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  1. Thanks for the replies all. A split between it'll be fine and it'll be rammed. Sounds like I'll just find out when I get there.
  2. First time going to SE Corner for us. Is there a time when queues form? What time do you reckon to avoid them? I have a no queuing policy. ta
  3. I’ll share my regime, it always starts on this day, the Monday before the festival. Mon - 10 pushups Tue - Rest Day Hopefully it helps some of you.
  4. Imagine Hay Literary Festival managed to get William Shakespeare to headline and you thought about going but decided he might not be as good as he used to be so you went to see David Walliams instead.
  5. Friday 2011 both me and my missus got sucked off. And I took this photo
  6. Radiohead Park Secret Set in 2011 was too breezey. Sounded like the sound was coming from West Holts
  7. Strong breeze carries sound away on some stages. Breeze needs to be carefully managed.
  8. Very happy to see No More Lonely Nights on the last setlist. Always liked that one.
  9. Thanks for this, I actually meant at the festival as a whole. Happy to travel away from West Holts although I will be there for Bonobo and Bicep.
  10. Hiya Over lockdown we loved watching that Justice set from West Holts in 2017. Is there anyone live or dj at the festival next week that plays that kind of music? I don’t even know what genre it is sorry.
  11. Lenny’s a cheeky tinker. He’s obviously just trying to blag a freebie to the festival one week out. What a lad.
  12. Please not Gerry Simpleton. That’s just death by kick-drum.
  13. A few days ago he played Free In The Knowledge and asked if anyone else has noticed that Thom Yorke seemed to be going for a Chris Martin sound with the vocal. I don’t think he’s well.
  14. So you’re saying there’s a glimmer of hope?
  15. Gwladboy

    Best Bars

    Yeah BAR is a cracking one, always good music too
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