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  1. As long as the pitch is prepared better than the one out in India at the moment
  2. We can pop in from time to time
  3. So we can close this thread June 21 if all things go as planned? It’s been a journey, but I’m sure we will all be glad to see the back of this thread
  4. Great news! And yes, agreed.
  5. I think the early reports have been positive (may be wrong, there’s so much info to absorb). I really hope that the tide only goes one way now
  6. Yeah certainly not getting hopes up as we have already been here twice before!
  7. Interesting that this has also come out. All points to that the vaccine data is really strong
  8. It’s the only logical way, we can’t promise something when it’s unknown (see Christmas). But I am hoping with the vaccine rollout being successful that we should keep way ahead of expected case numbers/hospital admissions/deaths and be able to proceed with a safe reopening in the time frame set out Monday
  9. I think both of these points are bang on, likely to be a lot of ideas to be floating about and it will be a mixture of them all. I imagine that dates will be fixed as a minimum, but are likely to be guided by numbers as we move along
  10. The newspaper headlines change every day at the moment regarding the proposed roadmap. Wouldn’t bother taking any ‘leak’ seriously until Peston inadvertently tweets it the day before
  11. It’s like they want it to be a prison for the travellers instead. Unbearable
  12. The decline in deaths certainly looks to be dropping at a steeper rate
  13. Lowest daily total in 4 months. What a horrible period of time that has been! Let’s hope better things are on the horizon
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