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  1. swede

    2023 Headliners

    Oh mate, it was a spectacular afternoon, Slash and Myles Kennedy ripped that field up, then Ray Davies was sublime, especially after he brought the orchestra out.
  2. swede

    2023 Headliners

    Absolutely glorious year as well. Mine and the wifes honeymoon, baking hot sun all weekend. That 1-2 of Slash then Ray Davies on the Sunday was something else, yet some idiots, my brother included, went to watch the England Germany game on site.
  3. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    I think due to his level of performance and we way he has evolved live, he's way ahead of where he was when I first saw him in 2016, and then on the Damn tour in 2018, I think way down the line he could be asked back to headline again. On iplayer it looked stunning, cant imagine how good it must have been in the field, cant wait for Birmingham in November.
  4. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    Would you say Kendrick has a lot of party/dance tunes ? I wouldn’t and he nailed it. Grey area has some bangers on it imo, introvert is a much more polished, grander sound, its the type of album a true artist should be making. Im talking about her headlining in 2 albums time so if she breaks through with something commercial on the next one and builds from there who knows, she could def cater to the die hards and casuals by then
  5. swede

    2023 Headliners

    Depends on two things with Dave. 1, If he nails his headline set at R&L, 2, How good his next album is. If he blows either of these Glasto wont trust him to headline. Id say if he does then after him if she carry’s on putting out quality albums Little Simz would be in the running in a few years time , first female Uk hip hop artist to headline as well
  6. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    Couple more albums and id say Little Simz would be in the running as well
  7. For all the comments about this place if I see it at Tramlines I've got to try it. I dont mind paying out for food either if its good quality. Went to see The Music reunion show at Temple Newsam over the jubilee weekend. Payed a tenner for some salt and chill chicken strips that came with salt and pepper fries underneath and crispy onions and curry sauce over the top, was amazing.
  8. The day George Ezra gets his own stage is the day the festival should be burned to the ground !!
  9. There used to be a tented bar near John Peel that did amazing bloody marys.
  10. I loved the size of the crowd for both those sets, felt full enough to have a great atmosphere but wasn't stupidly busy, watched them both near the back of the field and had a great time
  11. Hi Yog. 2013 is my all time favorite year, there was absolute magic in the air that year after the fallow year, me and the wife likened it to a second honeymoon. We've really fell in love with the city festivals, started with Trnsmt in 2018, 2019, Tramlines last year and going back this year. Its a nice mix having a festival but my wife being able to take her time in a morning without the hustle and bustle of a festival campsite first thing, last year we finished our festival by going back into Sheffield and going for an all you can eat Cantonese. This year we've got an apartment for 5 of us 30 minutes walk, with smoking balcony and fully working kitchen so we don't have to rush out for food in a morning, can really relax and then once we're in the festival we've done VIP which is great at Tramlines, no queuing for a drink or toilets all weekend.
  12. Campings not an issue buddy. We're doing 3 separate weekends in August camping with the kids at campsites around Yorkshire, it really is just the size of Glasto and the ammount of walking thats the issue. We're hoping she has the opp to remove her thyroid in October so we'll see how things improve after that.
  13. Thank you. We're very much looking forward to watching it on TV. Then we've got Foals at Castlefield Bowl on 29th, then Tramlines festival next month, 5 of us with our own apartment for the weekend only 30 minutes walk from the site.
  14. Aye. Not going this year. My lovely wife, who is my partner in crime at Glasto, has a chronic illness which stops her from walking or driving long distances, she's finally having the op to remove her thyroid later this year so we may return one day, but we did 2010-2017 together, and have some amazing memories, I'm actually at peace with potentially never going again, her health and well being is way more important. We've started doing city festivals with hotels in between each night since she was diagnosed.
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