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  1. Has DD been confirmed as the headliner? Or just announced?
  2. ❤️ Billy J would watch Morrisy just to Chuck piss at the w*nker.
  3. I can see simple minds being on the bill somewhere.
  4. Was a lot of activity last year on here about who was playing and when tickets were going on sale. it’s like a grave yard in here this year.
  5. People keep on throwing Foals around, wouldn’t even have them at 2pm in the big too. ?
  6. Found this app the other day. What3words. Have look at it if you struggle to find people at festivals. I’m nothing to do with it but know how hard it is to find mates at festivals, even at 7’...
  7. Rumours of AC/DC world tour... IoW or Glastonbury? ???‍♂️
  8. Taking early bird tickets off sale tomorrow ? v soon. Sold out in 17 and last year I’m pretty sure they went on for ages.
  9. Thank god stormzy wasn’t booked this year. ? not my bag.
  10. See what you’re saying but it’s in 12m time. You’re assuming he stays as big as he is now. 12m ago I said Noel would head line and every one on here said he wasn’t big enough... What do I know 12m is a long time in music.
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