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  1. I think we were given ours on booking day in Oct - we've got I believe 6am Thursday, judging by aa route planner it should be just over 2hr drive, lets say 3hrs for a buffer - then another hour to get into the site from Ped Gate A? So hoping to be in and setting up camp by 10am - anyone been from Reading before on the coach who can confirm?
  2. One training session left before the Hackney Half on Sunday (first half marathon)! Aiming for under 2 hours and praying it doesn't completely hammer it down!
  3. grilladelphia

    Ticket refund

    some sort of Face/Off type scenario?
  4. Still unsure of how to play the alcohol situation - coming via coach and with a heavy tent, will probably make do with 1L Vodka / 1L Rum and pray for some cheap(ish) mixers on-site - having the option to grab a slab of beer/cider there to leave in the tent would be perfect though
  5. I think this bar is at a few others as well, it was the crew bar when I was working at Bestival a few years back - cheap pints as I remember!
  6. grilladelphia


    Definitely a smoothie with as many additions as possible ASAP after waking up, have a smoke and a cereal bar/granola/flapjack to whet the appetite - then a pint. Followed by some paella or other rice based stodge to fill you for the day. (tried and tested since 2012).
  7. Hollie Cook on the Sunday sounds like a perfect start to the day!
  8. banged out my last long run on Saturday before the Hackney Half Marathon on the 19th! hoping for under 2hrs on the day if all goes to plan!
  9. Its my first glasto - however with previous festivals I tend to do an all nighter on sunday, pass out some time in the Monday morning, and eventually get moved on by the security at some point on the Monday afternoon
  10. Oh damn just looking back over and clocked Channel One Soundsystem perfek.
  11. Kitty, Toby & I were really looking forward to Jamie XX
  12. So many decent names on here! Definitely up for Kasra b2b Randall! DJ Vadim is always excellent for festvials. and The Last Skeptik doing his thanks for trying podcast with Asim (aka Chabuddy G) could be a nice sit down break with a bit of munch!
  13. my two cents: Have done Boomtown nearly every year since 2012 (I think I missed 2014) - and I agree the first is the best time, although it was a much smaller affair then -Its definitely gone downhill in terms of the crowd, a lot more roaming gangs of fezzie shotters and the vibe definitely gets a bit dark on the Sunday evening after the music goes off. And I'm 30 now, average age seems to be about 18! I almost feel like the organisers might do an SGP and just finish it one year, or allow it to be bought out (im sure they've had a lot of offers). However I managed to get a Glasto ticket this year so its probably off the cards, although last year I decided to get a Boomtown ticket on the Thursday of the festival as I had massive FOMO. will probably happen again.
  14. Although a site run sounds fun - definitely not worth expending the energy for me, need all the dancing energy I can get! fair play to any/all going for it though!
  15. Plenty of bangers all over this poster also everyone give Jgrrey a listen! headlining BBC introducing on the Friday.
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