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  1. I think I've followed you with this before but the best one on that page is...
  2. cerv


    Oooh, care to share the other 2?
  3. Formerly known as Carlito Burrito, renamed last year to something like Burrito Cartel I think? And yeah, they're best burrito on site I've found
  4. Wasn't paying 100% attention but pretty sure I just heard Liz Kershaw drop a big hint that Brittany Howard will be involved: "I wonder what she's doing on the 8th?". And your other guesses sound very plausible. Excellent detective work!
  5. cerv

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Very fond memories of this set brightening up an otherwise dreary afternoon in 2008. Chas and Dave also great for putting a smile on your face.
  6. cerv

    Unique IPs on T day

    I'm not sure there's any difference. This 60+ refresh a minute Busy msg and the one you see on ticket day are a result of the same thing: the load balancer doing its job protecting the web servers at the back end from becoming overloaded by limiting the number of incoming connections. If you keep refreshing that busy page you'll see it will still take you back to the regular site once it's kept you at bay on the holding page for a few seconds.
  7. cerv

    Unique IPs on T day

    I think there needs to be a distinction between the different ways you failed to get a ticket: 1) You consistently were able to refresh a busy page but didn’t get through (or further than that) 2) You never even saw a busy page If you fall in camp 1 then you just had bad luck and didn’t catch a free slot whenever you refreshed. Fair enough, that’s the way the system works. If you fall in camp 2 then you were probably never in the running at all Question is why does 2 happen? Maybe an overload in a network link between you and See. I can’t say for certain as during the sale I didn’t do the kind of tests that might help prove that. Was too busy trying to get myself a ticket. There are other possibilities too of course. In previous years I have failed to get any busy page on my home broadband but this year I did. No guarantee the network route between me and the website is the same as last year and also no guarantee it was under the same amount of load. With too many factors involved in reality there is probably no reliable way to control or know in advance whether you’ll fall into 1 or 2. And so it’s just another layer of ‘luck’ you need to go your way. It could be mitigated a little by using different internet connections but that’s no guarantee. You still need to get lucky that one of them can at least get a busy page to have a chance.
  8. I got this for myself this year: https://www.sportsdirect.com/gelert-chinook-4-tent-93-783094#colcode=78309402 Was v. happy with it at that price. Good weight considering you can practically stand in it. Plenty of room for 2 but 3 with all your gear might be getting a little cosy.
  9. Your experience is very similar to what I have seen this year (and matches with previous years too). I'm not sure it is down to being sent to an overloaded server any more (tho that is still possible in some instances). I now think a more likely cause is a failure along the network route from your machine to the See tickets site. With the amount of people trying, employing all sorts of tactics, the traffic generated is obviously big. Each request for the ticket page passes through a number of different routers (ones not necessarily operated by your ISP or See) on its way to See. If the route your request takes is also being used by a large number of other Glasto ticket hunters then it could start to look like an attack (DDOS) and the network kit it's passing through might be configured to actually kill the connection attempts thinking something malicious is going on. Horrid if correct as there is next to nothing you can do about this. Your only hope is to have access to multiple internet connections, each will have their own route to See, find one that at least gets you to the Busy page then just focus on that for your best hope.
  10. I had 9 different desktops running, friends had a few running too. Say 12 in total? All in the same AWS region (probably should have spread them out). None had a sniff. Wasn't hammering the severs with these machines either, just slow steady refreshing. When sale stopped access was back and sold out page loaded. Wasn't connecting network data I'm afraid.
  11. I'm not sure this is the only reason for this behaviour from what I was seeing. Before this year's sale I was thinking exactly the same as you: it's that X-Mapping cookie sending you to a duff server, clear it and things should improve right? So I did some tests this time on multiple cloud machines after being so frustrated in previous years at not even getting a holding page up. Upshot was they didn't work at all, I had connection timeouts on all of them. They weren't even getting that X-Mapping cookie issued. Meanwhile on my home broadband and logging into a work machine for another internet connection I had a steady holding page appear that I could comfortably refresh (getting quick response). The common link between those cloud desktops is the network that they were connecting via. Wouldn't be surprised others were running some instances too, maybe hammering it with auto-refresh tools and so all I can think is that there was a bottleneck in the journey (i.e. hops) between the cloud network and see's servers that led to the timeout. My attempts weren't even reaching See I think. Nothing you can do about that, you just need to have a variety of different internet connections to dip into in case one you're using gives you solid timeouts.
  12. I spun up some machines on AWS for myself and friends to remote desktop to and give us another another internet connection as it were. Didn't really help, almost all had connection timeouts most of the time. Plus there's definitely an element of overloading yourself with this stuff, it can get hard to keep track of. My work machine was the most reliable performer. I got straight through to the busy page on two different browsers, had one steadily auto-refreshing, the other me doing manually. Got to a reg page but it kept hanging and by then I think we were down to the dregs of what was available coach wise so when I got through to next stage I couldn't get to payment. End result was nadda. Knew of 8 other groups of friends of friends trying. None successful, a few getting past Enter Reg stage but then also found it hanging too. Brutal!
  13. Clear your cookies and try again. This is why I've been recommending you have just ONE incognito/private window open for your refreshing. Any issues had, close it and open another as a quick way of clearing any cookies being used. Theory being one possible cause of this is your cookies sending you to a back-end server that's overloaded/dead. Forcing a new cookie to be issued will hopefully mean you are sent to a different one.
  14. The page isn't clear what happens first in the coach sale. I've never bought them myself but I'm pretty sure the first page you see, before you get to a page to enter reg numbers, is a page asking if you want Weds or Thurs departure. So you need to pick which day you're going for before you get to see list of departures/times left for that day. Can someone confirm if I've remembered that right?
  15. The thing is, @parsonjack has tested this, as have I, and we both experienced the same thing... open up multiple browsers set them refreshing away and they will all turn to the busy page when you up the refresh rate above a certain level. Even a separate device on the same WiFi. Agreed this doesn't make huge amounts of sense for those whose internet is NAT'd via one public IP. So there is probably something else going on here. Maybe some kind of fingerprinting or IP lookup table that can make a good guess as to whether this is a straight forward home internet connection or an institution/workplace of some kind. Without access we're not going to know. But the tests do show it happens. Of course, that's the result right now, they might move the goalposts when things are on sale.
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