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  1. For refunds it seems the best idea is to try contacting your bank and requesting a charge back, TRNSMT are only giving you two weeks to complete and post a form in and even then a refund is going to take at least another month.
  2. Don't think Gerry Cinnamon will be back at trnsmt since sacking DF as his managers.
  3. With ticketmaster now only offering refunds on cancelled events I wonder if TRNSMT and other live nation festivals will now be "postponed" until next year and prevent any refunds.
  4. I'm probably not even going but I really hope glasto doesn't get cancelled, saying that if they do start cancelling large scale events it will probably be the first to go. The UK may have a different approach than other countries though and it's possible the virus could be on the way out put by June.
  5. Most of summer session and TRNSMT are already recycling the same acts at this point and kelvingrove while good is quite expensive. I think the problem is less that there's no demand and more that DF aren't able to run a decent camping festival in Scotland anymore without attracting trouble (which T in the park did ever since Oasis headlined in the early 00s). I still think Festival Republic could go above Geoffs head and put on a better camping festival (they own half of DF anyway so he can't really stop them) which won't have the bad stigma of T in the park.
  6. I refuse to believe every music fan in Scotland only likes Clyde One pop or rubbish lad rock, I think a DF free major festival could work although it probably is the one big weekend like everyone has said.
  7. I hope the rumors of a new festival at the end of May next year in Dundee pan out, with it being the same weekend as All Points East it could have the sort of line up that TRNSMT initially promised.
  8. With TRNSMT shifting tickets trumps stuff like album cycles or whether an act has played previously, they probably tried to get Gerry Cinnamon back again to headline despite him doing three years on the trot.
  9. Had my hopes up there for a bit, I guess The Killers are still a possibility.
  10. I only know that one that has the same chorus as Shake it Off but they are crazy popular among their target audience.
  11. I would guess Liam and Kasabian both returning and maybe Taylor Swift with Billie Ellish. Would love them to book Paul McCartney but it's not likely.
  12. addicted2noise

    2020 headliners

    I really loved 1989 and think Taylor Swift would actually be a pretty great headliner but I can't help but feel the reason she's suddenly doing so many festivals is because she's not really had a big crossover hit for a few years.
  13. addicted2noise

    2020 headliners

    The Coldplay rumors are pretty disheartening, surely people have wised up to their dreary music and Chris Martin's psychotically humble act by now?
  14. I agree, I wish Live Nation would just overrule DF and put on their own camping festival. They would probably do much better than whatever their current deal is.
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