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  1. Matt - Ed Banger Records


    I too will be Booming this year - for the first time no less. It's for a mates stag-do so no idea what sort of state I'll be in. I've also been looking for any recommendations electronic music wise - think I have Charlotte De Witte, Barely Legal, DJ Paypal (bit of footwork madness) Simian Mobile Disco, Dusky, Paul Wooflord, Altern8, Plastician, Oneman, not sure many of those will be to your tastes, I reckon I will actually just spend most of my time aimlessly wandering around and taking in the sights. If you do happen to see someone dressed up as David Bowie with dildos for hands then that will be the stag.
  2. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Beer Prices

    Field Day - £5.30 for 330ml can, £6 for pint
  3. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    My understanding is that all test centres are approved by the police, they basically take a hands off approach to the testing and don’t take an active interest in them. So if you get them in to the festival they’ll turn a blind eye, obviously no keying gear in front of them but it allows them to focus their resources elsewhere. Festivals have to get a certain number of ‘busts’ to prove they’re looking for drugs, but not enough to make it look like it’s a drugs spot, it’s a silly charade that helps absolutely nobody.
  4. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Field Day 2018

    Did he play in the end? We got there just as Floating Points finished and got a good spot, then it got paused so ended up going to Daniel Avery who was amazing anyway, also bumped into @Matt42 outside but he was in a hurry to go get ravey, so apols for accosting you Matt! Had a good time but felt far too busy, which given how it didn’t sell out is a worry tbh.
  5. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Grime/Hip Hop

    Was at Octavian's show in Peckham a couple of weeks back, it was really good, Hands has been on repeat for a while now.
  6. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Kanye west confirmed

    I'm really enjoying YE to be honest, much more coherent than TLOP (which I actually like) I am still waiting for an album to come out and hit me in the same way Yeezus did though.
  7. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    Mash011 went where I was waiting for someone to go re: wayiam/Gazza and his wayward morals.
  8. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    All Points East Festival 2018

    All the schedules are on the app, believe they’re on the clashfinder website too
  9. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Looks like films are being shown on the second stage, so the main stage and the main tented stage are both closed off this week. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/59df56f78dd0414a334b9798/t/5b0c072daa4a990332176a86/1527514940433/APE+Triangle+signage+midweek+map+HR.PDF
  10. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    All Points East Festival 2018

    1. The rain didn’t hit until after everyone had gone home so was fine, although the site is open all this week for free entry so may have got churned up since then, although I would think as long as there’s no serious rain trainers you don’t mind killing are fine, walking boots possibly depending on how bad it is this week. 2. I didn’t do VIP myself and people will be able to correct me, my understanding is that the VIP area only offers an area to the left of the stage with no actual sight of it, so it’s almost behind of it, more of a place for respite than a better view. I certainly didn’t see any VIP viewing platforms or anything like that.
  11. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    You’re a wally aren’t you Gazza, dear me. Ketamine is used up and down the country in hospitals, it’s used as a sedative for everyone. It’s abundantly clear that you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about beyond your own moral viewpoint, alcohol is haram, Islam hasn’t sent out a revised Koran to everyone to say ‘oh lads, quick heads up, Mohammed (PBUH) has now said you can crack on with the booze!’ There have been numerous studies done to that prove that ecstasy is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, in fact, most drugs that are legislated against are less harmful - do us all a favour and do some actual research into the issues around drug use and harm reduction, I’m not suggesting you go and bosh a couple of pills and rail some Charlie, but do some reading on it, your prejudice towards the subject is worse than your beef with The Fosls, and that was fucking tiresome too.
  12. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    Stop pontificating around a subject that you clearly don't understand, and don't use the, ultimately avoidable, deaths of 2 young people to make your point. Almost all deaths from 'party drugs' at festivals would be negated by providing safe testing facilities, the fact that we still live in a country where the police/government make that difficult to do is an absolute disgrace to be honest. You really need to educate yourself on the dangers of various drugs before you start your crusade, because you just end up coming across as a c*nt.
  13. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    All Points East Festival 2018

    They should just book Portishead for next year and be done with it.
  14. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    All Points East Festival 2018

    The Bao stall was pretty much next to the Grilled Cheese place, it was about 3 down from the sushi place in a little white truck. I had pizza, halloumi fries, vegan curry, and some mac and cheese, all really tasty but a touch overpriced. Edit: actually I may be lying, but basically down on the left hand side somewhere between Firestone and the big daft Samsung viewing tower thing.
  15. Matt - Ed Banger Records

    All Points East Festival 2018

    My only gripe from yesterday was the crowd at Bjork, I moved around about 5 times trying to find a spot where I wasn’t surrounded by talkers, never managed it. I guess it’s to be expected with her playing all of her new music. The lightening off in the distance as she came on was pretty magical mind you and her performance was amazing. I really enjoyed Kelala and FlyLo too, the latter was so intense in places, but amazing all the same.