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  1. Interesting. Looks like I was pattern E, but pulled from the Sunday/Mon overnight shift to Weds morning so they had extra cover for gates opening.
  2. We completely lucked out with our oxfam shifts: Weds 6am - 2pm, Thurs 2pm - 10pm, Sat 6am - 2pm So missed barely any music and no overnight shifts. Some of the shift patterns on the swap board in the marquee looked absolutely brutal, and I think would have completely changed my festival experience.
  3. Sharon Van Etten instead of Liam Gallagher. Stayed with the group rather than just going off on my own. Got tickets to see her next month but watching on iPlayer seems like that performance was special.
  4. Splodge

    Working it

    I volunteered for Oxfam and really enjoyed it. Me and my friends completely lucked out with shifts. I worked Weds 5.45am - 2pm, Thurs 1.45pm - 10pm and Saturday 5.45am - 2pm, so missed very little music and saw all three headliners. Others definitely not so lucky. Might have completely changed my experience had I got different shifts. Pro’s Got to go for free! Got to arrive Monday - missed all the traffic coming in, saw an incredible sunset from the top of park, and felt like a real privilege to see the site empty of the masses and still being built. Secure campsite with clean compost toilets, showers, phone charging, and a meal token per shift. Round the clock catering team and could buy cold soft and alcoholic drinks. Car was one minute walk from tent. Oxfam team were really friendly and helpful. Was very professionally organised. On shift, the supervisors and rest of the team were great too. Made some new friends and met lots of cool people. Access to crew bars and some of the shortcuts. Scannable EPO wristbands meant we could bypass the queues of normal punters at the ped gates during busy times. Cons Definitely changes how you experience the festival. Shifts are taxing and long with the vast majority of time spent on your feet. Sometimes felt like a bit of a spare part on shift too (think they pad the numbers for no-shows). Add another hour either side of your shift if you’re working on the other side of site. Definitely meant we had to pace ourselves better, miss out on some of the fun, and chose early nights rather than hitting the SE corner. We were absolutely spent by Sunday evening. Walk to campsite could be seen as a con but I didn’t find it too bad at all. Can imagine it wouldn’t be much fun in bad weather though. Can’t really party in the campsite as some people may be sleeping off night shift. Meant it was easier to get to sleep though. All in all was a great way to do the festival though I probably will be trying in the main sale next year, just to avoid the fear of having to miss any music and to let my hair down a bit more. It’s definitely a great back up option to have.
  5. Splodge


    Apologies if this is old news but the pyramid ornament seems to be going up -
  6. Erm, Dad is that you? Can I just use this as an opportunity to apologise for the likeness of my username. I can assure you my intentions were not to doppelgäng... I was completely unaware of your existence on registering. Hopefully this town is big enough for the both of us.
  7. Splodge

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    He’s also got lots of history of doing the cokey!
  8. Splodge

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    Can confirm something along the lines of “still a big field to play” and “rained out festival” came out of Mick’s mouth... but was difficult to discern exactly what he said from my seat up in the gods. I can’t imagine them not playing to be honest. Just seems the logical booking for the 50th year given that they’re one of the last big bands not to have graced the pyramid. I think it’s more a question of whether Lindsey Buckingham will be back in for it or not. Wembley atmosphere was good, but I do think a little something was lost having the pitch tickets all sold as seated rather than standing. Just seemed a bit of a cash grab to make the most of those willing to shell out several hundred £££ for the best seats, and that the performance was then a little phoned in to cater for them. They were still great but I think the atmosphere would be infinitely better at glasto. One thing for sure is that Stevie’s still got the voice.
  9. Regardless of whether it’s rain or sun which greets us open the opening of the glasto gates I like to think this thread has sparked the interest of a budding meteorologist. For better or worse, we could be giving birth to the next Michael Fish.
  10. The ground camembert current levels of rainfall. However, things should be looking much feta by the end of the week. A light bries from southern France should bring mild cheddar to Stilton (Pilton).
  11. Are these guys one of the TBA’s?
  12. Splodge

    Crow's Nest

    I think Pip Blom are highly likely for crows nest. This nme article and their own blog mention that they’re playing 3 times across the festival, and they’re only currently listed on the line-up twice, on JP and Williams Green. Unless of course they’re a TBA anywhere else.
  13. It’s Big Wellie again. Shutting down the networks. Spreading propaganda. Don’t want the sunshine forecasts to get out.
  14. Splodge


    Does this mean he’s playing a gig in Cineramageddon after the screening of the Ibiza movie? Or is the set he’s referring elsewhere on site?
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