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  1. Calvin and Royal Blood ruled out (maybe)? Can someone please update me on these developments?
  2. Most of us who had been following it weren't, thankfully. They had been all but ruled out by a reliable ITK and would've been announced with their other festivals last month...so it was a very long shot. It was a blow when it all developed though, for sure.
  3. Let's be fair, despite the dislike of Mumford, there's no doubt they're headliners. Royal Blood very much on the small side, but they'll go down very well on the night, I'm sure.
  4. Came to terms with it a while ago. Never doubt @Ken19.
  5. I'm confident it's coming at 11am, but not convinced it's more than the 2 headliners (but hope it is, obviously). Whatever happens though, my group has purchased tickets based on the already stacked lineup, anything exciting that gets added today is a bonus.
  6. This is interesting. Strange thing to retweet if they've actually read the article. Might've just been clumsy but it does give me a bit of hope re The Strokes.
  7. Not sure if these concerns re 5SOS are serious or not, but let's not forget their actual name is 5 Seconds of Summer. Doesn't work anyway.
  8. Would you, as a Spanish speaker, say they're suggesting no guitar bands or just no classic rock? If it's along the lines of "not very guitar-y" (but a bit guitar-y) then Tame Impala seem a very good bet.
  9. Don't think they did any 4 day tickets in 2019. The Wednesday was added much later and billed as the 'opening party' with pretty cheap extra tickets for.
  10. What you're describing is reverse sexism. Which is still a form of sexism.
  11. They are. Playing in Switzerland the week after. And yeah, completely agree with the rest of what you said.
  12. Too many spelling 'mistakes' in the same sentence sometimes imo. But Pymild and Noel's High Frying Birds, fantastic stuff.
  13. Years! Incredible that there's doubt over whether he's genuine or not and serious replies to suggestions from regulars. A sign it's been a job very well done, I guess.
  14. Not Chemical Brothers as they played 2019. 2 Door and Lumineers could easily happen with them being at NOS Alive. Not sure on the others. Not in normal circumstances, but looks like we're not in normal circumstances.
  15. It's possible someone will come up with an example that contradicts this (I don't know of any) but I happen to know that a Mad Cool booker has previously told acts they won't be booked for the following year as they make a point of having no immediate repeats.
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