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  1. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    Nice pic. Do you like mine?
  2. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    Well someone else has to come I cba just being stuck with @crazyfool1 and bloody @squirrelarmy all night 😒😒
  3. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    Thank you xx Everyone very welcome xx
  4. Oh no I'm sorry you've not been having a great time lately. Hopefully things can only get better from here- lots of love to you and your family Guy xxx
  5. not very helpful at all really was it. Sorry
  6. If you auto renew im sure you get a receipt through to your email... not sure about manual x And of course i could have made that up and you don't. i don't really remember
  7. Merry Christmas everyone xxxxx 2 more sleeps
  8. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    see u all later x i got some wrapping to finish tonight so ill be nice & loud- i know you all enjoy it when i make so much noise u cant hold a proper conversation xxxxxxxx
  9. Oh nightmare!! Hope u can get them sorted soonish or at least still be able to see your presents & your xmas dinner!! 😄 Hope you and the family are doing alright, nice one for getting the forums back. Merry Christmas Neil x
  10. Wellyboot

    The Joke Thread

    I dont know how you dare! Yours are the worst!! @Losing my hair will back me up on this!!
  11. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    😂 since its Christmas!
  12. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    I actually have a Christmas jumper with a squirrel on believe it or not Bought long before i knew squirrel existed- must have been a sign
  13. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    I'll get my Christmas jumper out x
  14. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    Was really lovely tonight xx
  15. John Peel Tent Doves 95 (+10) Hot Chip 165 Sigur Rós 105 Jazz World / West Holts Kool and the Gang 240 Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 285 The Mothership Returns (George CIinton, ParIiament, Funkadelic and The FamiIy Stone) 215 Earth, Wind and Fire 260 Justice 930 JaneIIe Monáe 285
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