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  1. cerv

    The British and Irish Lions

    Also seen in Avalon Inn
  2. cerv

    what happen if you miss your coach?

    I've not got the coach myself but friends have and from what I recall their experience was that lead booker on the order got given tickets in an envelope so if this other friend was the lead booker you might be OK. Failing that... another time a friend (who had a standard ticket) pretended to be another mate who couldn't make the coach. When friend's name was called he went up and collected their ticket (there was no photo check). The mate who caught the coach then got in the festival as normal with his own standard ticket, holding on to the other friend's one until he arrived to handover on the Friday. So that's another option if you've got a pal with a standard ticket willing to help out.
  3. cerv


    Before the big off I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who's contributed to this thread. It's given me lots of tips of people to check out and I now have a much better idea of what I'd like to see this year after hours. Gonna be a belter, enjoy!
  4. cerv

    Weather 2017

    :-) Agree! I won't believe it until Countryfile repeats it. But I'll take anything to feed my forecast addiction right now
  5. cerv

    Weather 2017

    If you (or others) cannot wait till then there is a week long forecast on BBC1 after the 1 o'clock news. I don't for sure but it might well be exactly the same on shown on Countryfile later. I'll be watching both anyway
  6. cerv

    Weather 2017

    Cheers for these pal
  7. cerv

    Weather 2017

    You mean this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/feeds/40282375 Yeah, not a nice ending was it? It has a whiff of 2005 about it. If there is to be rain let's hope it gets pushed to the back end of the festival.
  8. cerv

    "Really big secret"

    It's a deposit, you get your money back when you hand the set back in. Same as Cineramageddon when you turn up. Not ideal but probably the only way you can make these things work. You won't be left out of pocket overall is the point
  9. cerv

    Weather 2017

    I know that in 2010 the Countryfile forecast (Sunday before the festival starts) was predicting perfect weather. And by the time we arrived we left wellies in the car we were that confident it wasn't going to turn. Never done that on any other occasion
  10. cerv

    Weather 2017

    2007 still the worse in my mind. I think what helped last year was that the festival are more prepared for mud now than ever before. You didn't see much woodchip going down in 2007.
  11. cerv

    Weather 2017

    Love how we both felt we had to report this back ASAP!
  12. cerv

    Weather 2017

    I just got in and caught the last minute of this report. After today's piss poor effort at summer yer man Tomasz has calmed me down. He's looking pretty confident that things are gonna be a-ok. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/40178284
  13. cerv

    Making your tent as comfy as possible.

    My top tip (think I got it from here) is to take different coloured/size carrier bags and unpack things into those. E.g. one bag has t-shirts, one has all the things you need for a wash in the morning, one for dirty clothes. No two bags are the same so you can find things quickly. It’s simple but helps a lot particularly when the tent has warmed up.
  14. cerv

    Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    Good on ya for doing this again! Really enjoyed it last year and have just added the 2017 version. Looking forward to diving in
  15. cerv

    "Really big secret"

    I wondered that too but just checked tour dates he's in France on the Sunday