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  1. billum

    Unique IPs on T day

    That doesn't in itself prove anything, as it's much too small a sample. But if it's true that it doesn't make a difference, we're tearing up the eFests rulebook of ticket buying wisdom! 😱
  2. Yeah loved the Wormhole this year, and would also highly recommend Small World for brilliant late night live music, great coffee, and sunken fires to huddle around
  3. But I thought you said Glastonbury ticket buyers are: So is that what you think of as the tolerant bunch?
  4. But, sorry to sound like a smart-arse, that is also exactly what you'd see if it was truly random...
  5. billum

    Good Luck ALL !

    You got some sleep? Give thanks! 😁
  6. billum

    Good Luck ALL !

    Here it comes - very best of luck all!
  7. I'm worried we might have a couple of 'passengers' tomorrow morning, but I'm going to be the bastard Sgt Major saying at 8:45 on the WhatsApp group "OK, who's here wanting to try for tickets??"
  8. Better to refresh, but keep it under 60 per minute!
  9. billum

    The Zone

    Definitely a bit of balls-out panic - but I do need to be without any distractions, and if anyone accidentally asks me a question in *that time*, well, unfortunately they'll see a snappy side of me that I'd prefer to think does not exist....
  10. C'mon guys! It ain't over til it's over! *Somebody's* gotta get those tickets, right?
  11. Makes practically no difference, you're fine!
  12. Excellent! Best of luck tomorrow Crazy!
  13. Hmm, I'd expect the option below the one you've got there, the USB LAN, to be the one to select, but that one seems to say Not Connected. I presume your adapter plugs into a USB socket? Might it need a driver installing? (Some do, some don't)
  14. It'll only use the wired connection when you turn off the Wi-Fi that you've been using so far. You might then need to select the ethernet adapter in the Network Control Panel too. Also, does your new adapter have led's on it to show network activity, and if so are they blinking up at you happily (to make sure the ethernet cable you've plugged into it is sound)?
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