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  1. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Posh Camping

    They have their own cafe, can’t remember about a bar? I was in tipis at Boomtown and it’s not as fancy as that, but it’s still a lovely area and really well located.
  2. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Posh Camping

    I stayed in Tipi Village last year, really great location, chilled out, showers and compost toilets, it's a pain trying to get them when they go on sale - I managed to snag two though. I will be (ticket permitting) trying to get Tipi's again for 2019.
  3. Matt - Ed Banger Records


    I've just picked up a ticket for the Rival Consoles and Throwing Snow live shows at Earth in Hackney in a week or so, have Four Tet live and All-Nighter too - hoping to grab some Jon Hopkins tickets nearer the time, oh and Chemical Brothers - all roads really lead to the Printworks night in December with Jeff Mills, Dettmann and Blawan. I will no doubt find some other electronic things to go to between now and the end of the year!
  4. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    On Sunday they came onstage about 8.50 I think.
  5. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    2019 Headliners

    Mumford and Sons are about to do a 2 year world tour (friend of a friend is employed on the tour) so here’s hoping they don’t have Somerset as a destination.
  6. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    Not sure tbh, it took us about 30 mins to get through security and into the venue, I don’t bother getting in amongst it too much these days. I would think as long as you’re in the arena by about 8ish you should be ok, we got in at 8.30 and were stood in front of the sound booth.
  7. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    Just home from the o2 show, really impressive live set, the stage set up is brilliant, band seemed to be really enjoying themselves and Alex Turner even did some swaggering around the stage. I felt a couple of the new tracks didn’t really work in the set, but sounded good, just not so easy to gel with the older material. I would go as far to say it was one of my favourite AM shows actually, and the was the 9th time I’ve seen them.
  8. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    I wasn’t having a go at that comment tbf, I can appreciate people can find their style of show boring, and yeah, Nick Cave is a master of his craft, but, if Alex Turner started doing what Cave does at this stage in the bands life, you bet your ass people would be moaning about him doing that too. I saw AM back in 2006, and the reason why their live shows were electric then was the crowd, and the excitement about the band, they’ve never been the sort of band for big pyro, or Grohl-esque running around. I guess I was making more of a comment on what people want to see more of from the band in their live shows? Not a loaded question at all btw, intrigued.
  9. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    Remember when Alex Turner was knobbing about on stage during the Last Shadow Puppets and everyonehad a moan about him being up his arse? Be the same now if he started doing it with AM non? I’ve always been pretty comfortable with what their live show is about, I don’t find someone legging about stage to be any more enjoyable than just watching a band, just keep your eyes on Helders if you get bored I guess? Anyway, that’s no criticism of anyone on here’s opinion, just always a point I hear people talking about, like yer man out of Kasabian doing some dancing makes their music any less shite.
  10. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Bon Iver 2017

    I wasn’t aware of this project until I just saw these posts, will be giving it a listen on the bus into work this morning.
  11. Matt - Ed Banger Records


    Um, hard to say, went to the last ones he did and the crowd was alright, we had a group of about 10 of us though so didn’t really take much notice of the crowds. I think in a place like Brixton Academy you get pockets of dickheads and pockets of sound people, I’m only going to the all-nighter because about 20 of my mates are going, more hyped for the live show in truth. I was considering the Erol all nighter in November too, and the Avery one as well.
  12. Matt - Ed Banger Records


    Been to all of the all-nighters so far, always a stacked line up, no jazzy lights, just a table on the stage with some shit table lamps, tends to be an ok vibe, depending on where you end up. I got tickets for the live show and hoping for all-nighter tickets in today’s sale.
  13. Matt - Ed Banger Records


    Anyone going to any of the Printworks nights? Pre-sale today - have picked up a ticket to the Jeff Mills night, and may well go to the Mount Kimbie curated one too
  14. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Rave review of Gorillaz at Boomtown

    Odd, I was in a group of 15 or so and all of us found the set really boring, I think we were all fairly casual observers, but even people I spoke to afterwards in the campsite echoed my thoughts that it was really plodding - I really wanted to like it too but just couldn't get into it at all.
  15. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Boomtown 2018

    Right then, Boomtown is upon us, setting off in a bit from London for my hometown to then collect a rabble for a Boomtown Stag do, if anyone sees people in matching Sam Marlow t-shirts today, that’ll be us! Anyone has any news on the queues and *ahem* the veracity of the security searches, feel free to leave that information here.