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  1. Drfoxxx

    2020 headliners

    Luckily I'm 28, so still got a few more years to go yet 😆
  2. Drfoxxx

    2020 headliners

    Correcto mundo...... A band that creates music for teenage girls
  3. I was browsing this thread and just seen a few people going on about him. Thanks to whichever guys recommended him, set of the weekend for me.
  4. Jon hopkins blew my socks off. UNREAL
  5. Drfoxxx


    Beat hotel open all day so stuff is on there. Think part of the south east corner has stuff on later in the night. If you download the EE app, it gives you the smaller stages etc. and tells you who's on It's also good for having a wander without the crowds that appear Thursday/ Friday.
  6. Haha, I'll stick to the quality street instead actually
  7. Can anyone recommend some decent boxes of Rose to buy please? Dont normally buy it but it does the job ha
  8. They've redesigned the tent, still called Sonic but a different shape supposedly.
  9. Cheers for the heads up. Sorry for being daft, but how big is 85L? Is it realistically big enough? Can't remember the size I had last time!
  10. Drfoxxx

    Getting there...

    I normally go from paddington night before. Can get the 18.30 or 20.30 and get to the festival via a taxi from castle cary. I have friends who drive down from up north but usually end up getting in queue and getting a few hours. It's not too bad as long as it doesnt rain ha
  11. Drfoxxx

    Gerry Cinnamon

    Bar from courteeners first album, their music is now written for teenage girls sadly. I'm a Gerry fan hope to see him there. Gigs are always lively, which I like
  12. Anybody have any idea if Purple disco machine will be doing a set at the festival?
  13. Drfoxxx

    The Glade

    Anyone have any recommendations on who to get listening to beforehand?
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