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  1. Much, much more than Billie I'd say, yeah. Stormzy seems to be more young adults, Billie teenagers. Obviously not a strict rule, just appears to largely be the case.
  2. List looks pretty accurate to me, though Aerosmith anywhere but headliner still feels pretty wrong. NGHFB is probably a bit too much of a stretch and subbing the Pyramid seems an obvious one for him. I also don't envisage Dua Lipa not being on the Pyramid but it's certainly possible. Interested to hear some non-rock band possibilities. I guess we're writing off the likes of Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia for being too expensive? I think acts like that work with the description too, but it seems doubtful they'd get asked to headline the Pyramid regardless of fee. Edit - forgot the Prodigy. Absolutely no chance.
  3. Na I think most people will be the same, myself included. They've only had 2 albums since though. They're just one of those bands that hardly anybody really cares about their new material, but they have more than enough huge songs and albums to continue off. Talk of headlining the Other (from others, not still responding to the quote) is pretty wild though imo. Let's not forget that she said "kind of Pyramid level headliners". That does not apply to RHCP. I think the biggest names we should expect for that are Foals, Biffy Clyro, 1975 etc, not one of the biggest bands of the last 20 years.
  4. Yep, you're probably right, this does look most likely and makes sense when you put it like that. Just wondering if there was another possibility really.
  5. Does Taylor playing on the 8th, a Wednesday, at Mad Cool seem pretty strange though? She might be the biggest headliner they have. Any other dates possible for BST? Either way, she's going to play Glasto.
  6. I suspect he meant ‘as good as confirming’ rather than she has officially confirmed them Dandy.
  7. Friday 2019 pretty appalling and worse than both of those imo. A relatively weak headliner, Ezra, Bastille, Odell, a cover band and a terrible Lauryn Hill performance (strong act on paper though). Sheryl Crow the only good one on there. Vampire Weekend, Nick Cave and First Aid Kit in 2013 is much better.
  8. I was surprised, but Tones and I is actually huge. She has 34m monthly Spotify listeners and is the 27th most streamed artist in the world. So I'm sure quite a few people do benefit.
  9. Yeah. As far as I’m aware, he said he had the 12th most streamed song on Spotify and should be able to play Glastonbury. Not he’s one of the most successful artists in the world and should headline Glastonbury. Quite different things He’s still a knobhead though, of course.
  10. Generally, yeah. They scrapped the VIP areas for 2019 and it wasn't a sell-out so it was generally really easy to get near the front. Arrived 5 mins before for acts as big as Bon Iver and the National and got to about 5 rows back with space. The Spaniards don't tend to arrive early. The only exception was the Cure, couldn't get near to the front of that one.
  11. Says not a headliner and kinda a pop star though. First thought was Harry Styles (talent show history making it abnormal), but he’s on not Universal.
  12. Someone who is better than me at Spanish can confirm, but I'm pretty sure the Spanish quote does say 'has never stopped'. It also says British rather than English, though you don't need to know any Spanish to spot that bit. Also, Jarvis Cocker?
  13. Marr also played this year so wouldn't be him anyway.
  14. And the fact they just got announced for NOS Alive in Lisbon the same weekend. They're the favourite for this one imo.
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