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  1. I've been told. We're going. Weekend experience she said. Hey ho.
  2. It's a massively expensive weekend - tickets, travel, time off work (2 days, self employed), hotel, ferry. I'm struggling to see the value in this line-up. If it was easier to get to - 500 mile round trip, ferry... it might be worth the effort. If I got 3 free tickets... maybe Giddings is detached from reality I think. He's got to try to up-sell this as best he can. Can't see it lasting.
  3. And there'll be more to come... Oh joy
  4. Nah - just what I'd like to see appear supporting, say, Foos, Pearl Jam, RHCP, Radiohead, or perhaps Snow Patrol... Looked at the V lineup as it really started to go downhill.... Beyonce and Bieber...
  5. Reel Big Fish, James, Eddi Reader, Caravan Palace, Brian Ferry, Ocean Colour Scene, Train, London Grammar. Quite diverse, maybe some are a little long in the tooth, but guaranteed entertainment supporting hopefully major headliners!
  6. Barnaby - I'd be happy with that. But then, Im old.... (ish). maelzoid is right tho'. It's an expensive weekend (unless you live there).
  7. So. Last stab at it. What are people predicting for the big announcement?
  8. SP also at Lytham on the 3rd July.... bit closer to home but other headliners are little mix (Sunday!), lionel ritchie, west life and capaldi so might pop along for the Friday gig. Hope this isn't an indicator for IoW 2020
  9. Yep. the Chinese Water Torture method is the preferred weapon of choice... drip, drip, drip...then drip again...
  10. WhoOdyssey - only 'cos they were positioning for the Courteeners...!
  11. We had EB tickets last year. Not this year though... Doubt we'd have gone last year if we hadn't jumped at the cheaper tickets. It's an expensive weekend for us - time off / travel / ferry / hotel.. tickets are a small part of the cost - so this year we've decided to wait for the line-up then decide. It's a shame it seems to be going this way as the weekend is great, the people we meet are nice, the hotel is lovely and the sun always shines... Last year - 10 of the performers appealed to us. None of them headliners. WTF was Lilly Allen and FBS doing so high on the lineup (and above James!!!!!!! - Tim Booth has more musical talent in one of his farts that she has ever had?). My opinion. I'm sure others will disagree.
  12. £126 for islanders.... if you have an Island address, or know someone who has. They emailed the tickets last year, posted this year... What to do, what to do.... I promised myself I wouldn't, until the headliners were announced... Be strong!
  13. 11th to the 14th June 2020. On their website
  14. Hmmm. Worth thinking about. Costs about another £40 for the van over the car on the ferry. Camper spaces sell out quite quickly I believe?
  15. What price CV ticket? Just bought a camper ....
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