seems like he can never accept that his team might not be the reason for dropping points As I said earlier in the season I think city are going to pull away ... For all talk of 'best league in the world' were probably gonna have city win 4 out of last 5 titles. Expect Chelsea to be closer to a top 4 fight than a title race now. Leeds are shit
  2. I think he will, but in my own interest I hope he doesn't
  3. Not that he's had a great career, or he's 'one of the greats' etc. Just that he's great at footy. Fella has been putting up crazy numbers the last couple of seasons. Sure, the quality of the German league can be debated, but for a player of his age I'd say he's done very well so far
  4. To be fair Sancho is still very young and is a great player It's not like Ole is gonna be around forever. Think he's still going to prove himself a success in the prem
  5. Hope so it's been gripping stuff so far
  6. @jyoung congrats on the marathon! Is you two arguing about win % this season's "sheik mansour is a despot"?
  7. Great weekend of footy. Started with Chelsea looking excellent, then City looking just as good, then Liverpool looking even better. Couldn't believe some of the goals UTD conceded today, just an utter mess at the back.
  8. It'll be even better when they sell Saint-Maximin, make zero signings and Super Frank gets them top four!
  9. Marvel wishes it thought of the premise for the GOAL films
  10. To be fair I'm all for marvel and Facebook dissapearing forever
  11. i get where you're coming from and i'm not really bothered about this as i don't think it's something we haven't seen before... but i do think there is a difference between a billionaire/multimillionaire paying tax to a government and an actual government or high ranking politician
  12. yep... didn't think of gerrard but i think that could be difficult cause he would jump ship for 'pool if they came calling.
  13. surely conte wouldn't go there now/yet.... think someone like graham potter seems a smart choice to build something up for a few years.
  14. What about the big news of the evening Newcastle on the brink of becoming one of the big boys. I wonder how easy it would be for them to, say, win the prem in the next 5 years. Feels like a lot tougher of a breakthrough to make than when City or Chelsea got their big investments.
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