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  1. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    ❤ #teamvm This This! Like I said before, they've all forgotten what they were preaching a few month ago (Plus they don't come to the vms anyway) And honestly, if that is what you need to do, then do it. Because you should always do what you feel is best for yourself. But if we can change your mind or you change your mind before (or during) then do come x we'll miss you if you aren't there, but if course we'd understand. Big love always always always ❤ remember that x
  2. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    100000% this ❤ And you can absolutely write a negative post if thats how you feel and shouldn't be down voted for it ❤ They are the same people who were preaching 'be kind' not that long ago. Some people could do with remembering that!
  3. 😆 its the truth!! I mean it with all of my heart! I want The Healy! On the pyramid!
  4. I'd rather have The 1975 and I'm not saying that to join in the 'joke' I really, really mean it 😍
  5. The current lokcdown may have only been 3 weeks so far for you, but for us up North its been pretty much the same from March up to now we had the big lockdown then straight into tier 3 and now this haha!! (i only say this cos I'm jealous if you had a little break from it all ) I have a grandma on my dad's side whos in her 80's and she's well scared so has been following all the rules (shes very asthmatic as well as lots of other health issues) but my grom & grandad on my mum's side, both in their 60's have had enough and - in the words of my grandad - are "still going about their bu
  6. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    I'm delighted you're going to be there! But I wanna see Arthur too!! I want you to meet him!!!!
  7. Wellyboot

    Virtual Meet

    I hope Arthur is going to make another appearance this weekend
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