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  1. If you log on to the Trainline you can usually set an alert. GWR is *usually* 12 weeks before for cheapy tickets, but it can be more or less, so set an alert up and they'll email you. Don't forget split ticketing can save you money too depending on where you come from. I did Oxford > Reading, Reading > Westbury and Westbury > Castle Cary last time as separate tickets and it saved me nearly £25...
  2. Email earlier this week from my charity confirming I can have a place. Thankfully Fiona's dealing with charity teams once she's sorted the individuals so they've not asked for the £300 deposit yet. Hopefully they can hang fire till the end of Jan and I can pay it after payday This will be year 5 for me litterpicking so I turn veteran and get a different colour t-shirt! Woo!
  3. PSB were flipping awesome on BBC4 just now. Would be WELL happy if they played Glastonbury again next year.
  4. Until this year, when Marti Pellow arrived epically late and proceeded to be shite, I'd definitley say the Cooper Temple Clause on Other in 2003. Utter rubbish. And with hindsight, of course, Rolf....
  5. Friday is looking grim. I'm definitely being a chair w*nker this weekend
  6. I sneaked some gin inna tin through in my leggings last year before I realised everyone else was being much more blatant than me...
  7. I think it was about £10 last time. We just got one between us and took a photo of the schedule for if we were separate.
  8. Musically there's not that much going on for me at Glastonbury any more - this year I only saw about 6 bands (wheras the lineup for Green Man this year is basically wall-to-wall my musical taste for three full days). However I don't think that will stop me going. I enjoy the 'other stuff' much more than I enjoy standing about watching a mediocre indie band on the John Peel... 2019 is the last year I go by train though. I'm still suffering with the bruise I got from falling up the stairs for the overbridge at Castle Cary lugging all my kit.
  9. I'm a contractor / freelancer now. The last two weeks of June are blocked out with absolutely, positively NO exceptions, in perpetuity.
  10. There was a chap camping near us in Tom's Field who had a massive and quite detailed version of the naked Pyramid right across his back, with the Faithless lyrics 'this is my church, this is where I heal my hurts' above it it. I don't usually like massive tattoos but it was bloody amazing. JoBalls - I love that design - it's lovely!
  11. They had two outlets this time - one in the main drag and one in the Park.
  12. I volunteer with a charity - we're a small team of 20 and it's usually the same people each year. Groups like Shelter, Kiota, Bhopal etc. take lots and lots of volunteers; best thing is to apply direct.
  13. The Monday 6am - 12noon shift is the last volunteer litterpicking shift; there are post-festival volunteers in the recycling centre Mon - Thurs after the festival. Signs go up onsite on Sunday for after-festival pickers. Register in Tom's Field on Tuesday, work starts Weds 8am - £9/hour for 8 hours/day plus three meals. A good gig in this weather, but must be bloody horrible in the mud.
  14. The 'punishment' for running, diving, heavy petting etc. this year was to be sprayed with water, so several of us spent a good few minutes running back and forth getting soaked - lovely in that heat!
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