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  1. Yep, no way they’re putting together a live show with two days notice hahaha. Would be cool if they managed to get Plan B to come though.
  2. Glad to hear you’re happy!! Never caught them in their hayday but they do have a few bangers so I’ll probably check them out while getting dinner or whatever
  3. Well there’s a random name I haven’t thought about in at least 10 years…! Would rather they’d just moved someone off the Future Sounds stage and made all of the other sets longer, but whatever
  4. The site should be officially open now.. hoping someone can do the lords work and post the contents of a lanyard on here 🥲
  5. That would be so shit lmao but yeah I guess at this late notice there isn’t much they’d be able to do.
  6. Yeah they should at least make it clear on the website etc that the music doesn’t start until 6pm, people will have booked off work early and all sorts
  7. Fingers crossed she’s recovered by Sunday but sounds unlikely Gutted if she has to pull out, she probably has the most bangers of anyone playing all day. Although if they moved Wet Leg or Griff to the main stage to resolve one of the nightmare clashes then that would soften the blow …
  8. Yeah they’ll defo become available at some point, it just might not be before punters arrive on site and start buying programmes etc
  9. the Radio 1 broadcast schedule for Friday night more or less lines up with what’s on the clashfinder, so it probably won’t be too far off Tom Grennan starting at 19:20 on Saturday
  10. Main Stage opens at 12:30 and closes at 22:15 both days Future Sounds Stage opens at 12:55 on Saturday and 13:05 on Sunday. Closes at 21:45 both days.
  11. The Radio 1 schedule indicates he’s gonna play for about 55 minutes https://www.bbc.co.uk/schedules/p00fzl86/2022/05/29
  12. 27.. started posting on here when I was 18 😟
  13. First track off it is a complete banger obviously. Classic era Shania/Gaga vibes
  14. We’ve no way of knowing but they should be finished by half ten at the latest
  15. Still hasn’t sold out that arena tour though 😞
  16. Can see him popping up further down the bill if he’s not playing arenas anymore.
  17. Looks like the Big Weekend will be one of the first shows of Rina’s second album era which is pretty cool
  18. Yep. Always assumed that was part of the compensation for the Stones accepting a reduced fee rather than something they could do whenever an artist asks for it, but I guess we’ll see next month.
  19. It’s definitely at the point now where they ought to be willing to facilitate some sort of runway even if not one that long. Taylor will want one when she eventually headlines as well.
  20. Pleased he’s still doing a fairly extensive UK tour. He’s definitely at the stage now where he could’ve just done a London residency and not ventured anywhere else. Birmingham on Bonfire Night will be fun even though he’s playing at the Utilita (like everyone else these days).
  21. Almost any song where the production techniques, sample editing etc are incredibly obvious This is probably the worst example (coupled with being a dreadful song all around)
  22. True!! Looks like it wasn’t anyone being silly anyway thank fuck
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