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  1. **claire**

    Name and Shame

    I read about this earlier on FB - shocking behaviour!
  2. **claire**

    Weather 2017

    I'm quite sure you're due a vintage weather year, seeing as I'm not going - I'm sure that's how it works? If we could all share the sunshine about a bit so we have good weather on 17th for our wedding, I'd be very grateful!
  3. **claire**

    Explosion at the M.E.N

    So sorry to hear the news Lucy & Stu, sending love & light to you & Martyn's loved ones xx
  4. **claire**

    Pilton party

    I should think the locals deserve a HUGE thank you after this year's traffic shenanigans!
  5. **claire**

    Secret resales

    It's like a full time job! GOOD LUCK!
  6. **claire**

    Secret resales

    Good luck for these last few competition wins - I'm rooting for you xx
  7. **claire**

    Secret resales

    Is it happening?! Good luck everyone in need!
  8. **claire**

    please buy tickets via our links

    Haven't bought concert tickets for quite a while but I did this morning! Hopefully my ticketmaster purchase will make a small difference.
  9. **claire**

    Worthy View Review

    Sounds like Hitchin Hill this year!
  10. **claire**


    What a beautiful sight the webcam is today - full to the brim of fun stuff waiting to be experienced! Can't we just pop down today instead of waiting a week?
  11. **claire**


    True! I shall find something else to fret about instead.
  12. **claire**


    I'm concerned with the rate of progress of the Other Stage roof - at this rate it'll be just above head-height by the Friday morning! Looking good on site today otherwise.
  13. **claire**

    Secret resales

    Well done everyone - sterling work!
  14. **claire**

    Secret resales

    Anyone need help? At my PC!
  15. **claire**

    Pink Floyd?

    Every cloud...