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  1. I don't keep up with this thread, just check in every now and again so sorry if this has already been mentioned but Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco are all paying back the business rates that had been waved for Covid times. Some companies have taken advantage of this year, they don't deserve the airtime as we know who they are, but it's reassuring that there are also companies like this (and IKEA from memory who I think insisted on paying their staff without using the furlough scheme money) who are doing the right thing when they can.
  2. They should union jack off instead
  3. Remember last year when we thought an election was going to kill Christmas vibes?
  4. Key workers (NHS staff especially) should be top of the list too. 30m will certainly make a huge dent.
  5. New Eels is very Eels. Wont win over many new fans or shock any existing ones
  6. In a year where Biffy Finally returned to a heavier sound after 3 or more albums promising so, anything it possible. (But unlikely)
  7. 'Two or three' Arcade Fire albums written in lock down. Doesn't sound like they're immediately on the horizon but good news.
  8. Maximo Park are touring the UK for first half of June. Other Stage daytime or JPT?
  9. Pearl Jam are UK exclusive for 2021
  10. Goat Girl seem to have news on the way; been looking forward to some new music from them for a while.
  11. Will Butler was a fantastic start to a potentially loaded day for me.
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