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  1. I love throwing random numbers out. 23
  2. Also, 90s X-Men cartoon is on there. I didn’t expect to get this spoilt with it already. Simpsons marathon in chronological order will happen soon.
  3. Plus I’m one for a bit of nostalgia and shall be caning all of Boy Meets World and it’s belated sequel which Disney+ will have.
  4. Also due to cinema closures there are rumours of upcoming releases like Black Widow going straight on there, Onwards should be on there next week despite only being out a month ago.
  5. Isn’t today the last chance to get it for £50 for the whole year? Definitely at that price, don’t think I would’ve bothered with it otherwise.
  6. Getting quite annoyed at the use of the word “frontline” in this topic. If you’ve got a counter in front of you and decently enforced patient contact then you’ve got it not too bad compared to a lot of us in the NHS who don’t like to shout about maybe being a bit more in the thick of it.
  7. Still surprised there’s been no clip of the infamous Billy Corgan & Homer meeting, one of the best gags ever.
  8. Don’t usually drink at home but have no choice now, think I’m a first timer in here too. Regular drunk poster though. Especially tuesdays as it was pool league night.
  9. Ours was well prepared but then turned into a shambles. Was great fun though, had a “how many toilet rolls you can balance on your head” challenge.
  10. We used Zoom for our quiz. Multi screen business communication app.
  11. Did a video quiz with some friends tonight, was brilliant to be fair and we’re doing it twice a week all donating money each quiz to our friend whose daughter has an inoperable brain tumour. The fundraising campaign has understandably slowed down so we’re doing our best to keep it going.
  12. Know what you mean, saw my 7yr old niece and pregnant sister on Friday knowing it’ll be the last time for maybe 3 months. I’m very close to them so it’ll be hard. Keep well and keep in touch with them, FaceTime is a godsend during times like these.
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