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  1. The setlist was fine, played all of the hits, the ODB section was still there which is always good fun, it was more he non-Wu musical intermissions that fell flat for me, just some really odd choices of songs. I think they're always much better when Method Man is there, but he doesn't seem to ever bother these days, it was the 5th time I've seen them and was probably the 2nd worst I've seen them perform.
  2. I missed a lot of stuff I wanted to see through a combination of the heat, exhaustion and being gillespied, but I would say from memory. 1. Stormzy 2. Fontaines DC (JPT) 3. The Streets (although it was dangerously overcrowded, should have stuck him on Other Stage)
  3. I thought Hessle Audio on IICON an Anthony Parasole on Genosys were my electronic highlights this weekend, and Karenn was the perfect way for me to finish the weekend, we did try to go to Temple after Karenn but there was a 2 hour queue so we sacked it off and just went to bed, managed to get far too wrecked on Friday so only caught a bit of Carl Cox and had to take myself off to bed, Thursday was also a write off having taken some acid, so had to sit out most of the stuff I really wanted to see as it was all a bit wobbly.
  4. Thought Wu Tang Clan were pretty poor, small crowd, not a complete roster and some really really odd song choices.
  5. Just completely face planted the walkway at the back of the West Holts stage, he's doing ok now, had surgery yesterday so now just waiting for some fake teeth to get fitted, poor fucker.
  6. Friend of mine got heat stroke, passed out and ended up having to go to back to London on Saturday for facial reconstruction surgery having smashed his 2 front teeth through his lips, lost 3 teeth and broke his arm. Put quite the downer on the last couple of days for everyone in our group.
  7. It was busy for Larry Heard and Hessle Audio, wasn't too rammed for Karenn, but I had a great night down there anyway.
  8. Very much look to walking all the way down to A1 to go to bed every night
  9. Going quite light on the booze front this year, 70cl of gin, box of wine, and twenty small cans of beer.
  10. The sat nav postcode is BA4 6TR, don’t think I’ve received any final directions though.
  11. I'm taking a couple of spare coils, and about 70ml of liquid, I know that I will end up burning out a coil when I'm spannered and have forgotten to fill up the vape.
  12. Absolutely no chance at all sadly.
  13. Loads of online places can print you up a t shirt next day these days.
  14. I am currently looking like... Friday - Stormzy Saturday - Hot Chip or Wu Tang Clan Sunday - The Streets
  15. The queues for Downlow are a right mare tbh, not sure how the late night entry will work this year, as you used to come into Glasto Latino (since moved) and that was always empty, so that field was good for getting a lot of people through and into the corner quickly. If they use the same entrance point it will open straight into IICON so think it will probably get a rethink.
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