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  1. swede

    Who's watching what on tv

    Been watching IZombie, it’s daft and light, good for on a night after work when you don’t want anything too heavy, half way through season 2 and really enjoying it
  2. swede


    Lol at the OP saying Ronda could headline Wrestlemania one day, she hasn’t even had one match, she could be an absolute train wreck in the ring
  3. swede

    Lineup 2018

    Your right about him having to cut some songs. I’d have all the mentioned songs in there plus Blacker the Berry as well. My god, how many class tracks does this man have !!
  4. swede

    Lineup 2018

    Love the look of that set list but can’t believe “I” isn’t in the set
  5. swede

    Latitude 2018

    He bored the life out of me in 2015
  6. swede

    Lineup 2018

    5 pages is nothing. You can sometimes go 10-20 pages of pure jibberish in the Glasto forum
  7. swede

    Lineup 2018

    Kendrick nailed the sub slot at Leeds in 2015, he had the most well received crowd all day, it was proper going off near the front
  8. swede


    Even though he's only 31 his body clearly cant handle the 145 cut any more, he looked like a zombie at the weigh in, didn't look a well man at all. Its time to move up to 155 or retire as he doesn't seem to have the power, output or stamina at 145 anymore, where has the innovative offense and the insane leg kicks gone ?
  9. swede

    Who's watching what on tv

    Started The Punisher on Netflix last night, very, very good. Very gritty, could be the best Marvel release on Netflix yet Watched the return episode of Peaky Blinders last night. After a couple of series of building the family up with lots of twists and turns it looks like this seasons plot is a very simple but effective one family vs another, the first episode was brilliant with a good shock at the end
  10. swede

    The Walking Dead

    All of a sudden everyone's levelled up and unlocked unlimited ammunition ! Everyone blasting away like there's no tomorrow and Morgan's hand gun had unlimited rounds, even after blasting his way out of that outpost he was ready to take out every one of the saviours that had surrendered. The best way to watch Walking Dead is to suspend all belief and not overthink things too hard.
  11. swede


    That's not the story at all. DJ wanted a fight at flyweight with Cody, Cody was also up for it but the UFC told him that wasn't a money fight and that Borg was next in line, so he signed off on fighting Borg. Then they told him he was fighting TJ and he refused, they said it was the biggest fight they could make for him after turning down for the Cody fight. So he stuck to his guns and persisted to get the Borg fight. Yes, he did want stipulations regarding TJ's weight and not making weight put in if they insisted on that fight but ask yourself this, how is TJ vs. DJ a bigger fight than DJ vs. Cody, its not ! Dominic Cruz is the only man to ever have defeated DJ, Cody is the only man in recent history to work out the puzzle of Cruz in the Octagon, so with that little bit of history and the fact that no-one close to defeating DJ at fly weight it makes a DJ vs. Cody matchup very appealing. Also Fuck Jon Jones, hope he never fights again, probably been juicing all his career as the 3 fights he's had under USADA he's pissed hot on two of them. Feel for DC, Jones has fucked with that mans life for years and no-one will ever know if a clean Jones could beat DC or the other way round.
  12. swede

    Lineup 2018

    Unless there's rumblings of new music from TOP they won't be touring next year, the tour dates for Blurryface are all done. Is their turnaround usually quick ? If not it's 2019 for them me thinks. Will Catfish still be touring next summer as well, I think not. I also think Foo's will play Download
  13. swede


    If there was ever a point that the UFC needed him and his brother back fighting.
  14. swede


    If its true he really is a massive piece of shit. All that talent yet it seems he didn't believe in his talent enough to go into a fight with DC without pissing hot. Some people are addicted to drama and conflict and run towards their inner demons, Jones just seems like one of those people.
  15. swede

    Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Neil, whats your position on festivals adopting a similar position to Glasto in terms of taking your own booze or food into the arenas. Also do you think the festivals need to offer more choice in terms of drinks on offer, Leeds for example has a cocktail bar in the camp site just before the arena but once inside you've got a choice really of lager or cider.