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  1. I'm out of upvotes but will scour harder next time, thanks.
  2. Any info on Killers pre sales? (Bonus points for no album pre order)
  3. Me too. Would it? I'm not sure it'd be dark enough. They had the odd little entrances to block out any natural light and from memory the stage was a lot bigger. Fantastic night.
  4. Yeah, cover bands get stick on here but for me holograms are next level cash cowing. If it was a festival with less options I'd be pretty pissed that some of my ticket revenue be wasted on a hologram. That said, the technology used in the right circumstances can be incredible. Alas wouldn't work on a festival stage. The show for EPIC was incomparable to anything else I've seen.
  5. 4 tracks in and I think you've won this Friday
  6. Tommy101

    2020 headliners

    If you ever get worried that you're going to say the wrong amount of Pigs; say it along to the rhythm of the syllables in 'Old McDonald had a Farm' and thank me later
  7. Tommy101

    2020 headliners

    Then didn't they have a bit of an argument on stage, half the band started the next song and restarted the stopped one. From then on it was just getting the songs done
  8. Does Bez count when he was at the bar of his own venue? I got chatting to Dick or Dom and his mates trying to get in the rabbit hole a few years ago. Also spotted Chris O'Dowd up by the park. I thought mine were quite sparse but back to back it feels a few.
  9. Tommy101

    2020 headliners

    I honestly don't remember why I didn't walk away from that terrible show at Reading. Perhaps I was looking forward to it so much I had naive hope that it would get better at some point.
  10. I'm in the same boat but it's not helping my FOMO
  11. Was stood next to him for Napalm Death. It certainly wasn't soft rock but he was loving it.
  12. Yeah I remember being disappointed about Slipknot but was never bothered about Avenged. Didn't take a lot to kick off a mass bottling in those days!
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