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  1. For the record I am now not backing up the Friday/Monday night thing as I don't know when that was. It's a separate story. I'm just saying what Michael was saying at a small event in March/April that year about a third headliner being imminent but being notoriously difficult to confirm. Then nothing happened and there was clearly a scramble as The Who ended up cancelling stuff to play.
  2. Fair enough, it's not exactly against what I'm saying - the story wasn't he was 100% (quite the opposite). Michael was saying they were hoping to announce the third headliner that night (although think he also hinted it could be later in week) but couldn't be sure until it was 100% because of the way 'he' was and past dealings with said unnamed artist. From memory that was a fairly wild year for the last headliner until The Who confirmed. You may even have ran a story about a supergroup rumour or something at one stage?
  3. This was some time before the Who got announced. Would have been in late March/early April - closer Foos and Kanye had been confirmed. I remember you breaking The Who rumours a few days before it was announced - and people being sceptical because they had a gig in Paris (?) that weekend. I remember it being uncertain for a few weeks before that who would be the third and it wasn't on the poster. Some crazy suggestions were being thrown around. However this incident was way before then. Anyway, there's also a blog of the Glastonbury gig from a crew member of "The Who". It's even on their official website. It states they were a last minute replacement for Prince. It's here - https://www.thewho.com/backstage-blog/28-june-2015-glastonbury-festival-worthy-farm-somerset/
  4. Michael was at a small event (he was opening an art exhibition for an autism charity) that I was at, where he said at the table that they were hoping the final headliner would be announced that evening (think it was a Monday but not sure). Was the same year Kanye played. However he wouldn't say who except something like 'he's unpreditable, until he's 100% confirmed you can never be sure'. Anyway, nothing was announced and The Who played.
  5. When does the J&J one hit the UK?
  6. Not sure that's true in the real world at all. I am sure all the people who got the opportunity to sit down and consume - people on here, reviewers etc - really enjoyed the artistic merit of the film itself. The BBC airings will also be positive for the festival. However, the live stream itself was essentially a total disaster. For lots of people it was something where they got all their mates together for an evening after lockdown and then were confronted by a complete mess. Most people I've spoken to don't hold any grudge against the festival and blame the company - so it won't harm their reputation - but a "triumph" is almost comically strong for something that went really badly wrong on the night.
  7. The council approved the two day licence and the chair of the licensing called it a two day concert on twitter. If it is just one-day that will be Glastonbury’s decision - Mendip haven’t said otherwise For what it’s worth Pilton Party is normally a Friday.
  8. Pretty sure it is a condition on the license application so it would be mandatory. It just seems people hadn't read it.
  9. No delight taken, but Starmer is absolutely awful and both the polls and anecdotal evidence suggests most people agree. It might change but there is absolutely nothing to get behind. Labour will probably lose the by election of a seat they held in 2019 and considering how awful the last year had been for most people, that is by any standards a poor show. Grim stuff.
  10. I don’t think he was saying it would be that high. Just that flu has recently been that high without anyone batting an eyelid.
  11. Good point. So stop comparing people to Lawrence Fox or the death cult just because they share a single idea on a form of digital ID
  12. It’s not a reaction to Covid at all. The idea of vaccine passports or a ‘health passport’ or common pass etc outdates the pandemic by years. Well if someone’s had their vaccine it shouldn’t matter anyway? They shouldn’t be infected.
  13. That’s the Lib Dems, left of the Labour Party and Starmer against them now. It’s not just the ‘death cult’ as you hear from @eFestivals(as if Boris/Gove/Sunak etc are actually better than that wing anyway)
  14. Sorry. Long day! (long year!)
  15. No. But at the same time I think people shouldn’t be complacent with their freedoms. Peaceful protests were taken away last week. Making out people who have legitimate concerns about governments are ‘conspiracy theorists’ is lazy smug arguing and detracts from actual nonsense that gets peddled.
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