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  1. Similarly I’m sure there’s a huge majority who have come back from Latitude with no infection (me included).
  2. Jcatley

    Wolf Alice

    Just announced an extra London date for January for anyone like me who missed the first sale.
  3. Jcatley

    Wolf Alice

    Wow wow wow. Last night was phenomenal at Latitude. The new album come across so well live. What a way to get back into seeing live music again. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit emotional this morning. Massive smile on my face. It’s good to be back
  4. So we are attacking people getting behind their country and having a bit of fun singing a song together now? Honestly. This forum.
  5. The worst thing about the 4 week extension is that this thread has to stay open for a further 4 weeks. Used to be informative but now just mainly consists of constant bickering.
  6. Think this explains it, was using my personal laptop which is a bit rundown. Switched to work laptop and running fine. Thanks!
  7. Did anyone have any issues when rewatching the stream with it being slow to load? Trying to figure out if it’s my shoddy internet or just another glitch. Was fine streaming when eventually got on there Saturday
  8. Interesting! I think they could probably be at the stage to headline something of this size
  9. Blossoms playing This is Tomorrow in Newcastle on the 17th September.
  10. Only on IDLES at the moment, but it’s a real shame they had those technical issues earlier, as the quality of the stream so far has been top level. Fully what you would expect from Glastonbury.
  11. I managed to rewind back to the beginning and catch Wolf Alice. Very very very good. Can’t wait for the new album
  12. This is really disappointing. I echo a lot of comments on here that I don’t particularly want to be up all night to catch up on this when I eventually get access. Hope they decide to open up access all week
  13. I guess realistically it was always going to be 10 - 12 weeks of second doses. But this should mean they’ll be able to rally through the first doses in a few weeks time.
  14. Haven’t been able to get ‘cause you’re free’ out of my head since last night. What a moment that looked. We are so close now and it makes me so happy.
  15. Do we think that they should potentially change tactic regarding approach of how they move down through the groups now? As in start inviting 18-29 year olds at the same time of 30-39 year olds, but split what vaccine they’ll be allocated?
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