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  1. Don’t get the National, bored me live many years ago and haven’t given them a chance since. Have never liked the Beatles. A reformed Blink 182 should headline Glastonbury. Arcade Fire have released only one poor album I still watch Muse on every tour despite being repulsed by them these days Bruce Springsteen should headline again.
  2. Was it just one pair of tickets they were giving away?
  3. A sausage roll from the glorious place by Circus tent on Sunday night then picked up another midday on the Monday for home.
  4. HeyPorter

    The Rock Slot

    NIN far too big for that slot and daylight wouldn’t suit them. Marilyn is great when it comes to covers and that is a decent one, his version of Cry Little Sister would go down a treat too.
  5. HeyPorter

    The Rock Slot

    Perfect slot for him, he’s Download sub-size nowadays and I’d like to think he’d be curious himself to do a daytime set in front of the Pyramid dwellers.
  6. HeyPorter

    The Rock Slot

    Surprised there’s no shouts for Marilyn Manson. Not a big fan but he would be a must-see in that slot.
  7. Booked mine in May! Had no choice as I know others always go for that period and a few are whispering about trying for G despite me telling them it’s the worst and not worth their time.
  8. HeyPorter


    You are Liam Neeson.
  9. HeyPorter

    Maggie Rogers

    Walked by (a good 20 minutes) don’t know much about her but I liked what heard, sounds like a potential.
  10. The fact that people hadn’t been banging on about The Proclaimers made me feel that I didn’t miss much but know deep down it was a massive fail on my part.
  11. That’s exactly when I left, knew there was one more big banger to come (probably my favourite too) but felt I’d heard enough and was in a mood to move quickly. Very glad I did. Well at least next time you can start with Lukas and finish with Sheryl, same setlists would be ideal too.
  12. HeyPorter

    2020 headliners

    I am fully behind this, it’s happening.
  13. HeyPorter

    2020 headliners

    Can’t wait for Tay to be announced and CalGon will provide photographic evidence that he’s been keeping secret of her scouting the site in the early hours and was right all along.
  14. I love that there is always something for everyone. Doesn’t matter what age, gender, race there is something for you to enjoy massively there whether it’s an area, act, bar or general vibe that you’ll not get anywhere else all together.
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