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  1. Caught up with the BBC2 highlights show last and it seems Janelle Monae can be added to the miming list. She was doing dance moves of sorts so not entirely unexpected. Guess it’s down to whether you prefer watching it as a performance as a whole rather than expect a live vocal at the expense of ‘the show’.
  2. Flags at stages should be made as socially-unacceptable as single-use plastics and leaving your tents behind have been. I wish GFL would send out a plea before next year to ask people to reduce the size and numbers of flags on the same pole that are taken to stages.
  3. MoilyX

    Lessons learned

    Strange, they must have had a rush on just after we went through.
  4. MoilyX

    Lessons learned

    Just in case anyone takes this literally, please be aware you can have too much water! Don't give yourself water intoxication as that is also v. bad! PGC queue took about 2 minutes at 12.30. Which gate did you have to queue at?
  5. MoilyX

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Another +1 for the electrolyte drops. Superb stuff!
  6. Shoulda followed @SecretGlasto 😉 (and set up alerts for that account)
  7. MoilyX

    Flops 2019

    With you on that. Seems those who didn’t enjoy it aren’t too familiar with them, which is fair enough. Superb set though, and those around us all loved it.
  8. MoilyX

    Favourite 2019 Flag?

    The problem is that there are so many and of such a size that it doesn’t matter where you move (if indeed you can). At the busier sets you often couldn’t see the stage nor any screen. I saw one selfish git with 4 huge flags on one pole, ruining it for so many people behind him. I mean, is it just attention seeking? Were these people not loved as kids??
  9. That was possibly my fave set of the weekend. They absolutely blitzed it. Fantastic atmosphere and just enough room in the middle to cut loose. Can't wait to relive it on iPlayer.
  10. No mention of them on my renters' site. Think I'll bite the bullet and order some off Amazon as they're only £15 and deliver tomorrow.
  11. Out of interest did any of you hiring get levelling blocks with it?
  12. Ooof! Still, it'll all be worth it and soon forgotten about as soon as you crack open the first tinny after parking up.
  13. @eastynh How did you get on? I'm in the same boat but picking ours up tomorrow. Can't wait but they say to allow 1-2 hours to go through everything. Sounds more like an exam!
  14. Got the same - I think it's because I signed up recently and new sign-ups are given Premium features as a trial, which includes more frequent runs of your zaps. Twitter rate limit their API access so it seems the increased frequency of checking for new tweets has breached their limit.
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