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  1. I had tickets for both Latitude and Tramlines this year, so had the option to carry both over to next year. I carried the Tramlines ticket over but decided against the Latitude one as I had a feeling they might have everyones pants down when it came to the headliners for next year compared to this year.
  2. First acts getting announced on Friday and they've moved it back a week so it lands in the School holidays which makes it much easier for people like myself who take their kids
  3. REM 1999 - Watched in back on iplayer on Friday, Michael Stipe was one of the best frontmen in the world when he took that stage that night
  4. Only a matter of time now until all the remaining festivals are cancelled or postponed now the government are talking about potential social distancing measures for up to a calendar year.
  5. A few other festivals have been cancelled or postponed this week, only a matter a time before Latitude is cancelled
  6. Police are doing fuck all about it around my way mate, its party time for some people !!
  7. They're doing fuck all round my way !! I'm a key worker, got home last night and for the third night in a row 5 households out in the street getting pissed up, only last night they had tables, chairs and a firepit set up on the pavement. Then some people who dont even live down my street joined them, must have been a good dozen people by 10 o clock. These are the same pricks that will clap NHS workers tonight ! Proper boils my piss !!
  8. With Glasto cancelling yesterday Id expect Latitude to cancel as well, theres only a couple of weeks between the two of them.
  9. Has anyone discussed the fact that Michael himself is well into the age category that are at high risk. He likes to open the festival and get around the festival meeting revelers, Is he willing to put himself at potential risk for the sake of putting the festival on ? ,
  10. Not necessarily, its been reported that the government models are predicting the virus to continue for upto 18 months. If their model is to be believed they think that once the initial spread of the virus slows down due to social distancing once those measures are taken out of the equation we'll see another rise in cases as the country as a whole wont have built up the collective immunity to the virus. Id take the news reports with a pinch of salt but I've also got people in the high risk category in my family. My wifes immune system at the moment is non existent due to her being diagn
  11. When “we’ll meet again” played and the libertines banner came into view in 2015, unbelievable moment for me and my wife
  12. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    Its up there. I love that verse, also the distorted "children of the corn" verses at the end. Just for lyrical content and meaning Id put "I" up there as his best work, shame he dropped it from the DAMN ! tour and decided to play those dodgy covers at the beginning of his sets
  13. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    Your tripping if you think Jay Rocks verse is better than either Big Sean’s or Kendrick’s control verses
  14. Really pleased for my first Tramlines, well worth the money. Hope Dizzee is on the main stage as the times I've seem him at festivals when he wasnt headlining a stage he's been such good fun before a headliner. I've got quite an eclectic taste in music but my best mate and his wife, who were going with, are indie through and through so plenty on there to keep my party happy.
  15. Plus you'll get some Roses tunes.
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