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    Nothing. Could happen any place, any time. Just got to get on with your life.
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    Hey everyone! I made a tube map of the site last year that some people seemed to find pretty useful. Well I've updated it for 2017 – basically just by adding Cineramageddon. Hope it helps! I'll be onsite on Friday and wish you all an excellent festival. If you or anyone you meet runs into any difficulty of any kind, please come and check in with us at welfare – we can help, in confidence, no questions asked. I'm in the Green Welfare tent by the old railway track (the one with this map stuck to the outside...). - Pete PS Last year a few people requested a high res image with a transparent background for high quality printing, so here's that version too.
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    First of all, a disclaimer. Don't at all intend this thread to be a downer. Secondly, an apology if something else like this already exists here - but i've not seen anything. So, as Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close, it got me thinking that in a pop-up city of 200,000 people there's likely a sizeable chunk who are currently - or have in the past - suffered from various mental health issues - either diagnosed or otherwise. I'm sure many of those planning to attend Glastonbury have the support of their friends but I imagine a fair few don't and maybe suffer in silence, their festival punctuated at times by these things rearing their ugly heads. Glastonbury is an assault on the senses and can be hugely overwhelming, especially to first-timers not knowing what to expect and not having the encyclopedic knowledge of the site many of us have that help to comfortably navigate, get around safely and find quieter spots when we need a breather. You add issues of anxiety into the mix and it can be a really tough few days. I have crippling anxiety and a history of recurring depression, one that I always assumed precluded me from something like Glastonbury, that I should just stay away through fear of panicking or ruining it for my friends. But I was fed up of missing out. When I was first persuaded to go in 2008, I didn't have the best start to the festival in the group I was in - who weren't particularly supportive - and I ended up spending the rest of it alone. Though I struggled on occasions during that weekend, I still had the best time. Despite crowds, noise, the unknown quantity that is an event the size of Glastonbury, I was helped along by a number of strangers who seemed to be able to recognise when I wasn't doing so well. Glastonbury can be incredibly cathartic and remains a place I always feel really safe in despite the size. A busy tram on a weekday in Manchester is enough to make me break out in sweats and have to focus on my breathing. An 80,000 strong crowd in front of the Pyramid doesn't faze me at all. Why is that? I think it would be nice to have a place on this incredible forum and its brilliant community of efesters to chat about these kinds of things. For first timers, whether they identify as suffering from mental issues or not, to air their concerns and ask questions. For solo travellers, to reassure themselves that there is support should they need it and point them towards it. Somewhere for regulars to discuss how they manage their anxiety/depression at the festival, the best places to take a break, spots it might be better to avoid at certain times, the issues surrounding use of drugs to alleviate anxiety, where to camp. Basically, all the things we talk about anyway but from an angle of managing anxiety/depression and absolutely maxing out the potential for your Glastonbury to be the best one ever! Cheers
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    It's back! Zoom in for details...
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    My issue is that the thread should be called 'don't rape' rather than 'take care' as if there is something that women should and can do to avoid sexual assault. By not drinking, dressing a certain way, not going out without someone else, etc etc until we are all sitting at home not going anywhere. It isn't on us to take care, it is on men not to sexually assault women.
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    Sometimes it's good to talk, right? Back in 2009 when I first got my tickets for Glastonbury my life was in a very different place. After attending several (too many!) Leeds festivals and a solitary Download, I decided to go for the big one, the holy grail of festivals - Glastonbury. After registering and somehow getting a ticket I was so excited, I joined this site and started reading all things Glastonbury. Sadly, that year it wasn't to be, in early January 2010 I suffered a few suprise illnesses that resulted in heart surgery (aged 24), nearly a year off work and a drastically altered lifestyle. It gave me time to reevaluate myself and the direction I was going in and throughout my recovery I decided to change a few things. However, my desire to get to to Glastonbury wasn't one of them. Sadly, the next time I tried to get go, my doctor and physio advised against it so plans were shelved for several years, Fast forward to 2016, I was in a much better place, doing the things I used to be doing and with a one year old (at the time) ready to tackle what life threw at me. So, come October I organised my team of merry men (and women) to finally score those elusive tickets. Thankfully, we had success and those golden tickets were mine. For a few months, Glastonbury was all we'd talk about - my wife doesn't understand the appeal but because of my endless chatter she knows a lot about the festival! At the end of January 2017, we found out my wife was pregnant with my second child. It was one of life's fantastic surprises. With a due date in September, my wife was fine with me still going to Worthy Farm and the stage was set for a stunning year. Come our 20 week scan, we were hit in the face with a sledgehammer. During the anatomy scan, done in more detail due to my heart defect, some problems were picked up by the doctor. Ushered into a room and handed a tissue, we were told that our baby had problems with its brain. Not just simple problems, structural issues. What made it worse was the medical explanation was 'bad luck'. We sought second and third opinions, a plethora of scans and specialists but they all told us the same thing, that the outcome was bleak. As a family, we decided to hope and let life lead the way. This was a month before Glastonbury. Despite all this, my wife was insistent I go the the festival. I really didn't think I would be. The decision was made the weekend before and I hastily packed my bags and prepped my equipment. The festival itself was everything I imagined it to be and much more. From the snaking, burning hot sweat pits that was the queue for Gate D on Wednesday morning to the sunset over the farm, the whole experience was both immersive and immense. Everyone talks about the size and scale, but you can't prepare yourself for Glastonbury. Wow... the hard work and dedication that goes into creating and maintaining that piece of eutopia on Earth should be roundly applauded. With everything going on at home, I never felt able to truly relax, but I gave it a good go. I managed to catch most bands I wanted, although the key was not to plan for many, and i caught several surprises to. For my sins, I am a massive Foo Fighters fan and managed to get pretty close for their set, and those two and a half plus hours released a lot of tension. There were so many brilliant bands I saw over the five days, Rhythm of the Nineties, Royal Blood, Frank Carter, The XX and many, many more. Yet one of the standout things for me was the people attending. Not all, you get idiots everywhere but chatting with strangers and sharing euphoric moments with temporary friends can never be knocked. Also, if you're reading this, the girl who lent me a phone charger in my desperate need, thank you. I could write reams about the festival, perhaps I will one day. I started writing this without a real purpose, more just to put some words on a page. Anyway, like it is for most, Glastonbury was an escape from life. Whilst I couldn't truly escape, it was much needed relief at a time of need. It gave me something to look forward to, something to enjoy and memories to cling to. Things I will be forever thankful for. I very much hope to be back on the farm in 2019 and beyond, fingers crossed. My second daughter was born at 35 weeks, at the end of August. She is doing well. She is defying the odds - eating, breathing, moving, reacting and doing all the things the doctors said she wouldn't. It is a long road ahead. We've seen neuro specialists and had MRI's. My daughter is truly one of a kind - she has three separate conditions and the doctors think she is the only person in the world with all three. So they, never mind us, have no idea what to expect long term. She will need surgery in the next few months as she has fluid on her brain but as she lies here on my lap she is a reminder that life is precious - seize your moments and saviour them. I'm not particularly active on this site, but I sourced tickets for a couple of people and hopefully haven't offended anyone so I just thought this would be a place to put my thoughts down. Anyway, if you've read this far, thank you. As I said, I don't really have a purpose for this! But, it's good to talk, right?
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    I haven't talked about this here... This year was the first time we've been able to go for a long time, and my son's first Glastonbury. I was ecstatic to get coach tickets within a few minutes - we were going! Within a week our world was thrown upside down. My wife was diagnosed with cancer. It's been a very difficult winter. The treatment was horrendous and it's hard being strong and carrying on as normal when you don't know what the future holds. Whilst a music festival is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and it seemed unlikely we'd now be going, it was the one thing I had to cling to as my escape from the situation. I didn't lose hope of going and you lovely efestival posters have unwittingly helped me enormously. A couple of months on and things have changed remarkably. The treatment was successful. We're definitely going! The one song that I clung to during that difficult time was Radiohead's 'The Numbers' - by no means a big favourite but it was apt, and if they play it I may lose it. That said, it's such a relief and joy to be there it could happen anytime.
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    Joe Hart is head and shoulders above Dave Seaman.
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    Well, thought I might as well start this thread again to keep all you lovely people informed in the lead up to the festival. In previous years I have started the thread a bit later than this but Brillo and I had to drop by the farm this afternoon so I thought I'd go for it. The ground is, as you would expect, is as dry as Ghandi's sandal. Rock hard and dust blowing up in the slightest of breezes. The grass is super verdant and healthy but I do think that we really could do with it getting watered before the festival.... Hopefully not in the week before or during I'll post regular updates here as we get closer. Brillo checking out the bins and Ivymead, the crew field, starting to fill up.
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    Signs around Pilton lanes today....I'd guess for fence deliveries. ....and so it begins
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    After a fair bit of work my outfit is coming together for the year ... what have the creatives amongst you come up with for this years festival fancy dress ?
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    My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, ‘If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.’ Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me - ’Don’t ever smoke. Please don’t put your family through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed. At 28, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it because your post gave me cancer anyway.
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    I finally left site last night. The whole place is looking incredibly clean. 500 litter pickers were laid off yesterday lunchtime. (Small protest happened outside Goose Hall as many were expecting many more days work) I've never seen the place look so clean and tidy so quickly before. This time last year the farm was still absolutely minging. Huge big up to all festival goers who clearly used the bins, tidied up their camping areas and left no trace. Looks like the message has finally got through! This must have saved the festival a fortune and so will leave more money for charity. Brilliant!
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    Hey guys! I've been on site most of today, I'm here and it's looking incredible i'm trying to preserve data - but here are some tips / observations to those who want them. they are serious about searches, any bags who are sealed or made hard to open will be ripped open. You will have your bag checked, they've checked all staff as well. its boiling on site, very dusty. other stage looks strange - maybe it's not finished yet temple is massive, actually massive - they weren't lying when they said they were tripling it in size. they aren't lying when they say you will be queuing longer this year. Crew are tanned and in a good place, been given the best shifts I could possibly ask for. i think this is gonna be one of the best years. Really really good feeling in the air. see you all Wednesday, we can't wait for you to come! have an amazing one guys x
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    oh my god I got one FUCKING YASSSSSS
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    I think for a lot of people it makes a nice change when the rest of the time they're drowning in vile, abusive, threatening and downright aggressive right wing attitudes. It's just hard to notice when you're not in the firing line. I do think Tories are entirely welcome, but if it's that much of a shock to see what it's like outside the bubble then it's probably a good and healthy thing to see isn't it? Better than imagining the dining room conversation actually encompasses the whole country's views for sure. Tolerance is quite a different thing to meekly not saying anything despite having issues, and I think folk sometimes get confused.
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    Do you need any training for litter picking, or can you just pick it up as you go along?
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    ...and this on a loo wall:
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    The Last Leg is doing a programme tonight in honour of Jo Cox, based on the idea of her maiden commons speech which held the idea that we have more in common than divides us. In the build up to the festival I think this is an important ideal. It it has been a crap year for unity, the last few weeks have been challenging for everyone for various reasons. This is a generally positive forum, but as we approach the festival please remember that we have more in common than divides us and that applies to race, nationality, religion, sex, sexuality, musical taste, posh camping, public camping, camper van, off site, drugs, no drugs, socially functioning alcoholic, non socially function alcoholic, weather optimists, weather pessimists, I could go on but you get the point. i am not sure how people will respond, this might come across as a bit pompous, but next weekend is an important release for me, and I hope everyone has a great weekend and shows tolerance to everyone who wants to enjoy their weekend in a different way to you.
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    Hi All, Now I know this won't make up for the fact you're still trying for glasto tickets but I have 2 weekend tickets for the Sound City festival in Liverpool this weekend (won them but can't go) It would be a massive waste if they weren't used so if any of you folk are based in Liverpool or nearby and would like to go let me know and I will forward the email I received with how to obtain them. From the email I received it doesn't look like I have to go so all should be fine. First come first served and I'm not expecting any money for them however following the events of this week it would a lovely gesture if you could donate towards any of the victims charities set up for the atrocity in Manchester. Cheers Joe
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    Just because I'm in a fucking fantastic mood this morning... Choose a festival. Choose a stage. Choose a group of like-minded friends. Choose a 5 day hangover. Choose a dose of the fucking fear like you won’t believe. Choose the heebie-jeebies, sleep paralysis, a new tent and camping chairs on a Monday morning. Choose scrofula, an eight day beard and kicky legs. Choose being inside with no barriers, no fences, no checks, no arena and no restrictions. Choose blisters and Glastonbury Toe. Choose a total failure of your digestive system. Choose dry spittle on your cheeks and sleeping bag from gurning during the wee hours. Choose getting so wasted that you piss yourself in front of strangers standing next to a bin without even realising that they’re watching and laughing at you. Choose hitting the South East Corner and wondering who the fuck you are on Sunday morning. Choose sitting in that field watching spirit-lifting, mind-expanding performance art, stuffing fucking No Bones Jones into your mouth. Choose resetting your equilibrium at the end of it all, heading home ready to spend the next 360 days discussing it on an internet forum, nothing more than an embarrassment to the people who’ve never been and have no idea what you’re on about. Choose your future. Choose Glastonbury.
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    Sorry, I mean, 9 weeks to go until Glastonbury. Woo!
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    Repeat after me: I will get tickets. Now say it a little louder: I will get tickets. Good, now emphasise the 'WILL': I WILL get tickets That's a bit better, but you're not convincing me, say with with belief, make me believe you: I WILL GET THOSE TICKETS Who's going to? ME! That's who! I WILL GET THOSE BASTARD TICKETS Great. There's the SeeTickets office over there, go get them kiddo: ARRGGGHH, GIVE ME MY GLASTONBURY TICKETS ARRRRGGGHH!!!! Perfect. That should see you through 'till tomorrow.
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    Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn DJ set
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    Hi All! This year was my first Glasto, I came all the way from Israel and made my dream came true. I wrote a post about my experience in Hebrew, but it does works well with Google Translate, I hope that you'll find it interesting https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fnimrodg1.wordpress.com%2F2017%2F07%2F05%2Fglasto%2F&edit-text=
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    Its looking like its going to be fabulous weather folks! I think the last one like this 2010, so many of you won't have experienced a scorcher so hopefully we oldies can share some advice. 1. It might seem obvious, but suncream is vital. You will be outside in the sun with little shade for 12 hours a day. Believe me when i say that carrying a rucksack with burnt shoulders is not fun. 2. Although it looks like there are loads of trees for shade, the reality is that most of them are behind fences, traders stands etc. It can feel very exposed in most parts and what shade you find is often very busy. Bring a wide brimmed hat, scarf or even an umbrella to have your own shade. Sunstroke is not fun either. 3. Drink lots of water. The tap water is perfectly safe to drink at Glastonbury, bottled water is expensive, bad for the environment and warm by sunday (the ice cream vans leave it outside all day). 4. Don't leave your friend crashed out in the sun to fry in his/her drunken stupor 5. Your tent will feel like the inside of a cast iron smelter at 8am... Try using foil blankets or at least don't overdress for bed unless you like waking up drenched 6. Watching the sunrise is amazing 7. Watching the sunset is amazing too 8. For those who will adopt flip flops etc remember it still gets wet around the taps and toilets. I'm not sure I'd want my bare feet in that toilet water Glastonbury in hot weather takes it to another level of magical, but it can be equally challenging so take care of yourselves and each other and have a great festival xxx
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    Probably not what you're looking for, but I'll never forget my terminally ill wife (she died in November) with tears running down her face when Adele's stage-eyes opened for Hello last year.
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    Today has been quieter and calmer around here which is totally understandable given the horrific news from Manchester. I think it's ok for us to continue on with our ticket hunt tomorrow morning with the support, smiles and enthusiasm that's made this thread a great place to be. Our thoughts needed to be elsewhere today though. Good luck to the efesters searching for there friend. I hope they are found safe and well x
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    I'm going to be taking over from Muppetmark, Stuartbert two hats and august1 excellent work over the past few years, and running the @SecretGlasto Twitter updates this year. The idea is to use this thread to update the secret sets we know about prior to the festival and the sets will then be tweeted out via the account during the festival along with any other secrets that we may well find out during the festival. I'll edit the below as people respond to the thread with information, so it gives us a central point of reference rather than it getting swamped in the TBA's thread that's also being discussed. Thursday Bimble Inn 13:30-13:45 Bimble Inn 14:15-15:00 Williams Green 21:00-21:40 Williams Green 22:00-22:40 The Rabbit Hole's Funkingham Palace 23:00-00:00 Friday BBC Introducing 12:15 - 12:35 Avalon Stage Friday 15:40-16:40 BBC Introducing 16:50 - 17:10 The Park Friday 19:30-20:30 Rumshack 00:00-01:00 Rumshack 01:00-01:30 Saturday The Glade Saturday 16:25-17:25 Croissant Neuf 17:00-18:00 Other Stage Saturday 17:45-18:45 BBC Introducing 18:30 - 18:50 The Spaceport 19:55-21:25 The Spaceport 22:25-00:00 Truth Stage 04:00-04:50 Sunday Rabbit Hole Sunday 13:30-14:15 BBC Introducing 14:35 - 14:55 Bimble Inn 17:00-18:00 John Peel Sunday 17:30-18:30 Truth Stage 18:40-19:10 Crossiant Neuf 19:00-20:00 Truth Stage 22:30-23:30 The Gas Tower 04:00-06:00 If I've missed any, please let me know and I'll edit the post.
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    Well Ariana Grande was just a name to me before last week. I didn't know what she looked like and had no clue about her music, and I'd probably still not want to own any of it, but she is a beautiful singer. Her voice just soars. ...of all the people to target, what a mistake to pick her, she looks like a Disney princess and seems to radiate light! Could there be a bigger contrast to the evil that has been visited on us over the last couple of weeks. what an amazing evening of music - the cynicism of this forum dropping through the floor says it all about he magic it wove.
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    Is it poor form to self confirm myself in the self confirmation thread? Adam Scott Glasspool - Mandala Stage. Not sure what days/times yet.
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    I wonder if they're on here. If they are, I have a message: Fuck off.
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    Hey guys, I might be able to clear a few things up here. I've been a security supervisor for the last four years and I can confirm that a person found to be entering on a ticket not belonging to them will be refused entry. The police are legally allowed to take the details of the person trying to gain entry and detain them until they can confirm that the ticket has not been stolen. If it is confirmed that the ticket was resold, then the person who has resold their ticket is usually taken off the ticket register, the ticket will be cancelled and the new purchaser will be refused entry. I can also confirm that this year there will be increased scrutiny of tickets, so it would be a good idea to try and look as much like your photo as possible, and have your bank card, driver's licence etc on hand as additional proof of id, just in case. Also to mention that most of the initial ticket checking will be done by volunteers, so please guys, be nice, they're nervous this year because they know people are going to be fed up of queuing, so please be respectful and remember that we're all just trying to look out for each other. Cheers, and have a good one.
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    Sorry to go all deep and 'woe is me' on this thread, but: Before I started going to Glastonbury, I had really bad anxiety and was treated pretty terribly by a group of people who I thought were my friends. I also have dyspraxia which only heightened my anxiety. It's quite a misunderstood disability and much more than just a co-ordination problem. I used to think really lowly of myself and pretty much hated the fact that I had these things in my life and I used to constantly ask myself why I couldn't just be normal. On the first day of 2008 I realized that there are people out there just like me, who have to put up with different things in their lives but just goton with it and had fun. So I guess if I hadn't have gone to Glastonbury in 2008, I would never have realized that it's ok to have something unusual about you and nobody's gonna judge you for it. Obviously there are some dicks in this world, but fuck 'em.
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    stealth 'i have a girlfriend' post
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    Last year someone set up a thread to track all the changes to the lineup from it being released to the big day. I haven't seen one yet for this year so thought I'd get it going. I've got a page checker on the lineup page returning what's been removed/added when the lineup changes. I'll post in here whenever something happens to the lineup. Today... HMS Sweet Charity added - http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2017/?stage#hmssweetcharity WEDNESDAY++ DR BARNARDO AND SUE RYDER (HMS) 12:00 - 00:00++ THURSDAY++ DJ FRANKIE FRANCIS (SOFRITO) 01:00 - 03:00+ GERTY AND HER GAIETY (LIVE) 00:00 - 01:00+ TUPINAMBA (BARCELONA) 22:00 - 00:00++ FRIDAY++ DJ FRANKIE FRANCIS (SOFRITO) 03:30 - 05:00+ FAMILY ATLANTIC (LIVE) 03:00 - 03:30+ DJ STEVE ISBELL (RACUBA) 02:00 - 03:00+ BIG BEN JORGE (LIVE) 01:00 - 02:00+ DJ A MISS MOLLY (HMS) 23:00 - 01:00++ SATURDAY++ DR BERNARD AND SUE RYDER (HMS) 03:30 - 05:00+ DJ EGGS LEGS (KING LAGOONS) 02:00 - 03:30+ FLAMINGODS (LIVE) 01:00 - 02:00+ TUPINAMBA (BARCELONA) 23:00 - 01:00++ SUNDAY++ DJ CAL JADER (MOVIEMIENTOS) 02:00 - 04:00+ DA CREASE (LIVE) 01:00 - 02:00+ DJ A MISS MOLLY (HMS) 23:00 - 01:00 Changes to Cinemageddon - http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2017/?stage#cineramageddon - BRAKES ( 15 ) + Q&A WITH DIRECTOR MERCEDES GROWER 19:30 - 21:10- 1977 SPECIAL: SEX PISTOLS & THE CLASH ( 15 ) + Q&A 16:45 - 19:15- ALPHAGO ( 15 ) 15:10 - 16:30+ BRAKES ( 15 ) + Q&A WITH DIRECTOR MERCEDES + CAST 19:05 - 20:35+ 1977 SPECIAL: SEX PISTOLS & THE CLASH ( 15 ) + Q&A 16:15 - 18:50+ THE TRAVELLER - BAABA MAAL (15) 15:10 - 16:00- ALAN MOORE & MITCH JENKINS: SHOW PIECES ( 15 ) + Q&A 18:00 - 18:45+ LISTEN TO BRITAIN (U) 18:00 - 18:45
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    I've been thinking a lot about the tiny little things you can do to bring a smile to others, or just make their festival a little bit better in some minor way. If we all do some little things, then we can really improve the festival. One example is at the hand washing sinks. You know how they go off immediately and you spend ages pressing it with one hand and trying to keep enough water in your other hand to rub them together? Rubbish isn't it? Well I was struggling to wash my hands in this stop starty way and thought all I needed was someone to hold the tap down for me. So, once I finished washing, I turned to the woman behind me and offered to hold the tap down for her so she could wash her hands faff-free. After a moment of surprise, she gratefully accepted washed her hands without hassle. But the best part is, as I walked off, I she was holding down the taps for the next person behind her. She was paying it forward and my small act of kindness had a multiplier effect. It got me thinking about what other tiny little things we could do to make things better and I've not come up with a lot, hopefully you lot will have more ideas. This is what I've got: * The tap thing, as above. * When sitting down at W Holts, take a bin bag and chuck a few things in it, then stick them into a bin as you leave. * Wear something unusual. Dress up as Bananaman, or wear loads of LEDs or a big fuck off mohican or a couple of hats. It doesn't matter if some people think it's silly. More people will smile. * Give out some stuff to randoms. Glowsticks, flamingos, Rainbow glasses, anything. * Offer your booze to your neighbours on arrival. There's got to be loads and loads more of this kind of thing we can do. Over to you eFests.
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    Well I hope this works. Lovely day out yesterday. Really hot and was great meeting up with some festi friends. And got suntan lol https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2Fphotos%2FW9MNUDde94BUGoHFA&h=ATOO14Qou6srpVK7phcpk8a606O60iE0doNruRjYz9nOqgedFPSknS_lIA-GOPYWswUjE9y2G9jbvclLEb5511Qhj6YueEodEEd8EAQQNnzlhcbWxYhQZvB6Ba09apZo3SpDiT2-S2d3a0g
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    Not a tune.... One of my old clubbing friends who went to glastonbury 3 times passed away in January through cancer. She felt good in october, bought a ticket for the festival. I hadnt seen her for a couple of years, but we all planned to meet up. In january she sadly deteriorated quickly. Left behind a 4 year old boy. Her close friends are still going, we are all meeting up & I expect tears to be shed when we raise a drink to her. There is a funky house DJ on thursday night in the spaceport. Im going to suggest going there. If Red Carpet alight gets played & a mixed group of 10/12 are uncontrollably crying - that will be us.
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    I hate to go all Russel brand on you russy but I think you go about this the wrong way. I agree that there are serious issues with racial prejudice and uneducation in the voting public. But calling them racist and thick bastards is the easiest way to discredit them. The reason why I struggle to relate to the majority of the left right now is we've given up discussing with people. Anyone who disagrees with us is just a racist, homophobic bastard etc, and we think hurling insults at them will make them see the error of their ways i know this is fully against your nature but you need to talk civilly with people who disagree with you. Not everyone who voted Brexit, trump, Tory etc is evil. They are real people who feel that these were the right decisions to make. you're creating the monsters that you hate, by shunning them when they disclose their opinions. So they discuss them where they know is safest... the voting booth
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    Today's update sun has been shining all day, the one muddy bit I walk past in the morning (under trees where no light gets to) has gone. Was really hot onsite today tomorrow is hotter (hope we get ice cream again lunchtime). off to shangri-la bar opening later so will let everyone know the state of the ground down there tonorrow. dust bowl rating 11 out of 10
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    As an adopted Mancunian who has lost someone in the Manchester attack and lives five minutes from the Arena, I've decided to do an extra 250 charity bins this year in honour of those who have lost their lives and to help raise money for the Manchester homeless community who came and helped in our time of need. 20% have gone in the last 24 hours, please get your Manchester Bee Bin today and let me know what you would like written on there Sorry this is short, it's an emotional week for us here, but I'll be on site in a few days and will be spreading the Manchester <3 Dan Tastic Glastonbury x https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/GlastonburyLovesManchester *If you could share this link here, there and everywhere it would mean a lot to all of us x We'll be tweeting & instagramming your bee bins Instagram - @DanTasticGlastonbury Twitter - @DanTasticGlasto
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    My predictions for the weather: Windy and cold = wear a coat and have a good time. Rain = get wet but have a good time. Muddy = No different from last year, had a good time. Sunshiiiiiine = Get burnt, have a good time. So the forecast is having a good time.
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    I've just had a lovely bonus one today, it's the festival that keeps on giving: I tend to chat to people who appear to be on their own in crowds between bands. I'd say 60% of the time it ends at exchanging pleasantries and wishing each other a good festival but there were 2 stand out ones this year that lead to new friends. One was a Swedish chap I met post Radiohead, we exchanged tequila and he ended up coming to Arcadia with us and having a great time. It was nice that he felt that he could catch up with us on Sunday evening too, anyway I digress. This post is about a fantastic woman who was on her own for the Jacksons. Before they got on stage I got chatting to her and found out that she was having the best week of her life, it was her first Glastonbury (possibly first festival) and that all of the rest of her group were watching the Foos. I explained that she was more than welcome to join our group, initially I think she thought I was taking the piss as we were a group averaging in our early 30s and she was probably mid to late 50s. None the less she was introduced to our team (of about 8 at the time) and we all had a good chat until the music started when we all enjoyed a good boogie (The sounds was fit for purpose where we were). I forget which song came on but she mentioned it was her favourite, one of the group offered to get her up on his shoulders. I’m sure she wouldn’t be offended if I mentioned that she wasn’t the slightest of women (or non-chipstick person as she put it), so at first she politely declined, after some gentle persuasion she was up there with the biggest grin I saw on anyone all weekend. She was instant that we took as many photos as ‘those lot back at the tent would never believe this’. When the Jacksons finished we mentioned that we were going to Arcadia. After phoning one of her group to let them know that she was OK she joined us until about 3am until she could dance no more. We made sure to grab her email so we could send her the photo evidence of the night’s events. One of my friends sent those photos yesterday, and we received the most wonderful response this morning. Not only did she (just about ish) remember everyone’s, names she went into great detail about how nice we all were, how she felt like one of us, how she had the best time of her life, and even went into details of conversations which many of us had taken for granted. Her response was shared with the rest of us and it’s made my day. I won’t go into too much detail about what else she included but it’s clear that she’s had a challenging time of it recently and in her words ‘came back to the lads that night a different person’. This might all sound a bit self fellating but it was so rewarding to hear that we weren’t just being a pain in the arse and bullying her into what we considered having a good time. To me a large part of the festival is making the experience good for yourselves and for others. This was reflected in my disappointment on Tuesday morning whilst queuing at the shop, I turned round to start a conversation with the person behind me only to stop myself just in time – unfortunately that’s not the way the community works in my neck of the woods. Anyway apologies for the essay. It was either write it up or put it to the back of my head while getting on with work, and I wasn’t quite ready to do that.

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