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  1. I'd be surprised if it's that as they knew how many tickets they'd sold
  2. I paid for a ticket and it's coming up as invalid
  3. Get yourself ready for next year's Pyramid... And an even older classic from the first festival headliner...
  4. Yes love the Anderson .Paak one, can't wait to see him & his band on WH
  5. Maybe the ‘one legend slot per day’ fantasy is coming true before our eyes...
  6. billum

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    It's *after* the pub I *need* the support...
  7. I'm going to firm up my opinion and plump for an optimistic Tuesday Feb 25th
  8. Very rammed all the way back for Kylie - although there were several quite big pockets of space towards the middle of the crowd from what others have said.... If only there was a way of evenly distributing the crowd of people in a field, so all the 'empty' spaces get occupied! One day, using personal wearable alerts based on info from drones perhaps, but sadly not for Glasto50...
  9. From Emily's comments I think we get it earlier this year - possibly the earliest ever. It's a special one, and we already know more than we've ever known before about who's playing at this point! I think this is all because they've been booking the acts for the 50th for the last three years or so, so they'll have all the main stages sewn up earlier than ever. This makes me think we'll get the first poster earlier than the previous earliest of 15th March - I'm going for last week of Feb or first week of March (of course, I'm hoping that's the case coz I can't wait! Although more than a little pleased about what we know so far)
  10. billum

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Yeah I find that very annoying too - but these are often the people who are securing their position for the next act on, so they don't give a f*** for who you're trying to listen to
  11. billum

    See Coaches

    Taking the coach from the O2 for the first time this year - 9AM on the Wednesday. Can anyone enlighten me as to how long it's likely to take, so when we might arrive at the site?
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