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  1. When I used a decent camp bed for the first time I slept so well that in my dream/rem state I dreamt I was there while there, nice to wake from
  2. REM - it's the end of the world as we know it Often between bands on the pyramid, don't know if they played it themselves when there - very apt for right now
  3. Zero % Too many idiots including my friends who say "yeah mate, you're not in my bubble but come anyway" I don't
  4. mph

    Car keys

    1995 hired a car and booked month in advance, on the day of collection they only had a new Ford Sierra something left to give me, scared the hell out of me. Bag including car keys got stolen out of the tent so went to AA on site who couldn't get into the car in the car park. Trailer to their place at the main gate so no-one saw how they did it. Think I missed some bootleg beatles but got back for page & plant. The good side of this, Monday morning we were now parked near the main gate and out minutes after getting in the car
  5. mph


    To all of you, I've read silly stuff turn crazy in a short time, it's why I'm scared to say anything most of the time, Yoghurt is the most sensible person here
  6. Ah got you, it's headshell I replaced then, unscrew bit on the tonearm, old one out, new one in, screw bit on tonearm, and that's it I thought
  7. I replaced the whole cartridge, seemed straightforward enough, there was no fiddling with cables, or am I missing something simple ?
  8. Odd thing is there were was no hum with the old cartridge and if I put the old one back on there is no hum, only with the new one. Considering the tricky task of swapping the stylus from the new cartridge into the old cartridge
  9. Any experts out there? I have a Numark TT1520 but doubt that's relevant, I put a new cartridge on it and there is a humming noise which gets louder as it nears the centre of the record, put the old one back on and it doesn't happen, any ideas or shit cartridge?
  10. mph


    Maybe it's just me cause I like a flutter but did anyone else ever notice the horse called glastonberry a few years ago? There is also an amateur jockey surname glassenbury, I stupidly put money on them every time , think the horse made me a few quid once
  11. mph

    2020 New Music

    Listening to it on 6 music, on uninterrupted since midnight , excellent but scares me, musicians writing what sounds like their own epitaph
  12. Waking up on Thursday morning when I realise why I'm not in a bed and I wasn't dreaming
  13. mph

    Claim To Fame

    Won the "who's on my t shirt?" competition on Marc Riley 6 music in July 2014 so spoke live on radio with him, bit under the influence, when he asked what was memorable of glastonbury I replied "kasabian were better than expected" which I think he found amusing. T shirt was woody woodmansey, but no idea who drew it
  14. Are locksmiths in lock down?
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