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    Competitions 2022

    Quality instrucciones. Looks like I've just helped The Glasto Thingy with their efforts as well "You and your friend have also received one extra correct entry each from you using their referral link!
  2. czuk

    Competitions 2022

    Anyone managed to get past the Find Address button when registering?
  3. Regarding distances, I reckon on a good day, it's only a 5-10 minute walk between FO and Mountain
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWDyWQzs1MI Slightly more personal this one, Plastic Fox by Mik Artistic. I think 6Music had been playing it a bit early 2017 and me and the missus used to sing along to it. Thursday night we were slightly worse for wear, on our way back to the van and we bumped into Mik, I said alright, how you doing, saw you at Croissant Neuf earlier, etc. Mik was friendly, said hello back then my missus, who was verr verr drunk at the time, shouted Plastic Fox at him. Sort of killed the moment. I've never let her forget it. Edit. no fucking idea how to embed vids, obvs
  5. Just seen the "VIP Village" upgrade option - another £110 on a weekend ticket. Nice that they are raising money for EatWell but I'm not really feeling the need for the "host of VIP perks" that they are offering, probably because they haven't actually listed any other than: exclusive access to food and drink concessions (that you will be paying for anyway) charge your phone (I'll be charging mine overnight in the van, I'm sure others will have a charging solution in place anyway) and grab a free coffee (I have one coffee first thing to blow the cobwebs away so no good to me, free cider on the other hand...)
  6. There's still off peak tickets for the showers available. We had meteor shower tickets in 2019 but they were so far away from live in vehicle parking that we never used them.
  7. In a similar vein, are there any clever coders who could grab the archived glastomap images and stitch together into one large image?
  8. czuk

    Competitions 2022

    Or as I just found out, it might be because you're a cheapskate who's with Plusnet Mobile who don't support short code sms.
  9. We were on T&C field tickets in 2019 and managed to get into Interstage once. It felt a bit like a posh village fete in there with everyone in nice clothes milling about. It was handy for getting through the crowds though, probably takes 10 minutes off the walk from Pyramid to Other
  10. I must confess to deleting the app when it became apparent that HMG were making self isolation a matter of choice but both myself and partner have done 3 negative LF tests since getting back so looks like we're ok. We've heard however that both parents of my niece's husband have tested positive since coming back. We did avoid close contact and crowded areas though.
  11. Yeah, I saw Dev walk past yesterday but wasn't completely sure it was him
  12. A guy in the Far Out bar queue last night was insisting that Squid are the special guests in Walled Garden tonight.
  13. Added to Clashfinder. Only Walled Garden 19:45 Sunday still down as Special Guests, any rumours?
  14. I got one of these with £30 off back in Feb https://smile.amazon.co.uk/BEAUDENS-Portable-Generator-Phosphate-Emergency/dp/B07MC7TV2G. Quality gear, a bit on the heavy side so decent rucksack required but will see you through a five day festival easy.
  15. Penmyarth Park is where the live-in vehicles live. It's actually a minute or so less as you don't need to go via the A40. Edit: think I might be slightly out with the Mountain Stage placement there, it's more where the G in Glanusk Park is
  16. Seen this posted on Twitter, might help someone.
  17. The timings haven't been updated yet - someone called signorski is currently editing so hopefully they will do that, otherwise I'll try to edit it later - it's a nice distraction from actual work.
  18. https://clashfinder.com/s/gm2021 - I've added Chai Wallahs for now
  19. Can't work out how to add Chai Wallahs to clashfinder. Edit: NVM I read the instructions, quite helpful they were 😆
  20. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/what-green-man-look-like-21286340 Just seen this.
  21. I don't know for definite but it would be a bit harsh if they don't let you go out and come in over the bridge to the live-in vehicles, there's definitely a footpath on the A40 side of the river to Crickhowell that we got on in 2019 that takes you right past the Cider Mill (and a lovely house with donkeys)
  22. I think it's been closed since the floods unfortunately. The beer garden might still be accessible though.
  23. https://www.greenman.net/information/faqs/ "If we get any returns we will be having a resale at 10am on Tuesday 27th July."
  24. Someone asked them on twitter, they said it's coming
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