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  1. Quite a coup that it's Royal Blood's first UK date announced for 2020. Bet that will have shifted some tickets. There's a fair few decent bands on the undercard over the weekend too.
  2. For now, I think so. Probably waiting for the initial ticket sales based on these announcements and weighing up how strong a third headliner they need to have. I cant see it being announced before the new year.
  3. Other acts for both days announced at 4pm tomorrow. Going to go for The Sherlocks and Miles Kane as support somewhere in the mix.
  4. First Glasto was last year. I hope to be going every year for the rest of my life. Looking forward to 2020.
  5. They could have Dick and Dom practising yoga headlining the main stage on the third day and they'd still not struggle to sell tickets. Sam Fender sold out those December gigs in a few minutes flat. Not sure whether or not Gerry Cinnamon at the Arena the other week was a sell out but people said it was rammed.
  6. Gerry Cinnamon just announced a UK tour starting the week after This is Tomorrow without a North East date. And Sam Fenders tweeted that he's got big news for Newcastle tomorrow...
  7. _JohnConnell

    2020 headliners

    Why is this out of the equation?
  8. I'd be suprised if it was the Pet Shop Boys as they're playing the Arena in June, but who knows?
  9. Circa Waves on BBC Introducing at 7
  10. What makes you think this? Just had a neb at her tour dates and she'd be in the US either side of R1 Big Weekend. Fingers crossed tho.
  11. Was never much of a fan of Stereophonics until they headlined Kendal the other year. They were absolutely class. There's bound to be one or two decent support acts on the day; considering there hasn't really been much in the way of a music festival in the area for a few years, I'm happy with what's been announced for this so far.
  12. Realistically, I'd say there won't be any notable additions to the current line ups. Looking at the posters I've also just noticed that while it says 'many more tba' on Saturdays billing it doesn't say the same on the Foals poster. We've got our three day tickets regardless. In an ideal world I would have The Chemical Brothers there for a bank holiday Sunday piss-up but I'm not too fussed either way.
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