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  1. You didn't imagine it and it was bloody brilliant, we got there about 15 minutes before the start and strolled to the barrier, I think they must loved seeing the crowds coming, think it was the biggest daytime crowd that's been on there, took ages getting out Empty when we got there, packed when over
  2. mph

    Kenny Rogers RIP

    Anyone how to contact neil or anyone on here to take down posts by the scum who has just joined trying to sell rip t shirts?
  3. Coaches are being rolled over to like for like bookings, bit annoying if circumstances have changed for people and would rather get coach from elsewhere
  4. Rollover and hope they let us change coach tickets, mate got Brighton instead of Bristol which is a nightmare but I'll still travel it if needed
  5. Preordered the book myself when it was first announced and got a signed copy. I've since had one for my birthday and another this Christmas, and Glastonbury DVD that I bought years ago. Waiting to catch up with festival friends to find out who hasn't had the book yet - late Christmas presents for them
  6. mph

    Mrs C

    Don't forget to add check in times when looking at ferry departure times, can't roll up one minute before it leaves
  7. Who cares if they cash in? Their history says some money would go in the right direction rather than turning duck ponds into swimming pools Please take me back to 1994 and the moment I got glastonbury
  8. Hardback book About the same as a festival programme Not auto signed going by signatures I've seen on pics shown on here, normal slight variances
  9. Reading Michael's parts I somehow hear his voice in my head and my reading slows to his speed of talking, love the book
  10. mph

    Verified by VISA?

    Should not be a need for it. What idiot would use stolen card details with a transaction that can be traced back to their name and address? I've worried about the verification thing in past years but it's never happened
  11. mph

    Ticket Sale Date

    Coach resale this year I left if it the lap of the tickets gods. I used 4 computers in work and put 2 on Wednesday coach 2 on Thursday coach. Thursday was straight through before I could think of refreshing so I took them, watched the Wednesday attempts get nowhere. Better to be there late than not at all.
  12. mph

    Levellers 2020

    Dvd of 1994 released this week, looking forward to it, my first glastonbury headliners, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.levellers.co.uk/shop/levellers-glastonbury-94-2cddvd&ved=2ahUKEwiWl6GK777kAhVQUMAKHT9SA2kQFjAAegQICBAC&usg=AOvVaw2MaycVoydOy6IGLYKGfkXq&cshid=1567865111272
  13. After 2007 (bad all round not just weather) I said I would never do it again 2010 I was back, and ever since when I got a ticket. You might think your time is up but it will bring you back
  14. mph

    Gold Membership Time

    Hi Neil, In case you miss the email, just renewed. Thank you.
  15. mph

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I save £ I save £5 notes throughout the year, handy for the traders, and safer for me than giving over a £20 or £10 and forgetting change when a bit wrecked , got about £400 worth
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