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  1. Quite forgettable lineup so that's understandable....! It's still a weekend away though, and at the moment it's all we've got!!!!!
  2. So all the years I've been there - I never needed my passport? I did wonder why there was no passport control...
  3. Glasto cancelled.... Sign of things to come?
  4. I do so hope you're right - and I tend to agree - a vaccine certificate is going to be essential for so many things next year - travel, hotels, gigs, footie matches, even maybe pubs... What a strange new world
  5. Any thoughts / speculation / insider information on whether or not this will go ahead in 2021? And if it does.... will it be the same as previous years, or will we be suffering the after-effects of the covid lockdown?
  6. Agree. With a bit of luck she won't turn up - physically and or metaphorically...
  7. Just spotted this. Again not overly exciting but who am I kidding. We’ll be there. It’s a weekend and I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms. We have our alternative garden festival tomorrow. Weather not as nice as the IoW of previous years but it won’t be a mud bath. short trek after to get to bed and no queue for the bus! Stay safe everyone. Hope to see you in 370 days and 3h 40m (according to the website)
  8. Never too early to start.. We were down to go this year... not overly keen on the lineup but it's a weekend away. An expensive weekend but hey ho Isle of Wight Festival 2021 will be held from June 17 to 20 - so what's the speculation on the line-up? Who would you like to see / hear? We're planning a substitute festival that weekend in the garden, with some friends that were coming with us. Assuming the restrictions are relaxed... I've bought a cheapo projector / screen and will create a Youtube playlist... I have to admit I'll be straying from the official 2020 lineup
  9. What are the odds on the whole thing being cancelled? Covid 19 peak is predicted for mid June or thereabouts. Thoughts? I know it's speculation but I'm bored and this thread is really, really quiet compared to previous years...
  10. Agree. It's a quite underwhelming lineup. We're still going, and there's a few that we'll enjoy. A couple of clashes... Mrs Galbani will want to watch / listen to DD on the Sunday. I'm now quite annoyed that they're clashing with Razorlight in the tent, who will put on a great show. Not that I like DD but it's a pain when you split up, particularly for the last gig... I'm going to have to tempt her away.... Some of the new announcements are quite tempting. https://isleofwightfestival.com/line-up
  11. Gorfield - still got these?
  12. The jagged little red pill... I want to see how deep this rabbit hole goes.
  13. I've been told. We're going. Weekend experience she said. Hey ho.
  14. It's a massively expensive weekend - tickets, travel, time off work (2 days, self employed), hotel, ferry. I'm struggling to see the value in this line-up. If it was easier to get to - 500 mile round trip, ferry... it might be worth the effort. If I got 3 free tickets... maybe Giddings is detached from reality I think. He's got to try to up-sell this as best he can. Can't see it lasting.
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