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  1. The new YAK song is quite a change of direction. Enjoying it though.
  2. The blimp has been flying over Southsea common for a few weeks now. It feels just round the corner already.
  3. I heard good things about them at Glastonbury but still hurting from not getting a ticket so can't bring myself to watch much on catch up! They'll definitely be towards the top of my hit list. The site is brilliant, so is exploring it. I'd encourage any first times to try and get involved in some of the live mazes, it'll help you stumble across a load of absurdity and get involved in the story line if you so wish.
  4. @Sasperella boots were fine in the pretty heavy wet last year. I think I'd only take wellies if the run up/forecast was mega bleak. Who are we all looking forward to seeing then? Not long now.
  5. Hype train seems to be picking up speed with the Map and more line up details - it looks like we might get more earlier than previous years?
  6. This is one of the spotify playlists, not anything to do with me but has some lush stuff that has a decent overlap with the aforementioned. It's one I go to regularly and think it has a core of songs but updated with new ones fairly regularly. It'd led me to some weird and wonderful stuff over the last few months
  7. Probably better of enquiring now rather than nearer the time when they're likely to be more hectic. Good effort on the commute from Canada!
  8. This is all decent too. Will be nice to see how much impact it has on site.
  9. Tommy101

    The Crowds 2019

    It's almost impossible to get near the monorail this year
  10. Shall we all sulk in here for the next week not mentioning the G word? Report back if there is anything interesting on site, I'm guessing it might still be a bit early for much of a start to be made.
  11. Q: what it's the difference between an hour and an hour and a half long Ashcroft set? A: an extra half hour of dross.
  12. 2/3 of my bags got searched and everyone walked past a dog. Not much queue to Get in on site. A few muddy paths and puddles but walking boots still best much footwear of choice
  13. Traffic is currently pretty bad on the way to the site on a bus from Ryde. Had been static for a while but at least moving again now.
  14. Where's this come form? Have times been published (are they straight swaps?)
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