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  1. Do seetickets not have a customer services phone number anymore? I need to switch weekends that we're going which seems fine under the t&c's but not heard any reply through emails.
  2. Thanks, all booked now 👍
  3. I am, still says not eligible for me.
  4. You could account for that by comparing it to the average infection rate in the general public. It's not going to be perfect but if the infection rate was 10 times higher than the local area then you'd see it had caused a spike in cases. Equally, you could have 100 people test positive, but if that is what you would expect from the local rate then it wouldn't point to an issue from the event.
  5. The Thames was frozen 4 days ago, pretty sure it's still winter.
  6. Phase 1 of the vaccine includes people in the 18-64 age group that have serious underlying health conditions. I would have thought/hoped that that would cut down on the hospitalisation rate for that age group drastically.
  7. Why should the burden fall just on those that were unlucky enough to be furloughed? A lot of those have been made redundant in the past month before the new extension so not sure how you would even go about taxing just those that benefited more. It seems like something we should all be paying for anyway, if it even needs to be. In the same way that we shouldn't raise taxes on just those that caught Covid to pay for the extra NHS costs.
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