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  1. Not necessarily vintage though. The last band that did it were Royal Blood.
  2. I like Ben Howard on record but for a long time he was the most disappointing act I'd seen at Glasto (he has Lauryn Hill to thank for now being 2nd). 2015 - he didn't seem to care for being there, didn't put any energy in, nor did he want to engage with the crowd in any way. Is he always like that? It's put me off seeing him again. Oh and to make matters worse, I missed Todd Terje for him and that set looked brilliant when I watched it the week after.
  3. Probably about time Coldplay had a shot at it.
  4. More than any other act I've seen discussed, I think. Not even just mainstream audience, I'd say music fans. It's seems quite strange but a lot of it is probably because he's great so he gets talked about a lot here which in turn makes people think he's really popular in the outside world. To suggest he's too big for Other is baffling, he'd be fine as an Other headliner but on the small side. Majority of Other headliners in recent years have been undoubtedly bigger than Nick Cave.
  5. Have you heard the first 4 tracks yet? It won't be, nor should it be. Tbf, this one isn't as bonkers as the shouts of Nick Cave to headline.
  6. I'm a huge Bon Iver fan, but I can't see him headlining Glastonbury either. Should and hopefully will get Other headliner soon though. You've gotta consider the British element I guess. Far bigger proportion of the xx and Foals fans will be from the UK and the festival are probably more likely to give a local act the bump up, as we've seen before.
  7. As mad as it sounds, I feel like Foals would absolutely take this to have the chance to headline Glastonbury. You could tell at the secret set (he made it pretty obvious) how much they love Glastonbury and how much they wanted to play. When you take into account the prestige and the sales boost making up for the lower fee anyway (no idea to what extent), I reckon Foals would very quickly get over any offence and snap their hands off.
  8. The xx are neither an indie rock band (assume you mean rock as you've likened them to Foals here - have you listened to/seen them?), nor did they peak in about 2012. Their album in 2012 was definitely their weakest, their 2017 one was fantastic and their live show became way, way stronger than ever before. They shouldn't be looked down on essentially because their debut was so good and there's a long way to fall either. There's nothing to suggest they're on their way down - they headlined festivals like APE and Primavera on their last tour and there's no reason they couldn't go one level higher on the next one (plus, their 2017 sub set went down very well). However, I don't think they'll be back as soon as next year and would be a small 50th anniversary headliner, yes. Maybe 2021.
  9. Officially 5pm mate. So probably like 5.15/5.20 when you incorporate the fact we’re in Spain.
  10. Oh here we go again. Easily big enough for either of those, hopefully not too big considering they headline everywhere else these days. As I’ve said before though, it has to be Other if between those 2, would be disappointed if it’s pyramid sub. Seeing them tonight, can’t wait.
  11. There are plenty of water taps. Same set up as last year in the middle but also outside some of the toilets. Didn’t queue for a second last night, but obviously the capacity will double tonight. Also, don’t worry about paying for water, they let you take in a 500ml. They also didn’t check ours at all so if you wanna gamble on putting anything else in that bottle, there’s a decent chance it’ll work. Got the metro at 1am last night (was easy) so can’t help with this one unfortunately. Was absolutely fine. I believe you’ll need to queue for a wristband today though. Hope the queue isn’t too bad for you. Based on last year, I’d advise getting there very early. Wouldn’t be overkill to arrive 2 hours before the first act you wanna see.
  12. Wristbands arrived 5 mins before leaving for the airport. Better late than never!
  13. I interpreted that as a continuation of him urging Noel to reunite Oasis. I'm sure he knows he's not getting another solo slot. However, what's happened since has obviously made that Oasis reunion even less likely.
  14. It was very different tbf. He didn't play Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall, Supersonic, Columbia, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Roll With It, For What It's Worth and more in 2017. Gotta be considered a massive improvement. He won't play next year though. But Noel will by the sounds of it.
  15. I might be wrong as I wasn’t in the best of states at the time after the lack of sleep, but I seem to recall realising that the cameras weren’t being used.
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