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  1. Yeah I know what you mean I really hope it doesn't come to that, my daily run is the main thing keeping me sane! Thankfully as the roads are so quiet its been quite easy to avoid people on the pavements round my way. think ill probably go for it if we're not on total lockdown but with the weekend coming up I feel like there are going to be more reports of people flouting the rules..
  2. hey fitness crew - haven't checked in for a few days, been out for my government permitted daily exercise the last few days just doing slow 10k's, not sure what to do about marathon training but currently debating still running 26.2miles around some quiet streets here on april 19th as planned, but I even feel a bit guilty as its going to take ~3.45hrs, guess ill see where we're at in the next few weeks. stay healthy! stay safe! x
  3. shin splint still giving me agg so I haven't been out at all and am slowly slipping into madness! may run the marathon around the block this week and just see if my knee explodes - glad to see everyone making the best of a bad situation though!
  4. think its for the best, going to ice it and rest for now and try a 5-10km on the weekend and see how I get on - but may move to getting a physio appointment if no better after this week (assuming theyre still open!)
  5. shin splint central last night - not really sure what to do about it, maybe struggle through the last 2-3 weeks of hard training before tapering off and running 26.2 anyway? or will my leg explode?? very annoying halfway through week 12 of a 16 week plan!
  6. grilladelphia


    yeah this - not a cancelled one but just from the 'fest that never was' would be cool
  7. Same here! first time ive missed more than 2 days running (in this training plan!) - definitely going to make the effort this eve I know of at least 3 people who have gone out and bought weights so I think this could be a thing..
  8. interesting thought, I wonder if the average age demographic will change much in 2021
  9. still think youll have a shot at the resale whenever that may be, definitely going to be some tickets back in the pot
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