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  1. You know my tickle, spud. Viva la Glastonbury
  2. I take no pleasure in tipping prior to the announcement last night, and seeing the comments (mentioning no names) that I was wrong and full of shite... OK maybe I take a little bit of pleasure
  3. Right lads, that’s me Done for the night. Enjoy yourselves. Love another and love the fucking farm 💚💚💚
  4. Dunno about you, but im feeling 22 (mins)
  5. Ironic how this has annoyed me the last few weeks...
  6. First time I've been glad to hear Leo speak in a long time
  7. Out of up's already today but that made me chuckle
  8. It’s like slowing down on the motorway with a crash on the other side, you don’t wanna look to be afraid of what you see, and it’s horrible viewing, but you just can’t help yourself
  9. The bad news is I may the Corona virus, I know, I know gutted... on a more positive note, the Glastonbury lineup is coming out today, so you know, every cloud
  10. Fucking tell me about it, just brought the joyous news to our group chat
  11. Yep Neil set that up for Glastonbury related only, hence why I have it followed also
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