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  1. You’re a fine man Mark.
  2. The band were so good they even made that sound good. Ash v Stevie Wonder. Hard to believe that’s even a serious option for anyone to consider.
  3. I have eaten from and replenished that larder
  4. Hiya! This incredible headline set on youtube got us through lockdown this year but lately it’s been replaced with a lower quality version. I’m hoping someone can point me in the direction of a high quality version that I can download. Frankly, I can’t go on without it being in my life. Thanks in advance. Stay strong
  5. How could any music or Glastonbury fan say ‘surely not’ to Chic playing Glastonbury. Aside from them being incredible live, it’s quite a large festival and there’s plenty to see if it’s not your bag.
  6. Jon Hopkins at Bath Forum. Just a few days before lockdown. It was perfect.
  7. OK, after reading this I’ve finally done it. I’m indestructibllllllllllle
  8. Yeah it’s not as if they are No Doubt
  9. You keep saying No Doubt. It confuses me.
  10. Gwladboy


    Right. Bank holiday weekend coming up. I’ve done Stevie, Radiohead and Justice from this thread - all amazing. Looking for some more full sets for our Home festival of 3 on Friday.
  11. Happy for them to keep it. I'd have paid it anyway and I'm definitely going so makes no odds to me. It's a luxury though so if I absolutely needed the money I'd just cancel and camp with everyone else.
  12. Gwladboy


    Just want to say thanks for getting this thread going. Fullsetting is a great way to spend an evening. Keep posting them.
  13. I spaffed 200 on a Coleman blackout last year. Wish I’d waited for this new Quechua.
  14. Well done mate. You told us. Gutted for you 😏
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