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  1. That's why I said this far out its hard to tell before the line you quoted.
  2. IMO, depends how muddy it is. Boots are my go to, much more comfortable to spend a day in, but once the mud gets ankle high, wellies come into their own. This far out its hard to tell, but looks like it may be a muddy one. Not much help if you're buying them now, but a compromise might be some good quality, padded wellies?
  3. Just the Thursday I believe, although I am an early riser and often see people and the odd small group out for a run.
  4. Yeah, I did it last time, can't remember the details sorry, think I found it on Twitter. We started in the green fields. It was a bit stop and start to be honest and a very mixed bunch so difficult for the leader to pace. Did get a good view of the site thought.
  5. Don't remember this fuss over Run the Jewels playing. They, and I'm sure many others have suggested violence towards the police.
  6. How do tickets work for volunteers? Should I expect a standard ticket through the post any time now or is there a different system in place?
  7. Using a laptop, tablet and phone. Is there any value in using phone on 3g to have a different IP address or use home WiFi for speed?
  8. Anyone ever taken a kid with them on the coach before? Any issues with this and how do you book them on, can you do it when booking a ticket?
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