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  1. Southampton so a Monday night for me. I'm hoping that I'm working from home on the Tuesday to be honest!
  2. Nice. Yeah I got a few no problem. Looking forward to it!
  3. @Andre91 @Sasperella @vintagelaureate They seem to have opened up the presale early for Frank Carter!
  4. Presale (if pre-ordering the album) 14th and General 16th both at 10AM
  5. It's been a couple of years since I've seen them (and it was at a festival) but they know that a lot of people love the first album and it was reflected in their setlist. TBH I have seen them a few times and am not aware of line up changes as there has always been a few years in between but they've never disappointed.
  6. More abrasive soundscapey techno with strong metal influences from SCALPING. Not for everyone but I like it.
  7. This was what @deadpheasant heard a few weeks ago; looks like you'll get in fine.
  8. Ooops missed the posted video above. That Jagger and Grohl song is awful
  9. I wonder if acts that don't get paid for their appearances should be able to pass the hat around the crowd after to cover their costs at least? (This isn't a question directly aimed at @nikkic but the busking point made me think) I saw one of those motorcycle wall of death things at bestival once and they encouraged people to make contributions at the end of their performances; a hundred people putting in the small change in their pockets every hour must have more than covered the fuel, insurance etc. Whether or not they had permission from the festival to ask for donations is another question.
  10. Black Honey are playing the Wedge in the Autumn and tickets are still on sale. It's not impossible but it would surprise me if they choose to play Victorious too. @deadpheasant <20 min walk to City Centre or Albert Road areas, even less to Osbourne Road (almost right outside the main entrance to the festival). I'd personally recommend Albert or Osbourne Road over Guildhall Walk (which is in the city centre and can tend to be a bit rougher). The former 2 have a decent amount of pubs and bars that will be open late.
  11. This is stunning. I didn't realise I needed it this morning. It might be on repeat a few times before going elsewhere.
  12. Mine came with these (not from amazon), not really sure what I'm meant to do with them 🤣
  13. Pushing the boundaries of the definition of 'new' but received the White Stripes greatest hits record that came out today and it's sounding pretty lush on a sunny Friday afternoon.
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