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  1. CJTM

    2019 New Music

    I was surprised you to say it in the first place. Glad to have you onboard
  2. CJTM

    2019 New Music

    Good man yourself @WS_Jack_III
  3. CJTM

    2019 New Music

    Sorry if not permitted, but me best pals have just put out a single and announced their debut EP. Going to be a bop https://www.clashmusic.com/news/the-cosmics-rev-it-up-on-eyes?fbclid=IwAR1G2ZOmKL63bia5GrFMjY06MQMZ7M-7Rxhfcbm6vg5OsXSwUbr7W-yDces
  4. CJTM


    enjoy both, TMC supporting are ACE
  5. Stella Donnelly will be at Glastonbury you would think
  6. CJTM

    Brexit at Glasto?

    willy of the people
  7. CJTM

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Protestors in Public Gallery
  8. CJTM

    Next Announcement

    there is no pattern
  9. All sorted - first thing i've done getting in from work just, email confirmation instant as well. I remember one year I was realllllly skint (maybe 2016) anyway I had to wait until the Friday until I got paid, ended up going out on the piss from work, turned into staying up all Saturday on le sesh and then Sunday pints… did it with about 20 minutes left on the Sunday night. A lucky man indeed. i'm wise at this 26 years old craic now. Bring on another fantastic year for us all
  10. Latest announcement has just got me booked in and confirmed. £90 for three nights apartment and entry to the music with more TBA. Bargain of the year? & also the usual late night DJ slot from Steve Lamacq I believe? Will be my first time, looking forward to it.
  11. CJTM

    Other Stage Shooting

    fkn hell, how did I never know about this? Did anyone die? Terrible https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/man-is-held-after-five-are-shot-at-pop-festival-1425342.html#r3z-addoor
  12. Just got through on a presser, Marti Pellow, Margate 27 June, Torquay 30 June.
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