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  1. Tommy101

    2020 New Music

    TEED has made some lovely stuff: https://open.spotify.com/album/4JDu9Wp3oVqBc18hIau11s?si=zC8LqPuKQ4adZc_iASW5Cw Edit, I can't embed and not sure why sorry. Also @nikkic this might be one for you?
  2. Tommy101


    If it's one big lump it could be costly to store too.
  3. Had my first event re-postponed today. Derren Brown was a little ambitious about a new date in August!
  4. Tommy101

    2020 New Music

    Thanks, that's likely to be tomorrow morning's listening. I'm definitely fine with appreciating music made by knob heads. I do have a line somewhere but think it's fine for peoples lines to be at different places on the scale. I wouldn't judge anyone for listening to LP for example, yet wouldn't feel comfortable to myself. Sorry to derail the thread. Everyone go listen to Moby: https://open.spotify.com/album/7lYli0df1ql7AZCWNnUJuM?si=5_sIXwfWRRy1HCSjN9X7ig
  5. Tommy101

    2020 New Music

    Thanks, that was the verification I was after to be honest. I don't know much of his back catalogue apart from Play, plenty of time to explore further at the moment.
  6. Tommy101

    2020 New Music

    I think it's the best album out for ages. Possibly all year for me. He gets a lot of stick. I know he's considered a bit annoying and there was that weird thing with Natalie Portman but there's nothing bad enough to avoid his music is there?
  7. Tommy101

    2020 New Music

    Really enjoying this
  8. It seems that UK act heavy festivals seem to be able to hold onto their acts better at the moment (which makes sense). Hopefully a few of the big names will be back at least
  9. Tommy101

    Weezer Sunday?

    Biffy Clyro
  10. Tommy101

    2020 New Music

    Sound like a cross between her first song and this to me.
  11. Are you leaving these out for people to discover? If so are you aware of the Free Art Friday movement? Either way this is a nice news story from the not too distant past My Dog Sighs is doing some lovely covid related stuff at the moment too
  12. Apparently the v in Chvrches is for SEO, and to distinguish them from the religious buildings. They probably gained more exposure from that savvy move than they lost to people like us that couldn't be doing with it.
  13. I think Slam Dunk da Funk was the first bit of music I bought with my own money (possibly some NOW compilations before then). It was on tape. Banger
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