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  1. ThomJG

    2020 headliners

    I don’t think there’s an official #1, 2, 3, 4! But the gist was he was right up there after Micheal Emily and then Nick! I never met him personally. But the gist I got was it was a done deal for the 50th, and that they may have had Elton John secured but he might not because of money issues, that’s all the information correct or not that was relayed to me! I didn’t expect people to take my feelings so to heart! To be honest I don’t care who plays as long as I’m there at the greatest party on earth, and it’s not the 1975. I don’t hate their music but Matty Healy’s ego needs to be taken down a peg!
  2. ThomJG

    2020 headliners

    I respect that!😂 but when someone I live with told me that #4 in charge said to a bunch of people at Glasto 2019 who know the eavis’s and who used to help organise the festival and my brother ( who was way out of his depth and just there as a friend of a friend definitely not a festival organiser😂) that FM were a done deal I’d thought I’d share! But it’s possible I have the wrong end if the stick with this one! It’s all speculation until we know for sure anyway
  3. ThomJG

    2020 headliners

    I take that into account! But they don’t have to be touring to play, and they booked two headliners two years ago now! I’m genuinely 99% sure FM, are at Glasto 50! You can interpret what they said in London in a few different ways, and they definitely did say it, but all I know is a very high up organiser told my family member they were booked for 2020 to only about 10 others! Thought you’d all like to know the news!!😂 and to the whole world of course they’re not going to officially confirm anything yet which is why Nick said what he did! But 2020 is the big one and I’m telling you it’s FM
  4. ThomJG

    2020 headliners

    FM are a done deal! They all but said they were playing next year in London! I would be genuinely shocked not to see them announced as headliner! And as for Reg it’s now ( meaning next June) or never! I know a lot of people like 1975, but I don’t see why they’d risk them headlining the 50th but maybe I’m missing something about them, but I don’t get it
  5. ThomJG

    2020 headliners

    I see your point I truly do! Although he’s a very humble guy, the legends slot gets the most PR and biggest crowd of the entire weekend, I wouldn’t put it past him to accept the slot, maybe bring Ringo on as a guest (maybe that’s a dream to far) but I’d still happily see him headline regardless😄
  6. ThomJG

    2020 headliners

    Don’t see why not exactly but I think it’s a done deal he’ll be playing, do you think headliner?? But about FM, all I know is what one of the main organisers said and that’s that Fleetwood Mac are headlining Glastonbury next year for the 50th, they booked them in 2017!
  7. ThomJG

    2020 headliners

    Fri- Foals Sat- Fleetwood Mac Sunday- Elton John Legend- Paul McCartney Fleetwood Mac had two shows in London in June and said this time next year we’ll be playing in a muddy field in England! My brother attended this years festival with a friend who’s family know the Eavis’s, had dinner with 4th in charge of whole festival! Said out right they’ve booked FM! Michael Eavis said hopefully McCartney for next year live on camera! Glasto 2020 would coincide with the end of Elton’s Yellow brick road tour (perfect end to a perfect career!) And with Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2 coming out in October for Foals which is when they tend to book headliners! They’ve got to be the more contemporary headliner after their INSANE secret set on the park this year!! And I don’t like complaining about headliners because at Glastonbury it’s not to bigger deal but I think I might weep if it’s the 1975 on any of the three days!
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