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  1. Gwladboy

    Legend Slot 2021

    Yeah it’s not as if they are No Doubt
  2. Gwladboy

    Legend Slot 2021

    You keep saying No Doubt. It confuses me.
  3. Gwladboy


    Right. Bank holiday weekend coming up. I’ve done Stevie, Radiohead and Justice from this thread - all amazing. Looking for some more full sets for our Home festival of 3 on Friday.
  4. Happy for them to keep it. I'd have paid it anyway and I'm definitely going so makes no odds to me. It's a luxury though so if I absolutely needed the money I'd just cancel and camp with everyone else.
  5. Gwladboy


    Just want to say thanks for getting this thread going. Fullsetting is a great way to spend an evening. Keep posting them.
  6. I spaffed 200 on a Coleman blackout last year. Wish I’d waited for this new Quechua.
  7. Well done mate. You told us. Gutted for you 😏
  8. Maybe some of the more optimistic folk gave up posting in these threads and this has skewed it slightly too.
  9. We’re going camping instead. Sounds ideal in the circumstances. Away from all the shite.
  10. Gwladboy

    Jon Hopkins

    Yeah wasn’t it fantastic. We all thought the same. It just felt like a magical way to have a last gig before it all pauses. Loved the contrast between the piano stuff and the bangers.
  11. Gwladboy

    Jon Hopkins

    Siege mentality!
  12. Gwladboy

    Jon Hopkins

    Website has UK gigs still on. Only the ones outside the UK are marked as postponed.
  13. Gwladboy

    Jon Hopkins

    Will get back
  14. Gwladboy

    Jon Hopkins

    Called ticketline, they say it’s still on. I’ve messaged Jon Hopkins to ask him. Maybe it is cancelled but ticketline haven’t got the memo yet.
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