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  1. First of the posters with days and the running order - wonder if that’ll be true for the remaining ones, and then we can really start fretting over the clashageddon
  2. First poster with what looks like the actual days and running order!
  3. I seem to remember he pulled out and ended up not appearing in the end, which was a shame. Anyone else remember and can confirm / deny? edit: it’s true! https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/festivals/glastonbury-2015-stephen-hawking-pulls-out-of-festival-due-to-personal-reasons-10349017.html #slownewsdayuntil10oclock
  4. Oh wow there is! (or at least was!) Never noticed that - ta Mr Z
  5. Spike quite a bit bigger and more open apparently - hopefully still with a stage (maybe even a bigger stage?) I thought the Glade Café/Bar was on the other side, as you head past Spike towards Greenpeace? And the bar between Glade & Other was not really linked - was it called the Solstice Bar or something?
  6. Yeah I was worried about that too, since there's no mention at all of any acts for the Spike. They used to have real (good!) bands there before as well - hope they still do in their new expanded form, had some great boogies up there....
  7. Well I guess if you were going to see just one act at WH, that'd be the one! What an incredible performance
  8. One of my top Glasto spots too, but my mates' routine starts earlier: we have a habit of gathering at WH as soon as it's starting (11 normally) for a breakfast Toffee Apple cider from the Bro's, with hopefully something chilled yet groovy and a bit jazz-worldy just coming on stage. What a perfect start to the day! (And it usually just gets better from there....)
  9. billum


    Dear old Jeremy Hardy, what a loss. Managed to talk to him briefly at his last Glasto appearance, what a lovely guy, and incredibly funny
  10. I'd be surprised if it's that as they knew how many tickets they'd sold
  11. I paid for a ticket and it's coming up as invalid
  12. Get yourself ready for next year's Pyramid... And an even older classic from the first festival headliner...
  13. Yes love the Anderson .Paak one, can't wait to see him & his band on WH
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