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  1. If they can get in a studio by September I’d have thought that’s enough time to get it out for touring plans and festivals. I’m hoping this is going to be a massive year. 🤞🏻
  2. Bands go in cycles. It’s all about when albums need promoting. Who’s hot this year won’t be the same as next. Hopefully this hiatus will mean there’s a glut of bands wanting to okay as they’ve been writing nonstop. This making it a buyer market.
  3. Is that large or medium festivals? Festivals like IOW have a broader choice of musical acts in the medium range. I think they’ll be more turn over as there’ll be more looking to get out there with more material to promote
  4. Who’s going and who’s going to be playing? We had no interest in going this year, so no money lost. Gutted for Everyone who wanted to go. defiantly going to do ‘21. Hopefully they pull the stops out for the big bands. 🤞🏻
  5. I can see it being cancelled as Glastonbury has just been pulled. to this end I can see a lot of smaller festivals going to the wall too. hopefully IoW will come back stronger after this.
  6. Ranked up the advertising on absolute radio more than any year before. Act of desperation?
  7. Has DD been confirmed as the headliner? Or just announced?
  8. ❤️ Billy J would watch Morrisy just to Chuck piss at the w*nker.
  9. I can see simple minds being on the bill somewhere.
  10. Was a lot of activity last year on here about who was playing and when tickets were going on sale. it’s like a grave yard in here this year.
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