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2020 Next Announcement Thread!


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Just now, Quark said:

I'm sticking with 19th March. Aside from anything else I've got a levellers gig that night, so to go there on the high of a poster drop would be immense!

You’re exactly a week early I’m afraid 😏

I’ve actually just noticed I have an all day work meeting on my prediction day, 26th March, with no access to my phone/internet. I’ve never wanted to be wrong more in my life.

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1 minute ago, priest17 said:

Check out the weather thread at the start of June.

People love discussing awful shit on here. There was a Lynard Skynard thread the other day.

Tell you what, if the festival goes ahead it'll really suck the drama out the weather thread. I'd take a 2005 flood right now.

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16 minutes ago, Sasperella said:

Aaaah man, yeh I really feel for you! Seeing your posts as you discover the joys of EFestivals has been great. And now contending with this mother of all curve balls...nightmare!

I won't look anymore if you don't look, deal?

Easy deal that one! 👍

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Theres been no news article of any kind on the official site for 3 weeks, since they confirmed Lana. We shouldnt be having any more stand alone announcements before the poster at least. Feels like the calm / quiet before the big one.

 But id wager the first poster still not till the around end of march. If it wants to arrive sooner than that then fine!

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