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  1. mph

    Verified by VISA?

    Should not be a need for it. What idiot would use stolen card details with a transaction that can be traced back to their name and address? I've worried about the verification thing in past years but it's never happened
  2. mph

    Ticket Sale Date

    Coach resale this year I left if it the lap of the tickets gods. I used 4 computers in work and put 2 on Wednesday coach 2 on Thursday coach. Thursday was straight through before I could think of refreshing so I took them, watched the Wednesday attempts get nowhere. Better to be there late than not at all.
  3. mph

    Levellers 2020

    Dvd of 1994 released this week, looking forward to it, my first glastonbury headliners, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.levellers.co.uk/shop/levellers-glastonbury-94-2cddvd&ved=2ahUKEwiWl6GK777kAhVQUMAKHT9SA2kQFjAAegQICBAC&usg=AOvVaw2MaycVoydOy6IGLYKGfkXq&cshid=1567865111272
  4. After 2007 (bad all round not just weather) I said I would never do it again 2010 I was back, and ever since when I got a ticket. You might think your time is up but it will bring you back
  5. mph

    Gold Membership Time

    Hi Neil, In case you miss the email, just renewed. Thank you.
  6. mph

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I save £ I save £5 notes throughout the year, handy for the traders, and safer for me than giving over a £20 or £10 and forgetting change when a bit wrecked , got about £400 worth
  7. Searched through old threads and someone said postcode BS1 5UA which puts it down by the college, which seems right. It wasn't up by the Hippodrome
  8. The See tickets coaches have been Anchor Road (exactly where on the road varied a little from year to year) but definitely Anchor Road
  9. Bristol has been anchor road for 2 years I've done coach from there, doing the same again this year thanks to resale
  10. Number 17 this year, but only thanks to a bit of luck in the coach resale, tried for Thursday rather than Wednesday and done by 6.02, missing a day but I'll be there
  11. I did it 2015 and 2017 , both times pick up point was Anchor Road, 2017 was a bit further along the road than 2015
  12. mph

    Debit Card Limits

    I've never had any security questions or verified by visa or anything either, but someone would have to be very stupid to fraudulently use someone else's card, surely easily caught due to name and address details from ticket reg connected to the transaction
  13. mph

    Bowie at Glasto

    I got a triple vinyl a couple of years ago off eBay I think, bureau supply was the company. Splatter coloured vinyl and excellent sound. They had loads of Bowie bootlegs, thought sneakily done over a few years by someone with access to the mixing desk. I'm looking forward to the dvd, greatest thing I've seen in glastonbury, praying for tickets again
  14. mph

    Questions for Michael

    You didn't imagine it, it was in the Theatre Bar, lovely pint
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