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  1. Has anyone by any chance had a look (ideally made a list) at which acts on the poster have already rearranged tours for next summer and so look very likely to play?
  2. Just catching up. Was the info today or imminent or what? Cheers
  3. Can't see one night at the o2 being an issue for them personally. They are still around this summer, albeit with limited dates, so I'm not sure this is enough to rule them out. Less likely though, I guess.
  4. Scenes when Foals and the 1975 headline the Pyramid after all.
  5. Not sure, but with any luck some of the acts will have forgotten to take their 'I'm/We're playing Glastonbury!' posts of their social media scheduling apps.
  6. I don't really get the HAIM shouts (to sub) despite being a fan. We're likely getting them earlier on anyway so why use up a big spot on them? Are people hoping they get an extra 15 mins maybe? Seems pointless, would much rather get them PLUS an actual sub-sized act.
  7. Clearly, you are a man who is a big fan of astronomical seasons. I prefer meteorological personally.
  8. For me, Collins' is the stuff I've heard and Genesis' is the stuff I haven't. Very aware of who Genesis are, even their members names, but I went through their songs after the reunion announcement expecting to recognise a few but didn't.
  9. Given up on them being opposite Macca, at last?
  10. It's not crazy compared to the Streets but that's because putting The Streets in there was a bad decision. Far too overcrowded and many had a bad experience being stuck outside a result. Both too big for it, doubt they'll repeat that mistake. On the flip side, the headliners on the Pyramid and Other that night were less popular than what we're getting and expecting (respectively) but I still think it would be a rash move, especially as Royal Blood would almost certainly be the top rock act that night.
  11. Very doubtful that they've taken a lower slot than last time they played.
  12. So when you said 'this is a rumours festival' you were referring to efestivals, not Glastonbury? And now you're shortening 'efestivals' to 'festivals'. Got it.
  13. Go on Neil, give us the day please.
  14. Yeah, he’s the sub. “Thom Yorke has been announced as the sub-headliner for Massive Attack’s day at All Points East. And not Yorke backed by Radiohead, nor his usual flashy setup. Just him, solo at sundown, with a guitar and a piano, and maybe a theremin if he’s in the mood.” (Timeout)
  15. Calvin and Royal Blood ruled out (maybe)? Can someone please update me on these developments?
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