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  1. Spencer23

    Other Stage 2020

    I seen them a ridiculous amount of times and have to say the worst time I have seen them was Glastonbury 2017 he voice was properly shot to bits couldn’t hit any note atall. So I thought Glastonbury 2019 was a vast improvement and was a lot more people there than 2017 year aswell. But yeah chemical brothers were incredible end of.
  2. Spencer23

    Other Stage 2020

    Feel personally attacked, it was a great set 👀 🤣🤣😢
  3. Spencer23

    Other Stage 2020

    No idea then I was just going off that interview he done.
  4. Spencer23

    Other Stage 2020

    Yeah he said in a interview with Annie mac a few weeks back all of his shows won’t be under Calvin Harris ( didn’t even realise it wasn’t even his real name, it was just a stage name) his new project is called Love Regenerator and he would be doing shows under that name
  5. Best thing about this festival for me, in my hometown. Even without the acts the weekend ticket is worth it for all the different bar areas they have open for example champagne bar (southsea castle area) strongbow area which is always packed. This year looks like the strongest they have had in years still think Saturday could be a lot better personally.
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