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  1. CJTM

    Other Stage 2020

    Assuming day order, wouldn't it make more sense for PSB vs KL & RB & TS
  2. I know, the sweat for post Thursday morning would be on your body/clothes for the weekend then, when you're trying to keep it to a minimum, I really want to get myself to the eFests meet this year though
  3. Ha, in the same exact boat as you Quark, think the cans hit me too hard, a friend who was pinging into Deep Space 9 was convinced he was going to stay up for it, suffice to say, he did not make it
  4. That's why I was keen on Birmingham because I am a Brummie, so route would have been familiar, looking like bally-in-the-arse-end-of-no-where in Ireland for me anyhow... anyone do the 5K at Glastonbury last year, think it was Thursday morning?
  5. thanks both @Homer @grilladelphia looking forward to taking two firm step back on the progress on the farm, come the last week in June. You both going?
  6. To my surprise I got a refund as it was within 5 working days, minus admin fee... now eyeing up the half at Ros Go Run 2020 on 06/09 in co. Roscommon... I can only ever get to about 14/15km max in training, i'm just hoping if I have a few months on that and get upto about 18km, momentum on the day will see me through... I know I sound like the Tyson Fury story here 😄but it'll give me such a huge sense of achievement
  7. Have you missed the gender balance discussion of the last few years?
  8. I'll drop them an email and see what the story is anyhow, I was looking at one in the West of Ireland in May but not sure if I have enough time to train, did 9km this morning OK... plus it's the date of Tame Impala in London and i'm in two minds whether to go
  9. Lads I've had a mare, found out my cousin is getting married that day, so need to find another half, but I am determined to get one done in 2020, what a waste of forty quid that was tho 😄
  10. big, big venues for them, need the time to shift the tickets
  11. I remember watching this, and thought of this earlier this morning when I saw the ATN lineup. I think she could do Pyramid for the following reason, apologies if it comes across a bit narrow minded? just not sure how else to get it across but will do my best... would be a good statement by the festival/BBC for ethnic diversity as well, a white follower in Islamic garms performing, spreading the idea of peace across all races/backgrounds at Glastonbury etc. Think it would be a benefit for all parties. Any thoughts?
  12. Biffy are way too big for a JPT headline slot, subbed the Pyramid recently enough and still tour in arenas. Editors are the Friday JPT slot apparently
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