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  1. I agree, I wish Live Nation would just overrule DF and put on their own camping festival. They would probably do much better than whatever their current deal is.
  2. I think it should be possible to have a (preferable camping) festival in Scotland that caters to everyone and not just Clyde 1 listeners, there are still loads of great acts playing festivals like Glastonbury, APE, Parklife and Blue Dot this summer that have bypassed Scotland completely.
  3. True, near the end of T they definitely exaggerated stuff like adding their daily numbers together to claim a Glastonbury size crowd but claiming a sell out when it isn't seems a bit pointless.
  4. addicted2noise

    2020 headliners

    I can't help but feel their last album has been a bit of a flop or at least not as big as expected, its definitely not been their OK Computer (which some reviews compared it to). I guess they've still another new album coming out pretty soon though.
  5. I just watched it and its weird looking back at some of the previous headliners. Apologies but my main takes were Adele seemed quite bland, Ed Sheeran actually came across really likable and most of the mid 00s indie bands like Arctic Monkeys and the Killers sound a bit dated now. Jay Z's and Beyonce's sets looked out of this world and Coldplay are maybe quite lucky they're local and friends to the festival. As Skin pointed out the Skunk Anansie headline set seems almost trailblazing in hindsight. Also Dolly Parton really transformed the legend slot into a party slot didn't she?
  6. I guess the "hilarious" stage invader didn't help either but yeah the set was quite disjointed and had nowhere near the same flow to it as his Coachella set. He really should have headlined a few years earlier to be fair.
  7. addicted2noise

    2020 headliners

    I wonder what stunt Coldplay will pull to top 2016, maybe they'll give everyone an oculus rift headset and perform a VR duet with hologram Bowie
  8. addicted2noise

    2020 headliners

    It would be great if the festival could give Coldplay a swerve for their 50th anniversary but its not going to happen is it, they're probably planning their next album around it.
  9. It sucks for Hozier really who is probably going to lose most of his crowd to him, both him and Billie Eilish could have probably easily played the pyramid this year.
  10. addicted2noise

    TBAs 2019

    I hate to say it but this is looking more likely now Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real have been announced on the line up
  11. Is Glasgow/Scotland that small a region? I think there is still demand there for a festival that appeals to older and younger people in Scotland (Electric Picnic in Ireland manages this and as a result sells out it 55,000 tickets instantly every year) but so far TRNSMT has yet to get the balance right (a second stage/tent for more mid tier alternative acts could work if there's space) .
  12. I agree, its been mentioned before (and the real music fans may dismiss this) be he is in a similar position to Oasis when they first headlined in 95 in that that they both only had one album (Stormzy if anything probably has more material if you count his collaborations) and were part of a new scene (britpop and grime respectively).
  13. I wonder if the demand for festivals is dwindling somewhat, I seen a few doing multi ticket offers/competitions recently and there's very few which actually sell out anymore.
  14. The supersonic documentary did well and as a result was signed by a major who marketed him a lot better than beady eye were. Musically there's not actually too much difference between his solo album and beady eye.
  15. I think the song is great too and that their 60's psychedelic rock sound feels a bit plodding and overly retro in comparison to the new stuff but from what I've read I'm very much in the minority on that.
  16. That's a class line up of dance acts Peggy Gou, Four Tet, Hammer, Mall Grab, Ross From Friends, Peach, FKJ and Daniel Avery. Plus AJ Tracey and Grace Carter will probably draw big crowds too.
  17. I just don't see the festival falling for the hype enough to give him an other stage slot, most acts with one album and no big hit singles tend to play John Peel or lower.
  18. I think Borderline is brilliant, the new songs have a lot more subtle flourishes going on production wise than their previous stuff.
  19. addicted2noise

    Billie Eilish

    Pitchfork shared a live stream of her set on Facebook earlier and some of the comments attacking her appearance and stuff (mostly from middle aged men) are pretty horrible. I'm not even a big fan but surely if you follow pitchfork you must have some understanding of her music and what's she's about?
  20. addicted2noise

    Billie Eilish

    Jesus the crowd reaction for her on the Coachella live stream is absolutely insane..
  21. That's still a pretty big slot, has he really taken off that well down south? I know Sometimes got some play on Radio One but I don't think there's been much beyond that. I was thinking more John Peel or maybe even the Acoustic Stage/Avalon.
  22. I'm not too keen on him either but really liked The Cinnamons too and I didn't realise he was in them until recently (despite Sometimes being one of their old songs and his surname obviously). I think he'll probably end up re-recording a few off their other songs in the future (The Business seems like a likely choice).
  23. addicted2noise

    Billie Eilish

    True (and I'm honestly not trying to be argumentative) but I'd say someone who writes their own songs is more talented than someone who doesn't.
  24. addicted2noise

    Billie Eilish

    To be fair no one was writing their own songs in the 50's, may as well accuse them of not using enough electronic beats. I wouldn't say having other people write or co-write songs for you automatically invalidates you but it is less authentic to me and with so many artists these days relying on professional songwriters having someone who doesn't is genuinely quite refreshing.
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