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  1. czuk

    Hand fasting

    The guy who runs the Rabbit Hole does Hand Fasting ceremonies (or did in 2017). I've forgot his name sorry but their have their own Facey page
  2. czuk

    Camper Van Field Questions

    "First entry is from 12:00 hours Tuesday 20th June until 1400 hours Sunday 25th June. There will be NO access to the campervan fields prior to noon, Tuesday 20th June. " Is this strictly true? We arrived at half twelve on the Tuesday in 2017 and ended up in E17. There's obvously a few crews who know people and pitch up at the front of E21 early on. Just wondering if others have rocked up early and been let in?
  3. czuk

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    Just seen this link on /r/Liverpool http://liverpool.gov.uk/media/1356433/tess-hope-and-glory-report-final-october-5-2017.pdf
  4. czuk

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Anyone know when the tickets usually go on sale? Early 2018 is a bit vague.