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  1. Not sure if this helps you or not but in case you didn't know you can play to your Sonos speakers direct from the Spotify app on your phone rather than use the Sonos one. Tap the bottom left hand corner when playing in Spotify to select a different device. Bravo @Brave Sir Robin for your work here again. About to tuck in myself!
  2. cerv

    Glasto Google Map

    🙂 An excellent thorough map. When I first did glastomap I looked into going down the Google route but the tools available for custom maps weren't quite as good as they are now. Plus it limits you a bit in adding anything extra (e.g. sharing locations) but as shown here you can get pretty far even when staying within their limits.
  3. cerv

    Where are you camping?

    There was something in Carmageddon that I think did breakfast food; can't remember if it did hot drinks tho. It was the first year there in 2017 so they might have more available this time. If that's not to your liking it's not much of a stroll into Paines ground where you'll find brekkie bars or vans on both the paths that take you into Arcadia field.
  4. cerv


    Yeah @cerv who runs it said he was hopeful of a return soon. Ah forgot I'd put that message up, have changed it now. I came close to getting it up again but hit a snag; can't say much about it at the moment but still hopeful I can keep all parties happy. Not gonna happen before this festival though.
  5. Saw him years ago when my sis got tickets. Went along for some sibling time as opposed to really wanting to see him but was mightily impressed by the show. I've been wanting him to play Glasto ever since, would be immense. You think they would have inquired right? But in 2016 he told Matt Everitt he'd never been asked. Gotta wonder if that's really the case though e.g. management may have been contacted, they declined and word never reached him. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03g70jp Before that there was a quote from him saying he was too old for it or something. But then he did Bestival so I think that's no longer an issue. I doubt payday is a big concern for him, all about the experience/subsequent sales from TV exposure. Sunday afternoon or evening headline slot, he'd be given the pick I imagine.
  6. Can't comment on what you might be allowed with on the coach but this is what I've used for over 10 years and has served me well: https://www.mowermagic.co.uk/acatalog/Cobra-ST150-150kg-Sack-Trolley-Pneumatic-Tyres-Tubular-Steel-Frame.html#SID=5179 Pneumatic tyres are a must given the ground and while you don't want anything folding having something that can shrink a bit will help for fitting in a car boot. With this you can actually pull out the top handle bar half of it and store somewhere else for the journey which can be handy for particularly tight spots.
  7. Well done! V. pleased to see this after a few near misses you had. Plus you defo deserve it with all the Guardian buying.
  8. cerv

    Resale Club 2019

    As in... you had the form up and were trying for them not understanding why it was rejecting their regs? Only for time to run out? if so you should be presenting them with the hospitality bill as that is atrocious behaviour.
  9. Missed my usual shop for the guardian scan. Walked on to a new one found via the store finder. Waited 10 mins for owner to come back as current till guy couldn't log in to e-pay unit without a code. He returns, we then realise they have no scanner, so I shout out manual instructions to try but they cannot find any options listed. Ends up with me round the back taking control of unit myself, going through menu options and entering the voucher code manually (FYI it was option 5 - Coupons, then I-MOVO). Receipt printed out, today's entry confirmed and job done! Nice bonus was the shopkeeper let me have a 7-up for free. Not quite full of shame but questioning some of my life choices all the same 😄
  10. Ah great to see a winner from here! Congrats!
  11. Fun one to work out eh? Would love to know the final numbers. I'm reliably informed by someone who used to work there that for previous comps, where it was a simple URL entry form job, they would get around 15,000 entries (after filtering out duplicate entries). This comp is so awkward to enter, I'm just hoping the number is freakishly low. But even if it is you're still looking probably looking at a 1 in 100 shot
  12. Any hope I have of getting to Glasto now rests with this competition and that shops up and down the country are making it difficult for anyone but the most persistent to enter.
  13. cerv

    Resale Club 2019

    I think very unlikely. The fact that there wasn't one last time coupled with the closeness of official resale with final refund date (think these were normally more like 2-3 weeks apart?). Plus I suspect some at the festival might have felt uneasy at secret sales happening where not everyone gets fair warning (pretty sure I saw Emily getting stick on twitter about this once). I expect by now they can reliably estimate the number of returns they will get and so are able to redirect them to be taken by traders, industry types or whatever. Whatever happens I doubt they become freebies. You could easily get 100 refunds in the final week, that's over 20k in ticket money and barring any budget disasters all of that would be going to charities otherwise. But it has happened before of course, 2017 is still the exception. Everyone here is hoping it stays that way!
  14. If they're not here then I'm going to be worried 😄 Been to a few different shops over the days and still not found one who's done it for anyone else.
  15. cerv

    Resale Club 2019

    Sounds like you might be sorted now with volunteering but for what it's worth I reckon you'd have more luck at a smaller independent place. They have dedicated paypoint/payzone scanners that make it straightforward for them. Plus things might be a bit quieter allowing them to try again if any issues.
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