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  1. I think most headliners have lulls though. Even the Stones, who stormed it, had that bit where Jagger went off. Whilst I agree Fuh You and another could have gone for Jet or another Beatles one (A Hard Days Night was my favourite as a kid), Macca was basically doing a career set and played 23 Beatles songs (more Stones songs than the Stones played) and the last 90 minutes was probably the best that stage has seen. People around me who were ambivalent about him before and even (perhaps more so?) at half way had been losing their minds for a solid hour or so by the end. That’s why it is probably best I’ve seen, regardless of the relative flatness of the first half (which still included a few bangers). The last 90 was just nuts. The only time I’ve ever genuinely felt like my face may fall off.
  2. The main crushes I saw/heard about were probably preventable with more-joined up: Before TLC (I was caught up leaving Sleaford Mods) and this could perhaps have been solved with some quicker stewarding Mel C - Daft to keep that Williams Green stuff going with few alternatives (and none on the same level). Thursday needs some work (possibly even Weds too as the queues for the fields for the fireworks weren't always pleasant) Diana Ross - There needs to be bigger clashes against the Legend slot. Fontaines DC/Amyl (an annoying clash for me) are great but not pulling the majority of casuals away from the Pyramid. Needs a huge Other Stage act against the Legend in my opinion. There are already more people on site, and less feeling motivated to move around, more camp chairs out etc. I got stuck for a bit in this trying to help someone who was finding it all very stressful - and to be honest it was terrible. McFly - Way too much of a draw to be playing afternoon Avalon slot with all the families about. Why didn't they clash with Diana for example? I think some Secret Sets also need a rethink. Yeah it's been fun, but the pre-planned ones mostly leak well in advance and all that ultimately happens is you end up with angsty and disappointed punters unable to see and fighting for very limited positions. Fair play to Secret Glasto etc. for not publicising the Nutini at Rabbit Hole as they may well have saved some injuries.
  3. Yeah I agree. Most of it seems to be people blaming ‘others’ - old people blaming young people and their ‘drugs’, southerners like me blaming ‘scousers’ etc. when I saw enough old people or sober or southerners people behaving the same way. But to be honest most people there behaved as they normally do. There were just a few more people on site and some brain dead stewarding (or lack of it) exasperated some issues caused by the booking choices/lack of activities on at another time. That’s what made it unsafe at times.
  4. Exactly this. Said for a while you could have a few, tall, permanent flag poles to help people find their mates etc - with entered designs on. Loads of flags were indefensible even if you like flags - way to short, large or contained multiple flags.
  5. I thought it said that earlier when I was up having a coffee but on the app it has Dub Wu-Lu?
  6. There’s a gap in the tonight at 6
  7. Their Bath show (Thurs) has now been cancelled. And it's not Captain Sensible anyway who's tested positive and it shouldn't make a blind bit of difference if it was - I think most people have come to realise that, whatever some were saying in 2020, you can test positive with or without the vaccine.
  8. Have LCD Soundsystem been ruled out? They're in Brixton from the Monday?
  9. strummer77

    Avalon Cafe

    I know a couple of people locally who seem to have been sidelined/their nose out of joint. Don’t know the ins and out of it but they were cussing Benn/MF
  10. Looking at going to a foreign Springsteen date (maybe Hamburg or Munich). Just want to check a couple of things. They’re not showing on British ticketmaster but are on the German - so Is it just as simple as setting up an account for the German version and buying from that Ticketmaster? Also Saw delivery quoted delivery prices was only to EU location but assume you can get etickets?
  11. Think QOTSA was a pleasant surprise at the time
  12. Wouldn't they just put 'June 24-26'? Three sets seems unusual but actually less unusual than listing it three times.
  13. strummer77

    Boris @ Glasto

    I was stood near his brother - Jo Johnson -at the West Holts stage a few years back. Waiting for Toots in 2017, when there was the no show.
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