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  1. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    I agree, TRNSMT is fun but it's scope is very limited with both the number of stages and the genres it covers (mostly chart pop and indie rock).
  2. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    I have a feeling he's probably going to end up playing TRNSMT every year as long as the demand is there, I think DF manage him or something so its win/win for them.
  3. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    T in the park attracted a lot of great lineups when it shared its bill with Oxygen because it meant acts could play a Scottish and Irish date over a single weekend, I'm not sure TRNSMT has the same pull
  4. addicted2noise

    2019 New Music

    I do like a bit of landfill indie so was a fan of their debut but I think this proves that they're just not the same band without their original guitarist co-writing the songs, the chorus here is total bobbins.
  5. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    Ok then I'm guessing Stormzy, Catfish and Florence Incidentally does anyone know if Catfish's summer session last year sold out/was busy?
  6. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    Ok, can I ask if there are any headliners who haven't previously played TRNSMT or headlined T in the Park?
  7. addicted2noise

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    To be fair despite both being great neither Community or Atlanta (which I think is the best show on TV just now) are very big in the UK and he's not had any major hits here beside This is America and Redbone (which only really became a hit after featuring in the film Get Out). In fact before last year he was probably most famous here for beating Ed Sheeran to a best album and record Grammy nomination.
  8. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    Maybe I'm missing something but isn't that the majority of his audience? From what I've seen most people seem to enjoy treating his live shows as an excuse to get out of it.
  9. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    I know he's popular enough to sub but has Gerry got enough material to do so?
  10. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    I'm thinking Stormzy instead of Tame Impala, Mumford & Sons have to be one of them based on their tour dates
  11. addicted2noise

    Electric Fields 2019

    I know The National are probably too big for this (especially with them headlining Mad Cool this year) but their tour dates do line up pretty nicely for it.
  12. addicted2noise

    Electric Fields 2019

    Paul Weller too, maybe they're the two headliners.
  13. addicted2noise

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    I think T in the Park was cancelled because it was losing too much money, if they really cared about crowd safety it would have ended in 2008
  14. addicted2noise

    so, Stormzy then...?

    To be fair I kind of see his point, Oasis were just a very popular band among indie music fans (Definitely Maybe wasn't even in the top 20 best selling UK albums of 94) when they first headlined in 95. It wasn't really until they released Wonderwall later that year when the general public got into them and they went massive.
  15. addicted2noise

    so, Stormzy then...?

    I've no idea who people would prefer to headline instead without relying on repeat bookings/nostalgia acts, every recent guitar act are either complete dogsh*t or nowhere near popular enough.