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  1. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    Nice pic. Do you like mine?
  2. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    Well someone else has to come I cba just being stuck with @crazyfool1 and bloody @squirrelarmy all night 😒😒
  3. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    Thank you xx Everyone very welcome xx
  4. Oh no I'm sorry you've not been having a great time lately. Hopefully things can only get better from here- lots of love to you and your family Guy xxx
  5. not very helpful at all really was it. Sorry
  6. If you auto renew im sure you get a receipt through to your email... not sure about manual x And of course i could have made that up and you don't. i don't really remember
  7. Merry Christmas everyone xxxxx 2 more sleeps
  8. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    see u all later x i got some wrapping to finish tonight so ill be nice & loud- i know you all enjoy it when i make so much noise u cant hold a proper conversation xxxxxxxx
  9. Oh nightmare!! Hope u can get them sorted soonish or at least still be able to see your presents & your xmas dinner!! 😄 Hope you and the family are doing alright, nice one for getting the forums back. Merry Christmas Neil x
  10. Wellyboot

    The Joke Thread

    I dont know how you dare! Yours are the worst!! @Losing my hair will back me up on this!!
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