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  1. Know of any London or Birmingham locations mate? And Hillsborough?
  2. You can tell it’s the school holidays again.
  3. It's not like it affects the music in any way with Fender, too. What are people having to put up with? A sax player in black and white stripes? Maybe some flags?
  4. Has anyone seen set times for Friday anywhere yet? Cheers.
  5. Great festival, so well organsied/heavily staffed. Never queued more than a minute for the bar (and generally no wait at all) and never queued for the toilets. Food queues were bad when I first tried so just went a bit later when the queues had gone. Shuttle was great, bit of a walk round the site to it but easily worth it, especially staying close to Plaza Castilla. So many great acts (luckily no cancellations bothered me, I expected worse) and whilst it was busier than 2019, leaving during an act's last song was enough to get a good enough spot at the next one, if that's how you wanted to play it. The run of Pixies > KoL > Editors > Royal Blood on Saturday was pretty special, and that's without even seeing Florence (except the last 2 songs) who I'm sure was awesome.
  6. Accidentally got in the taxi queue for a few mins at about 1.15am (pretty drunk). Got the shuttle once we realised and was tucked up in bed for 2. Very little queueing, everything very easy.
  7. Don't know about wristbands but the schedule on the app suggests gates open at 5pm, which is what I'd assume anyway tbf.
  8. Not a fan of Chvrches? That's certainly where I'll be!
  9. I wish I'd been so lucky. It's been pretty brutal for me, especially The Killers vs St Vincent, Phoebe vs War on Drugs and Editors v Florence (gonna opt for the first of each). Glass Animals, Yves Tumor and Gang of Youths all fairly significant casulties too. Ah well, that's the game we choose to be in. It's still looking great though, gonna be a really fun few days.
  10. This thread is absolutely awful for anyone getting hyped for the festival. I'd prefer it to end an hour later but it's hardly a massive deal - Wednesday is slightly later than 2019 by the way, and it's also much stronger. There will be queues, but overall, the transport will be fine. @xxialacI'm wondering if you're a Primavera plant at this point.
  11. It was 8.55-10.55 last night, to be exact.
  12. Just catching up with a few sets on iplayer. Not sure what my moment was but this has to be the big moment for efests. ‘dumb down’, ‘Pierce O’Brien’ and Dentalplan’s avatar all making an appearance before the guitarist karate chopped it.
  13. Fair play, yeah that is late. I suppose it's the same timings as Glastonbury, I was a bit nervous about that for a while.
  14. Last time it came out on 20th June. Should be imminent, hopefully by Friday (might affect Glasto choices for me). I think most got their wristbands ages ago, do you have a tracker or status on those? I know you think Mad Cool are completely useless but I don't know if this just them being slow at this stage.
  15. My bad mate, I missed the word ‘if’. My apologies.
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