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  1. swede

    2020 headliners

    The new album does actually finish with a 10+ minute track that the band has said is the most ambitious thing they've ever done 😂
  2. I was there. Worst headline set I’ve ever seen, they even played a “new song” with hardly any lyrics apart from the unfortunate lyric of “I’m hungry, give me some meat”, absolutely shocking
  3. This year will be my 10th Leeds Festival but the first year myself and my wife are taking the kids. They are 10 and 12 and we are getting the shuttle bus in on the Sunday so they can see Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots. I've done the shuttle bus before but this year they've gone paperless and its all through the First Bus app with the bus tickets getting sent to your phone wallet. I was going to book the tickets earlier but on the ticket page it states "only one ticket can be used per device per journey", I'm booking 4 tickets, two of which I can send onto my wifes phone, but it still means two tickets per device per journey there and back. Do you guys think that the ticket will be classed as a 4 person ticket upon purchase ?
  4. I know it’s not the full lineup but I’m having to miss this year and quite happy this is the year I picked based on that poster. No one on there that I’m absolutely gutted I’m not seeing as most I’ve either seen at Glasto or seen elsewhere. Next years the big one, I know it’s the big one for us all but it’s mine and my better half’s 10th wedding anniversary and we honeymooned at Glastonbury, her first Glasto as well. We’d be unbelievablably heartbroken not to be able to celebrate there so any help come ticket day would be unbelievably appreciated
  5. swede


    That first albums average at best, and this is coming from a fan of grime and hip hop, Giggs and Skepta are way ahead in terms of quality. We’re 3 and a half months out and he still hasn’t dropped anything off the second album, whatever he’s bringing out must be huge for him to pull off a pyramid headline slot. I still can’t see how he’s gonna full out the set ?
  6. We loved merchant city, our apartment is 5 minutes from merchant as well so we won’t be venturing outside of there and the festival, what’s the point
  7. Cheers mate, we found some great bars round merchant square last year, plus an amazing burger and ribs place which we’ll be heading back to this year
  8. Went last year for 2 days and really enjoyed it. Saw Catfish for the first time in my hometown of Hull on Saturday and couldn't believe how good they are live, absolutely electric performance. Chatting with the couple me and the wife went with last year and came to the conclusion that Glasto is a no no this year in terms of holidays and finances so we've booked the Saturday and Sunday for Trnsmt, cant wait !! Theres six of us going, 4 of us went last year, booked an apartment less than half a mile from Glasgow Green, travelling from Hull on train. The lineup for the Sundays not the best but my friends love Ezra so couldn't say no to the second day, plus after going last year we know our way to Merchant Street for a few drinks beforehand each day. I absolutely loved the Sunday last year hitting a few bars round Glasgow before we went in to see Interpol.
  9. swede

    2019 Headliners

    It certainly was, well worth missing Thom Yorkes yodeling session that kicked off Radiohead’s set. She was unbelievable, I remember having goosebumps by the end of green light
  10. swede

    2019 Headliners

    Im a Heidi/Keisha/Amelle era 'babes guy myself, saw that combo at V2006 before V turned into an absolute shit show, headliners that year were Morrisey and Radiohead.
  11. swede

    Grime/Hip Hop

    All three acts on the "Gods of Rap" tour must be in the frame for a return to the farm.
  12. swede

    2019 Headliners

    The Strokes subbing Arctic Monkeys, that's my prediction. AM are about to go back out on tour until April, still cant see why it couldn't be them headlining.
  13. swede

    2019 Headliners

    Its going to be Arctic Monkeys isn't it
  14. swede


    It’s on our list. My lad watching the 25 greatest rivalries right now, very good documentary, especially for someone like my lad just learning about the long history or pro wrestling
  15. swede


    Got my son the WWE Network for his 10th birthday a couple of weeks ago. Say what you want about the current state of the product, which quite frankly is a garbage fire right now, the network is a thing of beauty. Spent this weekend watching Hogan v Rock from Wrestlemania 18, catching up on some NXT Takeover matches including Black vs Cole and Ciampa vs Gargano 1. The other night we watch Charlotte vs Rousey and Lesnar vs Bryan from SS. We're planning to watch some of the behind the scenes doc style stuff this weekend.
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