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  1. was going to upvote this but you're on 420 and I didn't want to spoil it.
  2. Im going to put you down for both weekends.
  3. is it time for a hypothetical poll on who would go for both weekends though?
  4. expensive to set up a mobile salon for 1 week a year though, even if you could theoretically get a cheap/free pitch, plus they may not be inclined to spend the week cutting smashed peoples hair. just playing devils advocate though, if I was in the same position I would go for it 100%.
  5. Yeah what was the system they have (or used to as I haven't attended in about 15 years) at Reading with collecting cups for a beer or something?
  6. Upvote for "undanceable sadtronica" ahahah
  7. we had the same - still got 2 people to get for in the resale so all eyes will be on his magic internet connection (hardwired fibre cable)
  8. registered for the resale for Brighton marathon! (couldn't be bothered to scroll for the fitness for gf thread but it fits here )
  9. imagine if the roof leaked..
  10. out of upvotes but massively agree, last year not enough reggae by far! If One Love curated a stage for a day that would be fantastic!
  11. I'd think those "kill tory scum" guys probably wont be asked
  12. Not Glasto but had a mate with us at Boomtown 2012 who hadn't done a full festival before - it was about 30 degrees all weekend (similar situation to this year at G (still very fresh in my mind!)). So the Thursday he was battered by the time we were an hour outside the festival, he carried this on all day and night - woke up on the Friday with a giant hangover in a tent which more closely resembled an oven -threw a wobbly about "all these hippies" etc and got someone to come and collect him He lasted about 20hours onsite. However (plot twist) he ended up realising what a mistake he made and came back for about 5 years in a row following that.
  13. Carl Cox this year in the glade (Saturday maybe?) Funk, Soul & Disco set - 4 hours of pure fun
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