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  1. AMBEV

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    Any one who says Noel isn’t a headliner is deluded. Has the same if not more appeal as Liam. Probably the same people that said depech mode should headline 😂
  2. AMBEV

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    Elton John is doing Cardiff on the Saturday. Killers did Swansea on the Saturday this year. #justsaying.
  3. AMBEV

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    If you buy them and don’t like the line up you’ll always seek them at what you paid in the early bird.
  4. AMBEV

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    You can have my ticket if it’s that shower of 🐕💩 muse will be up there with kasabian. Half empty crowd.
  5. AMBEV

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    Royal blood, think it's their time.
  6. AMBEV

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    Billy is still too big to do a Glastonbury Sunday. He’s headliner all the way. They would sell out on him and the older crowd which is what they want. DL and Elton would also pull in the same crowd but if they are available will end up at glas. Would happily see all 3 in one weekend. Florence is the only one off that list I’d want. Fleetwood mac pearl jam noel Galagher Prodigy phil Collins / genesis Stereophonics would all be on my list. Sunday afternoon, Sheryl slot (or the milf slot as it should now be called), Catatonia would nail it.
  7. AMBEV

    Teen tickets

    How much were teen tickets this year?
  8. AMBEV

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    £135 for the ticket in early bird, £150 pinkmoon camping. Can’t fault it If I have one tip for any one? pinkmoon. 2 showers a day. No waiting for the toilet. Camping right by the entrance. Went by the camera rig in front of the sound desk by 3 each day. Fantastic view. Security handing out water. Bar and toilets close by. Festival smarter not harder.
  9. Cost me and the Mrs £900 between us. Travel. Pink moon. Smashed every day and eating good meals twice a day. What the hell did you spend £500 on?
  10. Last festival? What have you been smoking? 😂😂 There was free water in the main arena. There were stand pipes in the camp sites. What more do you want? FFS nothing is free. Free plastic bottles of Evian handed out by the 1000’s, then you’d be moaning about plastic!!
  11. AMBEV

    Depeche Mode

    Springsteen, Tom petty were the same. The who, Phonics, prodigy, pearl jam, played for the crowed when I’ve seen them.
  12. You can take what you want to the camp. Come and go as you please to town. Went on a stag and walked in with 10L of spirits in plastic bottles and no one cared. Cant take any into the festival
  13. AMBEV

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    No Glastonbury
  14. AMBEV

    Pink moon

    Just had this through if any one is interested.
  15. AMBEV

    Packing list

    The wife.