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  1. Last year the one I was after for ages went cheap on their site, wasn’t that many great offers all round though. Got me an xl f&b 4-man (feels much bigger) for £100.
  2. HeyPorter

    Efest posts

    Haven’t got a ticket but still soaking everything up on here nearly every day, definitely posting less (not that I was ever prolific) since joining the ticketless. Work nights and that’s when I sift through all the info/nonsense mostly.
  3. Finished it today, not that it needed much improvement but it truly gets better each season. I fear Netflix chopping it soon though.
  4. Hoping Beverley Knight gets that slot, she could do with being thrown a bone.
  5. Nothing here. Waiting to hear from my group now.
  6. HeyPorter

    2020 headliners

    How did it show? Packed the field more than the Cure and he apparently smashed it. Looked tremendous on the box too.
  7. Thinking this, definitely mid Pyramid next year if he does return. Park set this year was great.
  8. HeyPorter


    The only place they didn’t appear at this year so it definitely makes sense.
  9. HeyPorter

    2020 headliners

    So you’re saying that the X Factor made them??
  10. I truly fear Catfish & the lads are only an R&L co-head slot/another big album/breakout single away from being in a future headliner race.
  11. Yeah was thinking that too, expecting 2-3 appearances from them.
  12. Boy Azooga great shout. Can see The Murder Capital in there too. Still finding this years headliners quite bizarre.
  13. HeyPorter

    2020 headliners

    My two very first records I bought myself. Still think the victor was the correct one.
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