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11 minutes ago, Suprefan said:

Bummer I cant even go. But at least The Chems are crossing the atlantic! 


What a lineup! Like insane

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On 5/11/2022 at 3:49 PM, Avalon_Fields said:

Really looking forward to the album, I’m a huge fan, seen her at Gorilla twice, I rate her as one of the best new artists over recent years.

Seen her a few times. Met her at Soup Kitchen carrying her own dirty plates. 

Ritz is a big step up though. 

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1 hour ago, Suprefan said:

Flights are cheap over to SF in that time of the year. Its only 250 pounds for a weekend ticket. California has all the fests!!

Only £250! 😄 

US prices are insane. Stacked to oblivion probably the best lineup i've ever seen.

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13 minutes ago, a6l6e6x said:

No way NDUBZ are gonna sell that tour well. Refuse to believe it. Expecting deals all over the place for that, even if it was free I probably wouldn't bother though

Someone at my work was very excited this morning and was in the queue (a queue!)

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