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  1. I guess realistically it was always going to be 10 - 12 weeks of second doses. But this should mean they’ll be able to rally through the first doses in a few weeks time.
  2. Haven’t been able to get ‘cause you’re free’ out of my head since last night. What a moment that looked. We are so close now and it makes me so happy.
  3. Do we think that they should potentially change tactic regarding approach of how they move down through the groups now? As in start inviting 18-29 year olds at the same time of 30-39 year olds, but split what vaccine they’ll be allocated?
  4. I really wouldn’t be surprised if all 3 still end up doing it. Looks like another year of no major European tours for Kenny and Taylor, surely will be put in place next year? I think Macca will be itching at the chance to play it.
  5. Maybe the timing is slightly off, but this could be due to restrictions in what they could do within the guidelines. Those tweets are also completely missing the fact that as part of this they are donating money to the usual charities and to Stagehand who are supporting stage crew affected by the pandemic.
  6. The lineup is quite a nice mix of acts, there will still be no live music at this point, I miss the farm and some of the ticket money goes to the 3 charities. It’s an easy decision for me to get a ticket, although, not sure about what time zone to go for yet. I quite like the idea of a Sunday morning stream as mentioned above. Hopefully we get some news about some potential September shows over the next month, this should rule Coldplay out!
  7. I want more. I need more.
  8. I would very much enjoy a Coldplay show
  9. This whole thing really is a mess. Just when there seemed to be a bit of hope it is then seemingly crushed.
  10. Yeah hopefully things progress a bit! I imagine they’ll have a reserve list of some in the 40-49 category to ensure no wastage
  11. I imagine this is going to be very low doses to start, so perhaps used in the efforts to ensure everyone in the top 9 groups has had at least their first dose.
  12. Thankfully I am at that point where commitments are relatively low. There would be a lot of things I would miss here, but just found myself increasingly unhappy with the direction we are going over the last few years
  13. I’m finding it increasingly impossible to find much hope in this country at the moment. It just seems like more and more shit is piled on through legislation. I think I am going to seriously consider my options over the next few years, with an exit plan prepared dependant on the outcome of the 2024 election.
  14. 110 deaths today. Fair to say from either tomorrow or Thursday we shouldn’t see daily deaths in triple digits for a long time (hopefully ever).
  15. All pointing to sooner. Let’s hope they can just get on with it and there’s no more hiccups from either side.
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