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  1. Placebo confirmed their solo concert in Zagreb (July 15th). So they are not gonna be at Inmusic.
  2. I am. I’m a huge Killers fan. Only they are enough for me. 😊 Just thinking if 21P or Placebo could be announced too.
  3. What do you think, is there a possibility to see Twenty One Pilots at Inmusic?
  4. 😂 I thought Zagreb to the coast. Even though 2 hours to Zadar is not impossible. 🤷‍♂️😉
  5. It is not too far. Depends on where do you wanna go . So, if you don't want to go far away from Zagreb, I would suggest Istria or northern Dalmatia (Zadar, Šibenik maybe) (cca 2 hours). But I prefer the south. And I always use BlaBlaCar because it is the fastest and the cheapest way to get there. (cca 15-20 euros).
  6. NO.1 ROCK ANTHEMS AT EXIT 2019! EXIT proudly announce Greta Van Fleetwith their no. 1 rock anthems that shook the world! And do welcome the metal gods Philip Anselmo with a 100% Panterasetlist, and Tarja Turunen with her eternal voice! They are joined by ska punk legends The Selecter, and also Entombed A.D., Peter And The Test Tube Babies, TOTAL CHAOS and Arcturus who storming the gates of Petrovaradin Fortress at Explosive Stage - Exit Festival!
  7. My friend just told me he saw Muse accidentally published a post for Croatian fans together with the flag. But they removed it after a few seconds so he did not manage to take the screenshot. So, it could be a good evidence that they are really coming to INmusic.
  8. From the city center to Jarun lake you need around 30-40 mins by tram. And then you have to walk 15 mins to reach the entrance. But there are nice hostels and Airbnbs near the festival and within walking distance. The festival site is not big. And you don't have much to do during the day there (I don't even remember if it is opened all the time). The majority of people come in the late afternoon just to see the main headliners. The main stage is near the entrance and there is one smaller near it, one DJ stage in the wood, Hidden stage, silent stage, and karaoke party. And for the people from Croatia and this part of Europe I would say it is expensive to drink and eat there, but it is nothing comparing to those festivals I have been to e.g. in Spain...
  9. They said that the first headliner will be announced on November 30. And after that date the price will be around 100 HRK (15 EUR) higher. So, I think it will be a bigger name. They did this only once, in 2017 after they announced Kings Of Leon.
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