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  1. tyranicide


    I wonder how many people will turn up to Ross From Friends expecting to see David Schwimmer
  2. tyranicide

    2000 Trees

    I can only hope its Lower Than Atlantis so I can vote for them to get rid of the tripe from the new album from the set and replace them with songs from World Record and Changing Tune.
  3. tyranicide

    Slam Dunk 2017

    I definitely recommend catching them if you can, they're about at a few festivals over the summer but if you're not at any of those they've just announced another UK tour that goes on sale tomorrow. I was at the Cardiff a couple of weeks back and considering Brixton on this next tour.
  4. tyranicide

    Slam Dunk 2017

    Find it odd how we got the fireball stage split so early but none of the others, except now the breakout stage
  5. tyranicide

    Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Nothing out yet but I read an interview earlier where he was talking about a 'rockier' new album. I'd imagine they'd have atleast a single out before the summer
  6. tyranicide

    Rock Werchter 2017

    I had a dream where Biffy and The Killers were announced and it made me feel so bad about missing out on tickets
  7. tyranicide

    Self Confirmed 2017

    Could they not fit in he legends slot?
  8. tyranicide


    What sort of stuff do you do, is it tech? What's your performing name so I can keep an eye out for you? Also there's still a chance for move D to get asked to play this year I guess
  9. tyranicide

    2000 Trees

    Yes please, I think I'll probably go as a punter but I'm interested to hear about it
  10. tyranicide

    2000 Trees

    Yeh I think I'll probably be back this year, I had such a good time last year and after raving about it to everyone when I got back I think my group might be growing by a few this year. Am I right in thinking you worked it with oxfam last year or was it someone else on the forums? How was that?
  11. tyranicide

    Self Confirmed 2017

    Bestival last year booked a DJ called Eden, but when booking him they asked him his name and he said "it's just Eden" which they took as Just Eden and has become his performing name since
  12. tyranicide

    2000 Trees

    The thing is tickets are more than next year and apparently going up again soon, so in terms of value for money it's not as good as last year
  13. tyranicide

    Rock Werchter 2017

    Held off buying my ticket because I'm hoping to get into glasto with oxfam, really hope I get that now otherwise I'll need to start looking for somewhere else to go
  14. tyranicide

    2000 Trees

    Good announcement for me, back on track after the first one was a bit duff. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes are a bit small to be a headliner in my opinion, glad they're there but all the other three main ones are sort of Brixton level but Frank Carter isn't there quite yet as I'm seeing them in a 350 cap venue in next Sunday
  15. tyranicide

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    He didn't say what stage he was headlining