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  1. There was a chap camping near us in Tom's Field who had a massive and quite detailed version of the naked Pyramid right across his back, with the Faithless lyrics 'this is my church, this is where I heal my hurts' above it it. I don't usually like massive tattoos but it was bloody amazing. JoBalls - I love that design - it's lovely!
  2. They had two outlets this time - one in the main drag and one in the Park.
  3. I volunteer with a charity - we're a small team of 20 and it's usually the same people each year. Groups like Shelter, Kiota, Bhopal etc. take lots and lots of volunteers; best thing is to apply direct.
  4. The Monday 6am - 12noon shift is the last volunteer litterpicking shift; there are post-festival volunteers in the recycling centre Mon - Thurs after the festival. Signs go up onsite on Sunday for after-festival pickers. Register in Tom's Field on Tuesday, work starts Weds 8am - £9/hour for 8 hours/day plus three meals. A good gig in this weather, but must be bloody horrible in the mud.
  5. The 'punishment' for running, diving, heavy petting etc. this year was to be sprayed with water, so several of us spent a good few minutes running back and forth getting soaked - lovely in that heat!
  6. But copied from the lifeguards in the entrance to Glebeland who've been doing that for years...
  7. Ooh, I do love a bit of misdirected classism in the morning... The point remains that if people are able to sneak (for nefarious reasons or not) in then no-one, whether 'clueless and posh' or otherwise will be able to buy tickets next time because the festival won't get a licence and there won't be a festival.
  8. I'd be more worried if people were at Glastonbury acting normally, tbh...
  9. I was there too - adore hearing him speak about the history of the farm and the festival. Loved the story about him playing Lola by the Kinks to his cows every day!
  10. Mine too. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them again.
  11. I'm not sure what's unclear there? You asked if Co-op was basically full of single-use plastic and I replied that yes, Co-op was full of single use plastic. Just like in a normal Co-op.
  12. Have a look in Mountain Warehouse - they sell buff-style headbands. Or Seasalt's Handybands?
  13. Yes. Slabs of cans were in shrinkwrap. While sandwich wrappers were biodegradable, the fruit, other lunch items like salad, snack pots like hummus etc. were exactly like they are in a regular Co-op, as in in a plastic punnet with a flimsy plastic lid. Loaves of bread in plastic wrappers. Sausages and bacon in plastic trays with flimsy plastic lids. Porridge pots.
  14. I burst into tears as soon as the 'We are delighted to announce Sir David Attenborough will appear on the Pyramid stage' notification came up on my phone, so you can imagine what I was like when he walked out on stage. He is to me as God is to a religious person, so I was a little overwhelmed...
  15. 4 x 6 hours for litterpicking. 6am - 12noon or 1pm to 7pm, Thurs to Sun or Fri to Mon. I do mornings Fri to Mon; would hate afternoons.
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