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  1. I'm giving up on them, which ever ones they are! In other news:
  2. Just realised the poster is 'The Bohemians' who seem to be a queen cover band!
  3. After browsing a few acts on the Kashmir line up this afternoon I can recommend checking out Slick Minded Individuals if you like Jazzy Funky Hip Hop, and Bohemians for some indie that is a bit like Two Door Cinema club in places EDIT: and The Ohmz are some Dubby reggae vibes, I'd not heard of much off this poster but looks like it has real depth after sampling just a few names that stood out
  4. Is there a line up for that stage yet? Or was it a self confirm? In the past I've noticed they tend to have a few bigger than expected acts. We're getting fairly close to the wire for any additions to the main stages too.
  5. There is some info on the buses here: https://isleofwightfestival.com/info/travel and a bit more here: https://www.islandbuses.info/travel-bus-isle-wight-festival I've no idea of the local area but I think you might be out in the sticks a little for the buses. If you are able to get from Cowes you'd be able to pick up a festival bus from there. Might be an idea to contact the caravan site and see what they would recommend? I'm sure you're not the first to do it.
  6. I think I've seen them 4 times, all so drunk that I probably remember about 4 songs combined and I'm OK with that.
  7. Another vote for abrasive Autotune here. Might be an unpopular one but I just don't get hip hop/rap that completely ignores cadence, which to me is a fundamental element of the genre. It seemed to be popularised by Drake to wang in as many syllables as you fancy then everyone seemed to be doing it. I will also unpopularly defend rolling/foghorn DnB. So good for working when I need some energy and focus.
  8. Is that the River Stage? Maybe Hard Rock just no longer sponsor it.
  9. This Paul bloke has got potential. Used to be Rhianna's guitarist
  10. Doesn't seem to be to everyone's taste but Unconditional I is straight in at one of my favourite AFs songs on the first listen.
  11. Bit pointless telling people it's a pointless post.
  12. Tommy101


    I'd completely forgotten that about that Orbital set. Those vehicles were roaming the festival all weekend weren't they? Then converged there during the set? I seem to remember people being fired out of the cannon onto the spider? I must be making that up.
  13. Using last years clashfinder as a guide we currently have the following portion of the line up (amount of bands playing each day and stage could change though): Thurs Big Top 4/4 Fri Main 5/6 Big Top 5/7 Sat Main 8/9 Big Top 7/9 Sun Main 8/10 Big Top 8/8 So basically there might be 1/2 names per day for the 2 biggest stages. Realistically the names could be anywhere from stage openers to sub headliners in a few cases so hard to gauge what size they will be. Would be nice to see some one of note somewhat filling the Lionel Richie hole. And obv there is the smaller stages to be added too which have provided good entertainment for me in the past but not many recognisable names other than cover bands.
  14. Tommy101

    Silver Hayes

    I'd be interested in Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Groove Armada (even more so if they do a live set somewhere else), Patrick Topping b2b Eats Everything, Ross From Friends, Sad Night Dynamite (but I'm surprised they are on SH tbh, I saw them more as Park or JP). Realistically it's a corner of the festival I don't find myself at often though. Hopefully with the new team and rebrand it will be a bit more inviting.
  15. It's not going to be Poster, gap, Avalon, gap, Full Line, other areas. There are going to be more area announcements before the full line up with times etc
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