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  1. £126 for islanders.... if you have an Island address, or know someone who has. They emailed the tickets last year, posted this year... What to do, what to do.... I promised myself I wouldn't, until the headliners were announced... Be strong!
  2. 11th to the 14th June 2020. On their website
  3. Hmmm. Worth thinking about. Costs about another £40 for the van over the car on the ferry. Camper spaces sell out quite quickly I believe?
  4. What price CV ticket? Just bought a camper ....
  5. You’d be better off taking the camper. Or a tent. Sitting on a Campervan ticket won’t afford you any protect if it rains.
  6. They'll be looking at the numbers and deciding what generates the best revenue stream for the Live Nation / Ticketmaster / Giddings festival business. If that means second rate head liners but increased sales of lower cost tickets (ie more money spent at the fest) then so be it. It's a business. The visitor demographic will be analysed to the nth degree along with spend via card / phone.
  7. Anyone know the numbers for this year? Friday was quiet but Sat / Sun seemed really busy. Or it could be that the chairzone was busy...
  8. I'm saving the dates and have provisionally booked the hotel but no intention of getting an early bird ticket. I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere at the IoW but it's an expensive and time consuming festival (transport / hotel / time off work) so I want to make sure we get reasonable value for money. This year fell just short in terms of value, imvho. As for next year's line-up - like this year - who knows what Giddings and the team can magic up.
  9. Lifetime ban apparently Shan't miss her
  10. Fella - it's designed to protect you, so you don't over-indulge... And that's why we took in our own GnTs....! Couldn't understand why Tom Chaplin wasn't on the main stage, headlining. Awesome. And enthusiastic... Moving them with 10 minutes notice after JG dropped out might have been a challenge though...
  11. Just back after a good weekend. Not a great weekend, as in previous years. Just a good weekend. I shan't be risking early-bird tickets for next year though. I have a fear that this fest is going the way of the V fests... Highlights, in no particular order - Gerry Cinnamon, DMAs, Idles, Courteeners, Biffy, Richard Ashcroft, Tom Walker, Coral, Garbage and Miles Kane. Ezra was pretty dull. Two show stealers for me.... Madness and Keane! Lack of distractions between acts was annoying. Same songs being played over and over. What can't they put something decent on and let it play? Annoyed that own food not allowed in. Not keen on festfood. One thing is certain. Predicting the line-up for next year, apart from keeping people amused, would appear to be pretty pointless!
  12. So weather then.... They are quite useless.
  13. I prefer the 'pretty dry' forecast. Can we stick with that one?
  14. Food situation.... I have a medical condition and can't / won't eat the shite they serve up there. I emailed the fest and they've sent me an exemption letter. I need to bring medical proof on the day. It does look like that this year they're going to impose a 'no own food' rule. I suspect that a lot of people will be disappointed / annoyed, particularly on the first day. It's a shame as a nice picnic, in the sunshine, sitting on a rug, or in a camping chair (at the front of the main stage), listening to great sounds, is a highlight of the festival. I suppose with such a poor line-up numbers will be down and they need to recoup via catering...
  15. I'm teasing you. Mines only a little chair and it gets packed away mid / late afternoon - before the crowds arrive. Bit worried about the food thing though.... Festfood is usually crap....
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