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  1. yep another stormy run this weekend (and smashed it considering Friday night ended up being a 9am finish!) managed 20miles aka 32km in 2:36:12 - although I did pause it for about 2mins when I ran into my house at 22km for an emergency drop off/evacuation of bowels..
  2. I gotta say the state of the ground is my favourite thread in the build up, especially with the changeable weather last year - every day it was looking like a different forecast, so many twists and turns
  3. that's fine itll keep the dust down! all we need is 1 nice day and itll dry up ! itll keep the ground soft for the pegs!
  4. This was such a good day, and that AAA Badboy bloke does some great mixes of his own on mixcloud
  5. just remembered reading fest falls on the sunday of notting hill carnival - which is a tradition for my group and im the de-facto organiser after everyone comes to me for a plan, would never miss a year! fingers crossed for glasto or a big UK date like MK Bowl, otherwise ill be going further afield to catch them!
  6. in fairness though he was usually leaving about 5/6am after an all day session so potentially you would be in a better state to make it to the taxis I think he stumbled most of the way to them
  7. was going to go for mik fart-shitstick
  8. all I can advise is I had a mate staying off-site last year who was not pregnant but said the taxi rank was a bit of a mission
  9. definitely down for that! some great sing-alongs to be had there
  10. caught a bit of them at boomtown 2 years ago I think? still sounding great. used to go and see them nearly every week when I was 16-17 at local shows
  11. just let me know when to panic, is it now?
  12. id take one solitary nug at this point
  13. yeah outrageous price! but really does look like a good one, and really hard to get into the ballot (heard its about a 15% success rate) so I thought I may as well do it once
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