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  1. It is THREE WEEKS!!! I really need to get going with the line up too!! This weekend I'm hoping to air my tent so that'll be one job done! Excellent news about the weather!! I am more than happy with delightful!! :D
  2. I agree with this, not only do they need more toilets but more water points too! I remember really struggling on one of the days last year to fill my bottle up and ended up having to buy one. I know its only a couple of quid, but I could have avoided buying another plastic bottle. But, I've only been to two Booms before so it may be that I don't know the site well enough/where to go..
  3. Thank you for the pictures! 😃
  4. Amazing thank you!!! 😃
  5. Brilliant thank you!! I'll pop that down! 😃 Thanks so much everyone for ur suggestions for me!
  6. Woooo Lucy thank you you're an angel!! Tommy, excellent use of the word MEGA! Me and Lucy have just been discussing how much we love that word haha!! So we'll keep you! I'm rubbish I haven't gone through the line up properly yet at all (cos I've been too busy sulking about not being at Glast this year!) but have had a couple of suggestions on here that I should check out! But that's as far as my plans gone yet!
  7. Thanks very much I'll make sure I check um out 😃 Starting to get dead excited now! 31 days to go!!
  8. Thank you I'll be sure to check out Dr Peacock! 😃 Anything else I should be listening to or see when am there recommendations are very welcome! Thanks again
  9. Now Glast is over and I've almost stopped crying about missing it I am ready to get proper excited now 😃 So if anyone has any recommendations I should check out before we go / see when am there I'd be dead grateful! Send um my way! I love owt I can dance to 😃
  10. I've gone on holiday I'm not home til Tuesday so I'm about it all! Can't bring myself to watch it on telly or the radio or anything. The heartbreak is real
  11. Wellyboot

    Resale Club 2019

    I can't stop crying it's going to be so hard first time in 10 years ☚ī¸
  12. Ah mate I feel your pain, I keep crying!! At least we have Boomtown to get excited for tho! Will be a hell of a lot easier after next week
  13. 😂😂 Exactly how a feel!!
  14. Brilliant! Thanks! Might stick my trainers on it looks fine that 😃
  15. I'm the same don't really wanna wear wellies but if it's really muddy I will do. More for the hassle before cos we want to go a few pubs in town before we head up to HP and I'll feel a right biff in wellies
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