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  1. Round the Twist was definitely there.
  2. Yes, theoretically. But not, not really. Unless you're opening swigging from your can of beverage you'll be fine.
  3. pie_and_a_pint

    Green man

    I must admit I always treat Green Man like a giant three-day beer festival with the added benefit of an extremely strong music lineup! I genuinely love Green Man during the day, but there’s lots going on after dark too - good dance music and comedy until 2am. When I was walking to the bus station at 5am last year for the first bus out, there were plenty folk just off to bed!
  4. I have a three-man pop up fresh and black and (aside from being a bit tricky to pack away till you get the knack) it’s brilliant.
  5. I was picking about a million Strongbow Dark Fruits cans up…
  6. See also the ones by Ped Gate C / Astrolabe. Sparkly fresh all weekend - and soap at the sinks!
  7. Stop fucking yapping at the top of your voice while the act is on. I don't care about how much coke Josh did last night or how Ella got, like, a glitter tattoo, and while it's thrilling to hear that mum and dad are off to Malta for a fortnight on Sunday and Tony got booked in for his hip replacement, you can talk about that later. For now, there's a nice man/lady/band on stage performing their heart out for our enjoyment, and we're all here because we'd all quite like to hear them, not you and your mundane chitchat. (This applies in any 'live music on stage' scenario, from the tiniest little pub backroom to the Pyramid Stage and everything in between!)
  8. Pet Shop Boys. Utterly brilliant from start to finish. Best non-music act was (as always) Stephen Frost's Comedy Allstars. I laughed so much I was genuinely in danger of falling off my seat.
  9. We used to use nail varnish remover and a paint scraper...
  10. I know. I was one of them (John Peel though, not Pyramid).
  11. Manic Organic will be back next year, according to their social media.
  12. No, that’s Denelas from Shepton. Good, but not ‘freshly baked cheese and pesto focaccia from Lydia’s’ good.
  13. And yet there was SIGNIFICANTLY less litter this year than in any previous year I’ve been. Thankfully people are getting the message (and having no plastic bottles has helped too).
  14. Yes. And ‘heavy’ security.
  15. They weren’t there in 2019 either - not in the same spot anyway. Looks weird without it!
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