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  1. mph


    Few tents near ours had some interest from someone, all were found with doors and inner doors wide open. One (obviously last) had their tobacco stolen but nothing else even though there was more of value (wallet?!) in sight Probably down to the lack of Golden Virginia tobacco to be bought anywhere
  2. No one has ever found themselves in the middle of a crowd involuntarily under a campfire
  3. I have an unused car park sticker, backing still on it. You can have it free, no good to anyone now
  4. I thought I'd read on here somewhere before that guypjfreak wanted a car sticker so glad I've seen this I have an unused one still with backing on, few creases free to guy if wanted
  5. It was great fun, pissed off the part time fans by playing nothing from screamadelica until the last few songs, by which time I'd edged through the leavers to be on the barrier (In reply to balti pie post, missed adding quote)
  6. There never should be a loyalty bonus, it would be full of 50 and 60 year old, and I say that as someone in their 50's
  7. mph


    Finally saw the hat for real on the way out of Skunk Anansie and said hello, it was a real moment to see the hat coming in my direction
  8. It's no busier than it has been for years, people have changed, people want what they want straight away. Those who have patience control themselves sensibly instead of thinking "I want to be there now" Do you want gates and fencing at every stage?
  9. Yes you are being stupid, no offence, but Glastonbury to London is not a 'taxi'
  10. When did he get an invisible guitar/piano ? And others get questioned about miming Oh it's a backing track OK
  11. May have been the same person dealing with all the coaches at the departure point (Bristol), checked names going on, don't ever remember rep on the coach travelling, tickets from driver
  12. I've never seen a bar code reader when going on the coach, just a see tickets rep with a clip board checking names boarding,
  13. I guess you must know where your coach is going from ? Possibly the time if London or Bristol ? If you don't know the time due to no email try finding out the earliest coach time from your departure town, and wait for them all, have ID, one coach will have your name on the passenger list
  14. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/forum/24-lift-share/ Hope the link works
  15. Surprised you've been here so long and never noticed this happens every year the festival is on, and it is getting worse but that is the way the world is going, instant information wanted by people without any effort or imagination to look for themselves
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