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  1. Looks like the ‘tickets are limited’ message is already on social media - I’d assume they’ll sell out pretty soon!
  2. Tickets bought, but very quite disappointed there's no payment plan this year.
  3. Like I’d waste phone battery on the app… 🙄
  4. Fontaines D.C. were ludicrously good. Unsurprisingly.
  5. It was Laura Marling. Miffed to miss it, but seeing her on tour soon anyway.
  6. Ibibio Sound Machine we’re (unsurprisingly) awesome last night. Small-ish crowd but great fun!
  7. Lol! We were just joking this evening that ‘loads of bands sound like Squid’ and lo and behold… 😂
  8. Working Men’s Club were great. I think their set was shorter though because they started late but ended on time.
  9. 20 mins (if that) at the bus gate just now - and that was with two shuttles and a national express just in! Trains were a shitshow - Transport for Wales should hang its head in shame then go and look at how GWR manages Glastonbury!
  10. I'm pretty sure the Met Office app is changing by the minute. I've just put three jumpers, a waterproof and some Factor 50 sunscreen in my rucksack. Covering all bases...
  11. Goan Fish Curry are usually there and they do a fantastic vegan lentil dish, IIRC. I’m not vegan but tried one of Pieminister’s plant-based pies the other day and it was delicious. And of course for the late-night munchies the red tea bus does toast, and they always have marmite, peanut butter etc. The Welsh Cakes from the local school’s cake stall are, sadly, not vegan. They are the best Welsh Cakes in the world, though.
  12. Yeah, no, I'm not worried about Monday morning per se. As long as I'm on the first or second train out of Abergavenny I'll be fine to get home, have a shower and be presentable from the waist up for a conference call or two... ugh... 😩 I was just wondering about getting in tomorrow. Don't especially want to spend four hours standing about at a train station to travel 12 miles up the road when there's a local bus that might get me there quicker...
  13. LOL. She'll catch her death. Somebody lend her a fleece...
  14. I'll take a good book then, and sit on my camping chair in the queue... 🤣 I don't know which weather forecast you're looking at but I don't think it's going to be 'Glasto 2007' levels of mud...
  15. Does anyone have experience of arriving / leaving on the shuttle bus from the railway station? It says to 'allow 90 minutes' but Abergavenny station is only 20 mins down the road... are there big queues for the buses on arrival at the station? (Am hoping to leave the site on the first bus on Monday morning - at 6am - as I need to be on the first train out of Abergavenny - stupidly have some work to do on Monday afternoon. I'm guessing that particular bus won't be packed... 🤣)
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