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  1. Me and a few mates are going to the Re-Textured day at Tobacco Docks, the line up is mega, and it'll probably be my last big day/night out for a couple of months.
  2. Another new 1 day electronic festival in London announced today - http://waterworksfestival.co.uk - looks like an interesting concept, picked up a ticket for £26, which I figured was pretty good value for the line up they've got on.
  3. I'm staying in El Raval in the centre, mainly because some friends of mine have rented an apartment in Barcelona for the whole of June and they love that area, so I get to stay with them for very little, just have the journey back to contend with, but I'm sure it won't be too much of a pain.
  4. Can confirm, every person I was with at the Chems was off their chebs (I unfortunately, couldn't partake)
  5. There was absolutely tons of noise and hype around Tyler and ofwgkta in the UK in 2011, if anything that was beginning to marginally wane by 2013.
  6. In fairness, the main Drumsheds building is huge, don't recall there being too many issues with heat etc last year. As people have said though, there were was a main outdoor stage, and then 2 stages in the Drumsheds venue, and then 3 or so smaller outdoor stages, would be surprised if there wasn't some sort of outdoor element.
  7. MGMT would be an incredibly weak booking, is anyone remotely arsed by them these days?
  8. Not sure what the capacity is going to for this one, looking like it's just going to be a multi-room indoor set up, which will basically just be for people who want to go to a daytime rave that finishes at 3am, not got enough on the bill to tempt me up there this time around I wouldn't think, when you compare it to something like Junction 2 anyway.
  9. Ah fair enough, the old smoking area when it first opened was absolute hell, I don’t smoke anymore so haven’t been too troubled by the couple of places they’ve had it since. It’s defo not one of my favourite clubs though, think I’ve had a great night in there about 50% of the time.
  10. Are you talking about the old smoking area? Up the stairs? The one they've had the last few times I've gone has been fine, just a little roped off bit out on the road. The layout they introduced last year (?) is a great improvement, still very dark and very hot, which for me isn't the worst thing in the world.
  11. As ever - this will no doubt change as I remember things, but as a first thought... ALBUM Tyler the Creator - Igor (Slowthai, Kano and James Blake also in the reckoning) SONG Kano - Class of De-Ja GLASTONBURY SET Stormzy NON-GLASTONBURY GIG Kano at the Royal Albert Hall (Four Tet @ Ally Pally and Earl Sweatshirt @ Field Day are close) FILM 8th Grader is the one that stands out, not watched too many films this year. TV SHOW Years and Years eFester of the Year Anyone who has contributed to making the electronic music thread so good for another successive year.
  12. They released an album just last year and played it live at the Barbican, but Jas Shaw has an incurable bone marrow illness, so unsure if they will be either regularly making new music or playing live anymore.
  13. My understanding of the situation is that the original idea of Printworks was for it to be a fairly temporary setup, the ultimate plan for that site is to redvelop it, so Printworks would then need to go. Edit: The main Canada Water scheme was approved by the council last week, and exploratory works have begun near to Printworks, so it will be gone once they start that phase of the development.
  14. It's basically a north London Printworks anyway, and Printworks isn't going to be around for too much longer, the same company are going in big on the Drumsheds site, will only increase the number of events held there in 2020.
  15. Thanks gang, much appreciated!! E&D4LYF
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