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  1. Hi I usually head towards settlers (which is quite far from the enterence) but to be honest that time of night it will be pot luck. It’s not a huge site, so you’re probably best to pick a spot that seems ok rather than spending ages looking better.
  2. Was about to say the changes had left me pretty unaffected until I noticed Kraftwerk and Jessie Buckley now firmly clash and Ural Thomas and Jenny Hval overlap. Unless that was always the case and I’m just snowblinded by all the stuff I want to see! Not feeling so smug now😕
  3. Yes still waiting - they said on Twitter will be sometime next week
  4. Yes I think I saw George Michael. Except he was a bit shorter, so probably not him
  5. Definitely quieter. I hated last year - no sleep for 4 nights as pissed up kids ( not mine) crashed into my tent every second. The general camp was just about right where we were - busy but fairly chilled. No queues for drinks apart from Sunday night and even then I just walked to a different bar. Food queues on the Sunday were the usual nightmare - luckily I got hungry during Freya Ridings so managed to get my meal before the crush! I didn’t have to queue for toilets but the heat did not help the smell any. I am sure that was worse this year!
  6. Thanks - have a great festival!
  7. Hi, thanks for this. Any real ale, IPA beers on offer?
  8. Dream wife - absolutely the best show I’ve seen in ages and I’ve been going to gigs since the 70s!! Awesome (as the kids say)
  9. Hi in the lanyard it says Bleach lab have that slot - are they not playing now?
  10. Anyone on site had any issues returning to cars and back into the site re checks. I don’t fancy taking all my gear in one journey!
  11. Billie Marten confirmed on her instagram story that she’s got to cancel ‘this week’s shows’ as she is ‘on full isolation duty’ - confirmed as COVID related and not gonna make Latitude then. bugger she was in my top 10 as well. 😕
  12. Trainers are fine unless it’s predicted to chuck it down and even then the grounds pretty good
  13. Much smaller and easy to get between stages. Very friendly from what I’ve seen. Not quite as relaxed as Glastonbury from a security pov and a bit corporate, but still a fairly chilled atmosphere. Food good, alcohol choice rubbish (imo).
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