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  1. Thursday and Friday are the days that those headliners will be scheduled to play, not what days they'll be announced. 'For' rather than 'announced on'. But anyway, it's surely not going to be feasible without so many of the acts, even if it's allowed to go ahead.
  2. I’m gonna predict Royal Blood supported by Wolf Alice and Fontaines.
  3. Whilst you could still be right, the Kooks themselves are busy at Victorious that day.
  4. Any chance of a switch to a different type of ad Neil? These border ads (Microsoft, as far as I've seen) make the site pretty much unusable on mobile. I understand the idea is to be disruptive, but they're so disruptive that they make me not bother. I know I'm not the only one frustrated by them but I imagine it's pretty widespread and I'm surprised to not see it mentioned in this section of the forum already. Has anyone mentioned it? Cheers
  5. For Wolf Alice (London), if anyone has tried and failed, keep trying on the Apollo website. I got some 20 mins ago, then it appeared to have sold out, then we got through again just now. There are still tickets (incl stalls).
  6. They seemed to have a resurgence with that generation, much like the Wombats. Both of these would surely be much bigger sellers than Pavement too. Personally, I hardly ever come across people who know who they are - I think a Pavement headliner announcement would be met with complete bewilderment.
  7. Ah yes. The full festival has. But there is this event: https://www.junction2.london/tobacco-dock Not as big as I thought, but still competition.
  8. Royal Blood were signed up for Victorious in 2020 and that's running again the same weekend as this, so I imagine they'll just do that. I guess both is possible but unlikely. In relation to the earlier point about competition that weekend, you can add Victorious to the mix as well as Junction 2, which will compete for the dance music crowd. In fact, I've got a few mates who would've gone to this but are already out because of those 2 festivals.
  9. “To be fair I’d be up for 90 minutes of Capaldi live-tweeting from the Pyramid” You’re welcome.
  10. The thought of you searching through an Italian football journalist’s tweets about what kind of add-ons Man United will pay in the Jadon Sancho deal for some potential Muse news is killing me here.
  11. They could definitely get away with Biffy Clyro as a co-headliner. Especially when you consider that Royal Blood are.
  12. Is this you @Matt42? Because it sounds awfully like you, especially encouraging pages to remove Kasabian posts and the focus on Taylor Swift. https://twitter.com/RumoursGlasto?s=21 ...Ah, just read up.
  13. Are you saying that these names disappeared first, during the day yesterday?
  14. Fair enough if you want to criticise Meighan Matt42, but criticising the band for the statement is poor judgement. It read as pretty cold towards him and was obvious that they weren’t happy with his behaviour. You sure this isn’t your dislike of the band influencing your opinion here? What were they supposed to say? “Please don’t offer him your support, he’s been a right twat”?
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