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  1. Could the delay in the announcement be due to the fact that MCR are playing. Does it say anywhere that the MK show is their only UK show this year ? Are R&L waiting until the MK show tickets have sold before announcing MCR ?
  2. swede

    2020 headliners

    The 1975 are closing the NME awards, the scenes if Emily gets her award then announces those twats as the final headliner
  3. In all seriousness The 1975 are closing the awards, hopefully Kendrick hasn’t fell through and those clowns don’t get announced as the final headliner
  4. Can’t wait to see her greatest hits set to close the awards
  5. Foals - Leeds 2016 - absolutely biblical rain that was hitting us from the side due to the wind. Crazy conditions in the pit but everyone absolutely having it which seemed to spur the band on, Yannis was actually taken back a bit by the reaction of the crowd in such crazy conditions, absolutely unforgettable set.
  6. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    I’ve seen Kendrick doing both and with a full band on stage with him to interact with it just gave it an extra edge to it, that’s just personal preference
  7. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    I've seen him twice at Leeds festival, 2015 subbing The Libertines with a full band he was phenomenal, lots of jamming by the band, very loose, unbelievable flow and delivery from Kenny as well. 2018 on the Damn ! tour was very overproduced, I still enjoyed it but everything was very staged, the band were in the side of the stage and couldn't really be seen. Hopefully Glasto gets a balanced mixture of the two, he needs a band on stage with him to distance himself from Kanye and Stormzy who have recently headlined, but needs production tailored to it being a one off special headline set for Glasto. I hope he realizes how special it is that they want him to headline, and the 50th at that. Jay Z understood the significance and Kendrick is a student of the game so hopefully he does his research.
  8. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    Gutted I’m not going to be there
  9. swede

    Kendrick Lamar

    What day is he playing lola in Sweden Glasto weekend ?
  10. swede

    Latitude 2020

    He's said a few times he's having an extended break after this album cycle so he probably wants to play as many big shows as he can before then.
  11. swede

    Latitude 2020

    Haim will be 3 albums in by the time they headline, they are brilliant live and Latitude has a history of giving bands their first crack at headlining UK Festivals. People complain about the merry go round of recycling headliners yet when a festival is giving a band who has now been on the go commercially since 2012 a headline slot people still complain. I for one cant wait to see them headline.
  12. Do you think APE get them on an exclusive ?
  13. swede

    Future Headliners

    Metallica will headline the other stage one year, Lars is besotted with the place after they headlined so I think they’d take a other stage slot
  14. swede

    2020 headliners

    Unless she comes out and lip syncs like she did at Reading this year, disgraceful stuff
  15. swede

    2020 headliners

    It was amazing to watch his sheer belief as 4 of us tried to convince him otherwise
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