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  1. What do we think of this? https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/full-2020-ticket-info/ "Please note, your registration numbers will be locked for up to 10 minutes if your details are entered incorrectly, an attempt to book is already held against your registration number, or your 5 minutes on the booking page ends. If the transaction fails and tickets are still available, your registration number will be released to give you the chance to try again." Looks like multiple people attempting to use multiple registrations are gonna hit problems.
  2. They've got to find the extra though, and our van (like most) has got loads of places to hide stuff.
  3. Anyone managed to make head or tail of their PlayPass account? My bank account says I paid them £160 and £75 (total of £235) - their website says I've paid them £225 Their website says I spent -£189 with £36 to be refunded I've saved my account history and entered it into Excel and I make it that I've paid them £235 and spent -£197.5 which means they owe me £37.50 back
  4. Had a great time there, even with the crappy weather. We were worried about getting some drinks through security beforehand but we never got searched, they were more bothered about seeing wristbands. Things I'd do differently are the locations of the stages, far too much sound bleed between them unless you are very close. I still think the payment system was unnecessary. I did see one guy walk off with drinks after his wristband said insufficient funds and the bar staff could do nothing about it. Sunday night we got a double gin and tonic, walked away from the bar then tasted it, no gin in it at all, went back to the bar and they had run out of gin funnily enough. Also saw one of the bars by deep space disco closing at 6 or 7 on the Sunday meaning a trek to next bar. On the plus side I did manage to acquire a very nice Tranquility Base Bluedot sign that looks great in the hall ??
  5. Last time I was at an arena festival I had a 12 yo daughter to smuggle voddie in in a bottle of sprite? Just me and the better half this time and at £14 a round, I might have to break out the extra large undies. Think I'll be making a couple to trial runs to see how fussy security is first.
  6. Judging by the amount of selfish littering and leaving of tents, etc. behind, I think you're right.
  7. czuk


    Question, just trying to work out the limits of the cam on the left side, is the road up the hill with the rainbow tent on the left the one that leads to Croissant Neuf? If so, it means there's a shitload to the left that we can't see.
  8. czuk

    Staying Cool

    Me too, everyone was loving us on the Wednesday up at the Crow's Nest. Lucky the weather broke that night because drunken me left it up at Strummerville
  9. Today I woke up and realised that the snotty nose and itchy throat yesterday have turned into a full blown cold. Lemsip Max, zinc and vit. C from here on in.
  10. And now the Tor has disappeared
  11. As above you can camp anywhere, when you get wristbanded ask where you can camp as the performer's camping will be much less cramped and there's also showers, staff bars and canteens there.
  12. czuk


    That's Numberwang!
  13. czuk

    "Must don'ts" 2019

    Twice in 2017 I had people just stop right in front of me when I was watching stuff blocking my view when there was loads of space around us , oblivious to anyone else I guess so don't be a twat and block someone else's view (unless you really can't help it)
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