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  1. Haven't seen much of Kounde, from what I've read he seems like a good fit for the right centre back in Tuchel's back 3 but could easily struggle in the prem with his size. Tbh Chelsea really shouldn't be signing players catered to specific roles in systems at this point because it'll likely all be turned on its head with a new coach this time next year.
  2. Likewise it's a shame. Livramento was the one I was most excited about and he looks set to leave too. But Cobham is one of the best academies on the planet and ultimately at 18/19 these fellas have got to decide whether they want to take the risk of going into the loan system and hoping it works out (Mount, James) or go and find an easier route into first team PL footy with a smaller club. I got myself a ticket for the first game of the season. Gonna be weird if Guehi is starting for palace!
  3. Backline even with AWB is top notch on paper. Would be mad if you actually won something with Ole. I have to say I really like the bloke and even tho I think you could do much better, he's proved a lot of people wrong and seems to be building a really well balanced side.
  4. UTD having quite the window. Interested to see what fans on here expect of them this coming season?
  5. Actual targeted harassment of other fans is obviously bad, but I honestly don't get what's so bad about booing a national anthem. I think it's funny
  6. Sweden's manager looked like a bit of a bruiser. Can imagine he's got a mean swing on him
  7. 2012 felt like a crazy series of lucky moments. But this time Chelsea were genuinely the most dominant and best team in the competition. Every knockout round they were comfortably the better side. I'm especially happy for Kante, who will surely go down as one of the greats.
  8. Will be an interesting couple of weeks. Of course if they miss out on top 4 + lose the big final then things don't look that great, but I still think Tuchel has done an amazing job at patching up clear holes in the team. Maybe they've been figured out when it matters most
  9. VAR is shit but that was defo the right call
  10. 6k fans each at the ucl final then, not bad really.
  11. Kante could add UCL and Euros to his collection this season. Give that man the ballon d'Or
  12. Tuchel has done an excellent job. Despite Cheslea's big summer investment I don't think many people expected a team with Rudiger, Christensen, Jorginho and Mount as core starters to be making it to the champions League final this season.
  13. Not sure how you could think about a team of the season and not pick Kane tbh
  14. ok not that interesting then. although there was a point where the press officer declared 'no more questions' on the super league this shit is just so depressing.
  15. Tuchel's press conference about to start, will be interesting. First time someone will have to answer Qs directly. I don't think there's any way that he says anything negative as the PR machine wouldn't have it but it will surely dominate the questions.
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